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Boiler Room (2020) – Promotional Teaser Trailer

Boiler Room (2020) – Promotional Teaser Trailer

Guys, you’re not gonna believe what I found Remember that room Mr. Humber talked about? What? The Boiler Room? Yeah...
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6 Replies to “梁芷珊 x 徐少驊 當KOL要通曉的 algorithm 演算法 SEO CPM 《對點》第7集(中文字幕)”

  1. 一個好睇既頻道,通常片長大概6至12 mins,而你D片大部份都係水蛇春咁長,搵阿毛去睇咩❗❗❗通常點擊率高既視頻係唔長時間,美國海軍頻道,只用咗6分半鐘,就造好一艘航空母艦 ~ 如果你條片大長可以份兩段嘛,你背後團隊太大意,抄哂佢地啦…

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