Hello Cuties! what? you wanted a second part? do you remember what I said in the previous video? “Tell me if you’ve liked the video. If you want me to continue explaining biases I’ll do it” “If not I will just give a course and i’ll earn money from it” And you’ve supported me a lot Of course you wanted a second part That video has more than 80000 likes that means you’ve really wanted a second part If you liked the Anchoring Effect, anchor yourself to your chair because what i’m going to tell you now is really good Bias number 5 How could it be bias number 5 if the video have just started? this is a second part, in case you didn’t notice This is the first part, and you have to watch it to understand otherwise you won’t get anything ok, watch it. done? let’s continue then hold on, hold on, hold on, HOLD ON Before we continue we will make something clear In the previous video you told me I had made a CLICKBAIT thumbnail That was the Decoy effect and i explained it in the video it’s “The Good, The Ugly and The Bad” The one in the middle is the decoy so that the bigger size seems to you the best option buy the biggest one hurrah for fats! Bias number 5. Halo Effect Halo! If a product or a person looks physically attractive, we tend to make positive impressions of them in other areas I mean If a guy is hot you will probably think that he’s also intelligent and also that he’s a good person I will tell you about 2 people that are a perfect example of Halo Effect Think about Ted Bundy Ted Bundy was a serial killer that murdered more than 36 women When this man was going to court there were many women waiting for him outside because they believed in his innocence The logic is, since this man is HANDSOME, we automatically see in him other POSITIVE features not negative we think he must be a GOOD PERSON It’s impossible he has killed those women Another example of Halo Effect would be Jeremy Meeks Also known as Hot Felon, sexiest convict ever This man was a member of a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION and he was convicted of being in ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF WEAPONS but with that sweet face, he must have a good reason to do what he’s done Between being a member of a criminal organization and stealing a piece of cheese in a supermarket there’s just a little difference we must forgive those things I don’t know if you remember what happened But when this photo was published people started making donations in facebook to get him out of jail because he is handsome, so he obviously must be a good person too And also… this is so funny, seriously, so funny Nowadays, when a brand sponsors you and you screw up a little bit Like posting a tweet that offended somebody You screw up just a little bit The brand kicks you out because the brand doesn’t want to tarnish its image Well, this man, despite of being arrested for illegal possession of weapons and being a membership of a criminal group he’s been working with bands with that record, you can never set foot in Canada But the Halo effect was so strong, that nobody cared about his past Amazing Going back to marketing. Today we’re going to answer a question that i’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times Why do brands only hire pretty people as their models? because if they are pretty, you will think they are also smart, a good person, kind and those positive features are UNCONSCIOUSLY assigned to the BRAND Cuties, it’s the same that happens with me You love my face so you say “look at her, she’s so perfect and smart” Beauty There’s a lot of famous people partnering with brands specially one: George Clooney He is Nespresso’s image when you see this Coffee tastes so good right? but if you see this it doesn’t taste that good anymore, right? And you may think “Beauty is subjective. My Manolo is very cutie” I didn’t say he’s not. Your Manolo is very cutie I’m just telling you what SELLS and what DOESN’T SELL and that’s it Do you know where we see Halo Effect a lot? Of course, in POLITICAL MARKETING Politicians are normally attractive, depending on the beauty standards at that moment We can also see Halo Effect in PRODUCTS I believe the best example is Apple yes, i’ve said Apple not Apple this is how we say Apple here we say it wrong If I say Apple they will not understand me have you ever noticed that Apple, Apple, Apu is always using ROUNDED SHAPE? This is all about Neurodesign Rounded shapes or curved shapes please our brain much more than straight lines because they are not seein as a threat Apple has taken advantage of these shapes, this minimalism and it has been attributed with other positive features like FUNCTIONALITY and EFFICIENCY This was another good example of Halo effect Bias number 6 MERE EXPOSURE EFFECT We prefer things that we see more often Seeing something frequently creates cognitive ease and congnitive ease creates a feeling of familiarity And familiarity is very difficult to distinguish from truth I mean, I you are very exposed to a stimulus you end up believing that the stimulus is true the more you are exposed to something, the more you believe in it have you ever heard this sentence: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” it’s based on this bias Do you have a friend that… (or maybe you are that friend) that meets the ugliest girl