What Is NAP-W? (local seo & website tip) | Small Business Marketing

What Is NAP-W? (local seo & website tip) | Small Business Marketing

what is nap w na P W a lot of people ask about this because you see it a lot you see it a lot especially as a small business owner you're like what does that mean but almost all website people almost all local marketers talk about it well what it means is name address phone and then the W is a little bit new but the W stands for what do you think it is website name address phone website its basic its basic kind of online marketing fundamentals for small businesses but you need to know it because a lot of people overlook it and it gets to be a real problem when you change addresses or change phone websites things like that and the whole concept is you're gonna have all of these online citations all of these directories all of these websites talking about your business and you need at least the name address phone and website to be consistent across the board because Google loves love's consistency they don't want to you don't want to be giving them conflicting information about even if your name has one word changed or even letters kind of changed sometimes especially at the end maybe some says LLC maybe some doesn't which by the way don't use LLC I recommend that I mean just look at the big brands no one's using LLC but for some reason a lot of small business owners default to that if you want to learn more about online citations and you're thinking oh I don't know if mine's my map W is inconsistent across the board then you can use you can just do local SEO online citation help small business citation help in Google and you'll find a lot of services I've used bright local personally and you'll pay people experts to go through and make sure all your information is accurate across the board okay Knapp W is also important to use on your website every whet small business website you got to make sure at a minimum this is like basic fundamental starting blocks and some people overlook it they forget to put their address or phone number especially on the home page so wrap this all up what you need to remember is consistency you want to have consistent name address phone number and website across everything online and if you do that you'll make Google very happy it'll be much easier for you to rank higher in Google and get more customers so you got to do it alright thanks for watching

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