10 Companies That Ripped You Off

10 Companies That Ripped You Off

ten companies that ripped you off
number ten Netflix that show you’ve been binge watching on Netflix how long did
it take for you to finish well you could have done it a hell of a lot quicker and
by that I mean a lot quicker that’s because for more than five years now
Netflix has deliberately been slowing down its streams for customers watching
on the cellular networks AT&T and Verizon normally Netflix subscribers
need at least a 500 kilobits per second connection just to open a show or film
the service recommends a connection that’s at least six times as fast for
viewing a standard-definition show yet Netflix made the decision to cap its
video stream to just 600 kilobits per second for these networks customers now
bearing in mind even the cheapest Netflix package is $8 a month we’d say
that’s still a pretty big ripoff for substandard viewing so what’s the need
for the cap well the independent suggests that exceeding their contracts
data limit may discourage us from continuing to watch Netflix decreasing
the speed therefore helps reduce data consumption so viewers on AT&T and
Verizon don’t go over their limit in the contract so they can watch for longer
and won’t be discouraged from using the service number nine Apple Apple is one
of the richest companies in history having twice the amount of money as the
US Treasury but not even this stops them from ripping us off when Steve Jobs too
viewed the first iPhone the handset price was four hundred and ninety nine
dollars and what are we on now on the iPhone 10s max okay well that model cost
over $1000 even though iPhones keep getting more and more expensive for us
to buy and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re more expensive for Apple to
make according to an IHS market researcher storage is one of Apple’s
most profitable iPhone features Apple pay is around 25 cents per gigabyte of
physical phone storage but charges consumers around 78 cents so the
increase in the company’s profit is largely due to the bigger memory
capacities in phones for us this is a price difference of three hundred and
fifty dollars between the lowest and highest capacity models but Apple it’s
an alleged difference of just one hundred and nine dollars data compiled
by Bloomberg has shown that excluding assembly and software costs Apple now
makes an average of 134 dollars profit on every iPhone sold an increase from
the 107 dollars profit per phone in 2017 number eight movie theaters you really
don’t need us to tell you just how expensive food is at the cinema but you
do need us to tell you the absurd figures behind the snacks you’re buying
according to time it’s estimated that movie theaters make an eighty five
percent profit from overpriced food 85 percent movie theater popcorn for
example has been called one of America’s biggest ripoffs and it’s really not hard
to see why CNN money states that a medium bag of popcorn cost us 60 cents
to make but it retails for $6.99 forty cents that gives soda a markup of five
hundred ninety three percent and by the way don’t go thinking candy is the
better value option either the average price of plane M&Ms at the AMC theater
is four dollars twenty five costs for the same thing from Walmart though is
two dollars and eight cents giving this candy a markup of 104 percent so I know
what you’re thinking now is there any way to justify this high markup in
prices well Richard Mackenzie economics professor at the University of
California Irvine says theater owners mark up snacks so much because they
don’t make money elsewhere only a tiny percentage of movie theater profits come
from the movies themselves so they need to do this in order to survive number
seven beats by dre it’s undeniable the dr. Dre has become the biggest name when
it comes to headphones that doesn’t come a surprising upon learning that the
brand has a whopping 70% share in the headphone market this is largely because
of its celebrity endorsements and word of mouth it took the music mogul and
Jimmy Iovine 7 years to create a business that’s now worth over 1 billion
dollars but they may have just done that by ripping us all off how you ask well
that may be because the company markets has headphones at very high prices while
they cost next to nothing to actually make the New York Times even estimated
that a pair of Beats headphones cost around fourteen dollars to manufacture
even though their song for anywhere from 150 to 500 dollars and it’s not just a
price that’s a ripoff either in 2016 Beats headphones were ranked second
worst in a list of eighteen products by experts at Time magazine that was based
on sound quality which I hear is pretty important for headphones with energy
standards from Sony Sennheiser and pioneer all placing much
higher number six potato chip manufacturers we
all know the feeling of opening up a bank of chips
only to find that it’s half-empty so where are all those tasty potato snacks
you just bought well as annoying as it is believe it or not – the packet is
like this for a reason it’s called slack fill and manufactures deliberately make
half empty banks to protect the delicate chips from damage when being transported
not only this but the gas that the bag is filled with it’s nitrogen to help the
chip stay fresh since good old-fashioned oxygen can
cause him to spoil okay so now we know there has to be some empty space for air
in the bag but some manufacturers put way more in than others a group of
researchers commissioned by CDA appliances conducted a study to measure
the amount of air contained within bags of different brands of chips the study
found that a bag of popped it’s barbecue contained the most air of those tested
being composed of 72% if you’re looking to get your money’s worth
though cheese puffs whatsits are definitely the chips for you with only
18% air in the perk number 5 Ryanair European airline Ryanair is
