5 BIG Photo Editing MISTAKES new photographers make and how to fix them in LIGHTROOM

5 BIG Photo Editing MISTAKES new photographers make and how to fix them in LIGHTROOM

Ahoj. This is Zdenka. In today’s episode
we will cover 5 big editing mistakes new and experienced photographers such
as myself make and how you can fix them in Lightroom. And if you are new here, welcome. My name is Zdenka Darula. If you want to learn how to take better
photos and videos with the latest gear and participate in creative camera
challenges, consider subscribing. I’ve been taking photos for 15 years now and
when it comes to photo editing, you can’t stop learning. There are always
new styles you need to catch up with, there are always new software updates
with new tools. Simply put, you need to keep track. Since I started photography,
my editing style has changed over the years drastically. Sometimes I simply get bored with what I’m doing. Sometimes I just feel like I
don’t like the style I’m doing anymore and I need to change things and
that’s pretty normal. And to keep track what’s in style right now, what’s popular
right now, obviously I search online and I look all over the place and one of the
places I even look is Facebook and I go even to Canon M50 user group. Hello
everybody! Or I go to other groups where new photographers are asking for help.
They are showing their photos and they’re asking what they could possibly
improve when it comes to photo editing. There are a number of things I generally
see over and over and over again in a lot of images which could be improved, so here are five common mistakes and how you can fix them. Before I start though a
very quick announcement. For a few months you’ve been asking me… yeah you’ve been
actually quite bugging me if I can make a video where I am editing your RAW
images. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I’m accepting your challenge so at
the end of this video you will find out all details. Mistake number one. Over
edited photos. There are photos out there which are simply over edited like this one. The saturation is simply pushed way too far,
the colors are very unrealistic, they are way too bright. The photo is way too contrasty where the blacks are way too black until to the
point where the pixels are crushed and there is no data. There is no visible
detail in the photos. And yes there are photos where we want them to look
dramatic but there are also photos which simply look incorrect. The sharpness is
pushed so much that is simply way too much as well as texture and clarity. Next
time you are editing your photos, ease up a bit on the contrast. Watch the
histogram window at the top. Whenever you are working with exposure, blacks and
whites so you don’t get this line on the left. When you go on that arrow right
here, this will show shadow clipping. That means the black pixels are crushed. The
same goes to the whites on the right side. Whatever is red that is clipped.
The exception is when you are shooting high key bright photos or low key photos.
Let’s look at the texture and clarity. I really only use those tools if I am
making photos for Instagram, if I know the photos will be very tiny, very small
or actually on YouTube videos on my thumbnail and I need the photos to pop. I
need the people to actually notice it. For photos which I will save in high
resolution which might actually go even to print I do even the opposite
sometimes. I make the images a bit softer. You don’t have to go my route as this is
just my style, that’s what I like to do. Generally though, photos which are not
over sharpened look much better. Let’s look at vibrance and saturation. They are
not the same. Here is a perfect example as there’s a person in a photo.
Saturation will increase all colors in the image so even the skin will look
orange. Vibrance on the other hand will protect
the skin from becoming orange and it will increase muted colors. But again
quite easy on that. When it comes to photo editing, especially if you are
editing some very important shots. It is the best if you take a break. If
you walk away for few minutes, even for few hours, kind of reset your brain and
come back to computer and see if you still like your edit. When I came back
even a few days later after I edited some image and I thought I edited it
awesome, I looked at it and I was really amazed what a colorful crazy creature I
actually created. Or sometimes on the other hand I thought to myself, ah that’s
uh quite a dull image. There’s nothing really to it, something needs to be
changed here. Something needs to pop. Mistake number 2. Cropping. There are images out there which have way too much space around the object or the opposite.
There’s simply not enough of space. Part of the head is missing, part of the arm
is missing or the photos simply are just boring and can be improved by
cropping. If you have to post photo with certain aspect ratio like 1:1 for
Instagram, that can be tricky. But for photos where you can be creative, when it
comes to cropping, there’s a great tool in Lightroom which can help. Go to crop
tool where you will see the standard grid. Then one majority of us know. Press
letter “O” on your keyboard. This will bring you different grid or overlay.
Every time you actually press “O” new one will pop and when you press Shift + o
new variation will show up. Here you can choose one which will help you to frame
your image the most interesting way. Mistake number 3. Preset. Some of the
new photographers might say and I’m not picking up on anybody here, I’m not
picking up on anybody here. I am not so good at photo editing but I bought these presets and I’m just going to use that.
You know the photo looks good so I am done. Presets
won’t work on just any photo. It will work with some photos similar to the
original image the preset was created on. Choose your preset which looks good with your photo but rather than finished photo, use it as a starting point to
tweak the image further. Mistake number 4. Black and white. Someone recently
asked me in a comment section below the videos. How can I set my Canon M50 to
shoot in black and white only? And my immediate reaction was, why do you want
to do that? How do you know the photo is now going to look better in color. Sure
there are some cameras which shoot amazing black and white photos but if I
have the option to choose, I’ll do just that. There are some photos which look
amazing in color but then there are photos which have strong emotions and
the colors are taking away from those emotions. I do this for wedding photos
all the time. I see a photo with a strong expression, someone is crying… I’ll make
it black and white to make the emotion pop. Also, when you want black and white
photo, don’t just change it to black and white and assume you’re done. What I like
to do is switch at the top where you see treatment from color to black and white.
Click that and then just further adjust the photo until you are happy with the
result. Mistake number 5. Brightness all over.
When it comes to photos of places, vacation spots like seas, mountains, fields, beautiful cities and streets, I see a lot of new photographers adjusting the
brightness just of the whole image at once. Or I see also photographers
changing the colors or adjusting the colors of the whole image at once,
limiting themselves working only in the main panel. They might not know that they can use tools to adjust brightness in areas separately, sort of like a Dodge
and burn effect. Let me show you a few tools. There is graduated filter. Select an area. You can also extend it and then use sliders to change
exposure or other things. And the same goes to radio filter. or brush. Brush over the area which you
want to further adjust. It is time to talk about that video
where I’m gonna be editing your photos. I believe Peter McKinnon started this so
huge shout out to him. If you don’t know him which would be very weird if you
didn’t know him. Everybody knows him. He’s a great photographer and he does a great
videos as well. He also likes a lot of coffee. When it comes to photo editing, it
really comes down to your personal taste. You might like certain styles of photo
editing. Others might like other styles of photo editing. For example Peter
McKinnon is more about landscape. He has his own very specific style. I am more
about fashion, glamour. I shoot a lot of people. I take photos of other people, I
don’t shoot them. So you will see very different style than his. So where can
you send your raw photos? You can send me a message on Twitter where you will send
your raw image. Don’t make it public and don’t post anywhere your RAW images. Or
you can send it in the Instagram in DM message. Normally I don’t accept any DM
messages but I will make an exception for 48 hours and today’s date is and the
deadline is…please don’t send any photos after that. And naturally, I will choose
most interesting images and edit them the way I edit with my style. The video
will be published in a week or two, something like that. Hit the thumbs up
button if you liked today’s video and subscribe to all videos like these. If
you have any questions, comments or simply want to say hi or ahoj. You were asking me what that means. It’s hi and bye in Czech language. You can do so in a
comment section below. See you in the next video… Cau… Ahoj…

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