or guy in the group (why do you always like those people) but the more you see that person, you don’t see them that ugly anymore Of course, because the more you see them, the prettier they look This happens also with songs The first time you listen to it you think:”but what’s this?” second time you think “it’s not that bad” and 3rd time you’re like There’s a very interesting EXPERIMENT about Bolesław Zajonc thank you for sending me this audio in instagram it would have been impossible for me to pronounce it My language is already difficult enough, i’m not learning a new one This psychologist spent most of his life conducting research about this bias and he published in 2 university newspapers turkish words like The words were displayed different number of times in the newspaper After 2 months, no more words were displayed without notice When they did the experiment students that had been exposed to these words were asked to classify the meaning of these unknown words either good or bad The words that had been displayed more often were believed to have a positive meaning and those that were displayed less, were rated as something negative As i said at the beggining repeating continuously a stimulus ends up by creating a sense of familiarity, trust or truth This bias is related to EVOLUTION They say that to survive in a dangerous environment an organism must act CAUTIOUSLY when being exposed to a NEW STIMULUS When an organism has been exposed many times to a stimulus and nothing happens, they believe it is something good where in marketing can we observe this? Exactly, in REMARKETING What’s remarketing? Very easy When you see an ad and you click on it does it happen that THE SAME AD shows back again (or the same person anouncing something else) Do you know why? That’s because when we publish an ad, we have the option to do a remarketing which means, everybody who clicked on the ad will be showed the same ad again and you may think “but I am a rational being” “If i have already said no the first time, why would I say yes the second time?” Don’t waste your money advertising your product again because i won’t buy it Marketing works really well really well why? because of this bias, because the more we see it, the more we feel it familiar or true Can you imagine doing remarketing to flirt? Hi! Do you want to have a thing with me? And this bias can be seen only in remarketing? no, we can also see it in BRANDING Do you know what Branding Campaign means? don’t worry, I will explain it to you by giving you as an example the brand that has used branding the most in the whole history Which brand is that? What brand am I talking about? Think, wise fellow! TIK TAK YES COKE This is a branding campaign This is a sales campaign When doing a Branding campaign we are raising awareness of the brand so that the brand is in consumer’s mind it’s those kind of ads that after watching them you think “but what are they selling here?” “they didn’t sell anything. What do they mean with formula of happiness?” That is BRANDING Thanks to the big investment COKE has made in Branding campaigns you have the feeling that this Brand has ALWAYS been there WITH YOU that it’s part of your MEMORIES, of your LIFE your CHILDHOOD COKE sells to your Subconscious mind I will make a video only about COKE because there’s a lot to talk about hey, COKE Call me and let’s talk about money which is the true formula for happiness In fact, I always tell my clients “You need to invest in Branding” It’s a long term investment, yes, but it’s IMPORTANT IMPORTANT In short When we are highly exposed to an advertising stimulus we end up trusting that brand Trust is one of the most important factors to sell Bias number 7.PRIMACY AND RECENCY EFFECT Primacy effect happens when we are likely to remember better what we have read at the very beggining and Recency effect happens when we tend to remember more what we have read at the end This is because our memory can operate in short term or long term Where in Marketing can we see this? in calls to action all those advertising texts that call you to do a specific action, like BUY NOW, SIGN UP, WRITE DOWN YOUR EMAIL, etc… Appear always at the beggining and at the end Also, when we are watching some tv show, brands that sponsor it are shown always at the beggining or at the end Something very important What is the golden minute of a debate? exactly the last one I’ve tried with you this bias In the previous video about biases, the first bias I talked about was the ANCHORING EFFECT and the last one was the DECOY EFFECT and then i saw in your comments that these 2 biases were the ones you remembered the most the ones that blew your mind why? because one was the first one and the other one was the last one No one can get rid of it. I do marketing to everybody you will develop marketing paranoia You will start thinking that YOU are marketing You already know, Cuties. Support this video if you want me to post a new video about biases Otherwise I will just make it a course to earn money from it i’m a marketer I love selling, i sell it all sell good and don’t ask who Seriously Cuties. Many of you are asking me if I will release any course for proffesionals Yes, I will just tell you when it’s ready so that you can register, ok? kisses

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