famous or rather infamous for being a low-cost airline yet while you may think
the price of your flight is reasonable everything else isn’t the budget airline
doesn’t offer any free food or drinks onboard so you have to pay for them in
fact you’ll have to pay quite a lot for them according to research by travel
search engine kayak water on Ryanair cost around $3 45 which is 644 percent
more than what it cost at the supermarket there isn’t even a free tap
water alternative either as there’s no law enforcing it being offered so if
you’re thirsty your only choice is to pay a hiked up price as for the
company’s exchange rate well that’s all just one big ripoff – a 2018 watchdog
report by which discovered that two tickets from Alicante to Bristol cost
225 euro but that payment was exchanged to 214 pounds it should have converted
to around 195 pounds but when the user opted out of paying in pounds and
reversing back to euros again which the airline itself wanted cost significantly
more the total of the flights was actually 16 pounds cheaper thus even
accusations from passengers that the airline allocates groups of travelers
seeked in different rows if you’d like to sit with your friends and family
instead of a random stranger well guess what you have to pay up more to sit
together number four coca-cola according to fox
news coca-cola is the second most widely understood home in the world after ok
but what the company’s decided to do to its product in the UK well that really
isn’t ok some context for you here in the UK our government decided to
introduce a sugar tax in 2018 which is designed to help tackle childhood
obesity under the terms of this new rule manufacturers of fizzy drinks attacks
that rates depending on the sugar content of their drinks in Coca Cola’s
case with the sugar content of ten point six grams per 100 milliliters the Coca
Cola classic drink is subject to attacks of 24 P or 31 cents per litre now to
avoid this taxation other manufacturers have responded by tweaking its recipes
but coca-cola refused to change its age-old secret instead its reaction to
the tax was to cut the bottle size but increase the price thanks coke and with
coca-cola being one of the best-selling brands over here in the UK it seems a
lot of us are now getting ripped off the 1.75 liter bottles of coke have now
shrunk to 1.5 litres and increased in price by 20 P or 26 cents to one pound
99 or $2 56 number three McDonald’s with a net worth of over 100 billion dollars
McDonald’s is one of the most valuable companies in the world but this doesn’t
suck the restaurant chain from cutting corners where it can in some anecdotal
evidence on the reddit thread what does your job ask you to hide from customers
are usually professing to have worked at McDonald’s allege that staff would pinch
the base of the fries carton before filling them up this would leave the
containers under filled to giving out fewer fries per portion add $1 89 for a
large french fries if this is true well that’s a lot of money say for the
company McDonald’s did however respond to the claim and said that that tactic
is untrue but then they would wouldn’t they however what is true is the case of
a woman who ordered a sausage breakfast burrito extra value meal in a Chicago
McDonald’s in 2017 her meal came to five dollars in eight cents but then she did
a bit of math she calculated that if she ordered the items individually instead
of part of a value meal she ironically would have saved money
number two ice cream just like with the potato chips there does seem to be a
recurring theme of paying for air when it comes to some ice cream brands air is
an important part of the ice cream making process as the amount of air
that’s whipped into the ice cream base is what makes it thick and heavy
light and fluffy but I scream most certainly does not need half a tub of
air so that’s why in 2018 after discovering their tub to only be half
full after paying full price to dissatisfied customers filed a lawsuit
against halo top they launched at the low calorie brand which retails for
almost $4 a pop has intentionally been routinely under filling its tubs perhaps
that’s why that calorie count is so low the complaint was filed on behalf of
over 100 people from different states who are seeking over 5 million dollars
for the missing ice cream at the time of upload the case is still
ongoing similarly people in the UK in 2018 were left furious after finding
their purchased tubs of Breyers low-calorie ice cream but only half-full
I guess if you do eat the air instead of the ice cream you will lose weight
number one premium gas now we all know that gas for our cars is expensive
enough as it is so this next one will really leave you fuming American drivers
waste billions of dollars each year on filling their cars with premium gas yes
that’s right waste and extreme were to use but it’s not without justification
you see experts from the American Automobile Association conducted a
research starting in 2016 into regular gas versus premium gas it found that
customers paid up to an extra 2.1 billion dollars on the pricier option
over a 12-month period because they believed they were getting more
horsepower increased fuel economy and lower tailpipe emissions from their car
but in reality they had quite literally burn their money away as the study found
there is no difference between premium and regular gas for a car that’s
designed to run on regular gas the only difference is the higher price for the
same result on average premium cost about 50 cents a gallon more than
regular and over the course of a year that certainly adds up all for
absolutely no advantage whatsoever so that was 10 companies that ripped you
off which of these do you feel cheated about the most
then let’s know in the comments down below and don’t forget to give this
video a like and subscribe to all-time tens in the meantime though check out
this great all-time tens video on screen now it certainly won’t rip you off

