#38 – SEO = Search Engine Optimization – سئو

#38 – SEO = Search Engine Optimization – سئو

Sir, tea in this weather So nice! On the 28th of Farvardin (17th April), it really hits the spot Tea, it’s a goody My friend, it’s speechless tea Yes Endless greeting to you, I’m Farhad Khalaj About the SMBWAY app Next to my good colleague Mr. Nick Aria here in Iran-Zamin park in Azimieh Karaj I want to talk to you about SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) Today, we all know that being you and your business, in the first line of the search results how has an important and key role. Based on the data which you’re registering in your site or online-store via this app. It means, based on your actual service, more important keywords in your industry, kinds of goods or services that you are offering; Your site will be built. And based on these keywords which you send to the search engines; this app will organize and empower your SEO. As you put data in your site more precisely and comprehensively, your SEO would be better and you will appear higher in the search result list of users and customers around the world. and as long as you are doing your daily data entry such as accounting, buy and sell, project control and performing receiving and paying your checks because actually you are doing all tasks in your site via this app and you are identifying as one user of that site by search engines. So, as much as you do more internal daily tasks via this app, the search engines upgrade your SEO level. Could you give an example of the cactus-sale that we talked about? Yes, this simple example is true for any business case Suppose, there is a main-cactus-producer in the north of Iran and a seller in Karaj is selling his cactuses if that seller in Karaj has more related activities via this app and recognized by the search engines When as a cactus buyer, I make a search on the internet I usually contact the first sellers of the search results and ask price or visit their site and make an order. Means, if someone in Gorgan(a city close to the main producer),
and search to buy cactus and a seller in Karaj (far away from the buyer)
pops up in the first line of the search result and that main-producer (so close to the buyer) doesn’t show up in the first page Undoubtedly, the customer will call the Karaj seller While that seller is providing cactus from that supplier! Yes, whereas perhaps the supplier be a few steps away from the buyer Now, most of the people are using search engines for buying We in this app tried to the eliminated required technical knowledge of the search engines for you, and you be needless of knowing SEO tricks You don’t have to deal with these concepts Just concentrate to introduce your business correctly And do your daily business activities via this system Automatically, all related processes to the SEO will be done and you will appear on the first lines of Google for your clients Until the next video and location, and now I want to get a biscuit from Mr. Mehdi Well, of course, I still didn’t eat it yet, but is okay Correction: I want to get a biscuit from Mr. Nick Arya I pray the great God always support all of you Of course, it was true that now Mehdi is my main Iranian name as well be happy Goodbye

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