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6 Replies to “An Intro to Photo Editing & Graphic Design Software Xara Photo & Graphic Designer”

  1. If you purchase this program you have to firewall, the program off or it will spam you with pop-ups telling you to purchase this, and purchase that. The spam comes from a German company called MAGIX. All the spam pop-up messages that are trying to sell you add-ons are all freely available in the direction of: Program FilesXaraXara Photo Graphic Designer license.txt. Open Font License web address royalty-free images web address, and scripts web address. if you do not know how to firewall off a program then this Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, will drive you mad.

  2. I'm having an issue where I can't stretch images, the cropped section is the only item that can be resized whilst the image gets bigger and smaller as I try to stretch it. Is there something I should be checking for in the options or toolbars?

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