3 Reasons Why a Website Is NOT a “Web Presence” & What It Takes for EFFECTIVE Digital Marketing

3 Reasons Why a Website Is NOT a “Web Presence” & What It Takes for EFFECTIVE Digital Marketing

Hi there, my name is Jon Leland and this
is Video Mojo, where we talk about making meaningful marketing connections for a
better you, better me and a better world. Today’s subject is “3 Reasons Why
a Website is No Longer a Web Presence.” When people think about being
present on the web and doing any kind of marketing online, the first thing they
want to do is create a website and then you know, maybe they think about search
engine optimization or SEO. That’s another video I did earlier about “Why
SEO is so Yesterday.” It’s even more fundamental that, a website is not a
web presence because number one, marketing is about relationships. And
we’re kind of like that’s a theme here on Video Mojo, we’re always talking about
how we build better relationships and make better connections for meaningful
marketing. So, if you want to make better marketing and you have to make better
relationships,at the end of the day, a website is just a brochure. So the number one reason is “website” is not a web presence is because it really doesn’t
create relationships. There may be a need for you to have an online brochure,
that’s a perfectly valid but if you want to reach out and you want to create new
relationships, then a website is not sufficient at all. The second reason is
that if you want to build relationships it requires time. It requires multiple
touches and that doesn’t happen on a website. People visit your website and
they’re there and gone very quickly. If you want to have multiple touches and
create a conversation – which is what it takes to have a meaningful relationship
then you have to be consistent. You have to be putting out what we call in
marketing “multiple touches.” So, that happens via email, that happens via
social media, that’s where the real interactivity or engagement happens. It
happens on social media, it happens on email because you’re reaching people
where they spend time every day. They don’t spend time on your website or
looking for your website but they do spend time scrolling through Facebook or
Instagram, they do spend time in their email inbox God knows. So those are the places where you can show up on a consistent basis. That’s the third reason that a
website is not an online presence is that it takes that kind of consistent
value, being consistently valuable in order to build a relationship. So, you
have to offer things on an ongoing basis. I am an advocate of a weekly minimum
frequency, just like we’re doing here on Video Mojo. I’m doing my darndest to
create a weekly video blog post and podcast in order to be consistently
valuable. I’m walking my talk in that regard and I think that’s what it takes
to really build a new kind of engagement in a conversation. So just having a
website is not sufficient if you want to create engagement, if you want to create
meaningful connections. “Website” is not a web presence. Being consistently valuable online via social media and email, that’s where you can
create a conversation. That’s where you can have multiple touches and that’s how
you create a meaningful connection. So thank you so much for watching. I’m
really grateful for your kind attention. Happy Thanksgiving if you’re watching in
that kind of timeframe and Happy Holidays and I look forward to seeing
you next week!

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