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100 Replies to “10 Companies That Ripped You Off”

  1. Coca-cola didnt rip us off in the UK, the poxy government did. I for one am glad of them being the sole manufacturer that hasn't opted to replace sugar with the disgusting aspartame and other sugar free toxic muck. The extra cost as you said was a tax, not them making more profit……

  2. popcorn $0,6 –> $6,- a markup of over 900%…. Well I guess it is not wrong but why not just say a markup of 1000%

  3. this really seems like a list of capitalism, and supply and demand if you're willing to give them more money they'll charge more money, plus expenses like employees, bills and such, cut into profits. beats are only a rip off because they're more or less Monster brand head phones and you can get monster for cheaper and they sound better, jewelry companies are the only real rip off price as they have over a 70% mark up, diamonds have no intrinsic value, and they get all their gold from auctions where they buy used gold and melt it down, you could just go to a pawn shop. also sounds like the UK government is ripping you off with it's sugar tax if you have fat kids they should be better parented. long live the queen. This was a fun video, an it was mostly accurate so I'll vote it up.

  4. Wait wait you're telling me that these companies are making a profit by selling higher than what it cost to make?!? What a rip-off!

  5. So popcorn is marked up 900% and candy is marked up 100% but candy isn't a better deal?… k glad you don't teach math.

  6. I would like to see a test of how many chips stay whole with different amounts of air. Seems like more means fewee broken chips.

  7. Premium fuel is not a ripoff. There's wanky marketing surrounding it and stupid customers who buy it unnecessarily, but there is a valid reason it exists. The fuel has a higher octane rating which prevents engine detonation. It's commonly used in higher-performance, typically turbocharged engines.

    Only use the fuel that is recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Putting premium fuel in a car that doesn't need it may actually reduce its performance and efficiency. Putting regular 87 octane in a vehicle that requires premium will reduce its output and may cause damage from detonation.

  8. ??‍♂️ I've never been ripped off by any of these company probably because I dont follow trends like the rest of your morons. If you want to learn how not to be an idiot cashapp me for advice for only $300 per 5 mins.

  9. No company is successful without ripping someone off. It's how they say, to get on top you need to step on someone's head.

  10. Ryanair is not scamming you, you can get tickets for as low as 10€ and even 5€, your “free” drink is not free, it’s in the price of your ticket

  11. Worked at McDonald's that fry thing is true. We were also supposed to stack ice cream on top of the come and not fill the inside.

  12. So gas companies are ripping us off because people are too stupid to use the type of gasoline recommended for their vehicle?

  13. Alltime10s: Beats are the most horrible head phones or speakers that i've ever come across. I don't know why people bother purchasing them. I have found that KOSS and Altec Lansing are excellent. Fisher is also terrific. AND To advertisers: A certain famous person in your commercial isn't going to get me to purchase your product.

  14. How is Netflix slowing me down from binge watching? What am I supposed to do with faster internet? Watch all my shows on fast forward? V & A are ripping you off with data caps.

    How is Coke ripping you off? They are passing the taxes off to the consumer.

    Premium is not a rip off, it has a higher octan rating for car engines that specify higher grade fuel.

  15. As a former salesman of Bose products, I believe Bose belongs on this list ahead of some of the other products mentioned.

  16. I don't see how Gasoline made your list. The companies didn't rip anyone off. People ripped themselves off.

  17. anyone who buys beats headphones when they can get samson sr850 field monitors for like 1/6th the price O.O …

  18. Ok Alltime10s what about that needs to run on it and car manual said premium gas only. If you said in your word you don't need to then your wrong. things like high dollar sports car or high power engines probably need higher gas.

  19. $134 profit on a phone is ripping us off? That report doesn't factor in marketing costs that boost Apples brand, giving Apple the best residual value out of any other tech products.

  20. This video is completely stupid. You pay for mass. The air that is being referred to is part of the manufacturing for ice cream and is part of the packaging. Totally sensationalised b.s.

  21. Beats by Dre, the leather is so bad! After a few months the leather will tear and your beats would look cheap.

  22. Have you ever noticed that the bag of Reese’s Pieces you’re sneaking in is cheaper than the box they sell at the concessions and has more.

  23. It's not all about how much the product costs to make… They have to account for costs of things like marketing and paying workers

  24. Back in the early 2000's I was at the gym wearing big, over the ears Bose headphones and I would get approched by multiple idiots asking me " why I wear such big headphones? " 5 years later every toolbag is wearing big headphones. I now prefer in-ear buds, they just sound better. I steal Gumy earbuds from my local Supermarket, they work great

  25. None of them surprised me I’ve always known that company charges way more for their products than what it cost to make

  26. Yes i did use premium in my 420a and caravan and ram 1500 and when i saw no benefit i went back to regular so there, but I still use premium on my Acura TSX

  27. "Netflix is ripping people off by capping data consumption on Verizon and AT&T." Well, yeah, it's mobile. That's not ripping people off, that's a courtesy. Not everyone has unlimited data

  28. About the mcdonalds thing, it's not one company it's mostly a bunch of little franchises. So one Mcdoanlds or a chain of them could be doing that, but it is not a universal thing all McDonalds do, not even close. Like at the one I work at we dont do that.

  29. Netflix stops users being ripped off by Verizon or AT & T. This video accuses Netflix of ripping off consumers.

  30. Good on coke for not watering down there product I'd u gotta up the price fine but don't give me less product and try to trick me with a watered down version i,'ll pay extra for what I want

  31. Wal-Mart us3d to sell 8 scripto lighters for 1.97 before tax now you get 7 scriptos for 1.97 just increase the price to 2.20 or what ever you have to do stop offering less product for the same price it insults my intelligence

  32. The thing about Mc Ds is true. I worked at Mc Donald's, in my first week I was filling the fry boxes with 3 times more fries easily cause the girl training me didn't show me properly and the boss got furious cause we were running out of fries.

  33. The Ryanair one is just bullshit, it's kinda logical you have to pay much for add-ons since the flight tickets costs nearly nothing.

  34. Second time watching this, and again most entertaining. However, I would say that as an ex-pat from the UK, I found it odd that American terminology appears to be the primary method, as opposed to an additional method of describing things in the video – gas, not petrol; chips, not crisps; liter, not litre. Despite this, most enjoyable.

  35. Question about the gas. I thought the kind of gas available was ONLY dependent on the engine in your car. If some need only regular unleaded and others require premium, will I harm my premium engine by sticking in unleaded?

  36. The reason they rip you off is because you let it happen. Every time you buy a bag of chips or a tube of toothpaste, anything where they decreased the amount you get but kept the price the same or increased it, you're just feeding the beast.

  37. I don't feel cheated by any of them. When I see a price hike or an amount decrease I pay for one and take two. I don't know what the fuck you people are doing.

  38. Coca Cola is just sticking it to the queen. Sugar doesn't make someone obese, they do it to themselves by exercising bad dietary habits. The gov need not interject themselves in free trade and enterprise.

  39. This guy is so clueless on half of these lol, most notably powerful engines which have a high compression ratio are more prone to preignition, thus using regular fuel will cause damage.

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