5 Digital Marketing Tips Concerning Search Engine Optimisation for Businesses in Warwick.

5 Digital Marketing Tips Concerning Search Engine Optimisation for Businesses in Warwick.

Welcome, Daniel Warren [00:00:15] here. Our firm’s digital marketing and search engine
optimisation has led you here to this video. There could be many reasons why you’ve landed
here looking for search engine optimisation. It could be that you [00:00:30] just know
that your website needs to have a better ranking on Google to create organic traffic. Maybe your website needs to be producing more
revenue, or you’re looking to attract a better client, or maybe just more leverage in your
[00:00:45] market. We’re going to show you how we’ve been able
to change dozens of businesses’ online presence with the rinse-and-repeat process that has
made us revenue generating experts online. Here’s what a few of our clients [00:01:00]
are saying about us. From small business owners to CEOs, from mom
and dad shops to major companies, we’re continuing to leave a trail of success wherever we go. [00:01:15] Find out what we can do for your
business right after this. Hiring a firm to do search engine optimisation
for your website is one of the smartest decisions you’ve looked into doing. But it can also be one of the most difficult
in finding the right [00:01:30] one to hire. Having your website ranked high enough to
generate organic traffic is 75% of the problem solved. But the real magic comes in that last 25%. More website traffic in many cases [00:01:45]
doesn’t equal more revenue if you’re lacking these missing parts. These moving parts are what allow every website
to flourish online and almost all of them are overlooked. You do know it comes down to, does your website
have an inviting page [00:02:00] structure? Or does it have a great written sales copy? Or are there problems going on offline with
your sales conversion or under-trained staff? Or a lack of great offline sales script? [00:02:15] Over the last five years, we’ve been very
successful spotting all the weak spots in dozens of businesses and strengthening them
to ensure that all these parts are working together fluidly to ensure maximum revenue. [00:02:30] We’ve never been just a search
engine optimisation firm. We’ve become more of a search engine marketing
firm. I’d like to give you a short list of things
that you really need to look at before you consider hiring anyone [00:02:45] to do search
engine optimisation for your website because search engine optimisation is worthless if
it is not producing new revenue or getting you a return on your investment. So here it is, the SEO’s [00:03:00] buyer’s
guide. Number one on the list: look out for cookie
cutter search engine optimisation firms. That’s any company using blanket prices and-or
very low prices, [00:03:15] say $499 or $599 a month. They just don’t understand business at all. You know, there are no two businesses alike
and each business has its own set of financial goals that they’re likely to achieve. A local business trying to capture [00:03:30]
a local metropolitan market would never be charged as much as a national company going
after a global market. Stop and think about it. There’s absolutely no way you could possibly
believe that someone could earn your business an extra $20k [00:03:45] or a million dollars
a month in revenue by charging you $125 a week. That’s actually less than what a part-time
employee at McDonald’s would earn. Number two: make sure [00:04:00] they have
had success in ranking difficult revenue-producing keywords. In the area you’re living, it is very difficult
to tell who the best barber is or the best financial adviser or even the best insurance
agent because everyone has their own [00:04:15] opinion. But the greatest part about search engine
optimisation is Google actually tells us who are the best firms in your particular area. If you’ll notice examples I have up, all you
need to do is type in [00:04:30] your city and the word SEO behind it. I’m using Perth as the example but if you
live in Sydney, then you would type in Sydney SEO. I think you have the point. Every search engine optimisation company fights
tooth and nail [00:04:45] to make sure they are on this particular page to show everybody
that they’re the best at what they do. The very second thing that you’re going to
want to look at is multiple listings. The top ten in your area. We want [00:05:00] to make sure that they’re
not one-hit wonders. And if you’ll notice in one of the cities
that we service, which is Perth, we have multiple upon multiple listings on page one. You’ll have to ask yourself, if they’re losing
the battle [00:05:15] this bad in their own area, what makes you think that they’re going
to get in the trenches and win one for you? Multiple listings on page one for any metropolitan
area solidifies that a company knows search engine optimisation [00:05:30] and can fight
for very difficult revenue-producing keywords and they can dominate your competition. On to number three. Just because somebody works around a computer
doesn’t mean they know search engine [00:05:45] optimisation. Don’t make the mistake thinking that a web
designer or somebody that’s in information technology or anyone that works on computers
or software knows anything about search engine optimisation. I’ve worked with many [00:06:00] different
CEOs and business owners and I’ve tried to explain to them exactly the formula of what
they need to do to get their website turned around. They always want to take it back to the web
development team or their IT. What they want [00:06:15] is to keep their
job security and they don’t want to let you know that they have no clue how to get it
done. If they did, your website would already be
producing revenue and already be ranking very high in the organic traffic that you [00:06:30]
desire. Web designing is a great talent but a pretty
looking website is not going to bring you traffic or revenue. Web designers are no more then architects. Just because somebody builds a hospital doesn’t
necessarily mean [00:06:45] it’s the same person you want doing surgery on the patients. Trust me. When I’ve been doing extremely well, the other
is ridiculous to even suggest. Almost all web design today has come down
to push button installation. [00:07:00] So ask yourself, does that qualify
them as being revenue-generating experts? On to number four. Make sure that the search engine optimisation
or digital marketing or business consulting [00:07:15] is their full-time profession. There’s absolutely no regulation on who can
do work on your website or your business and many of these people have full-time professions
or they’re just trying to supplement their income. [00:07:30] Either they have bought some $49
course in a box that thinks it makes them an expert or they’ve read one too many Fortune
500 or Success magazine articles. For anyone that has the ability to turn a
website around can help make [00:07:45] them another 10k or 50k in a month. This is a very lucrative business and definitely
one that isn’t going to be done part-time. Last but not least, number five. Make sure that none of the work [00:08:00]
done on your website is outsourced to a third party. Make sure that an actual employee of the company
is going to be doing the SEO on your website. Fifty-four percent of all search engine optimisation
firms outsource [00:08:15] the work to third parties. I know this because I’m on Skype with about
a dozen search engine optimisation firms around the world that pass along their most difficult
cases to me. I charge them the exact same amount of money
that I would charge [00:08:30] a normal client. They then double the price and pass that along
to the customer. It’s always good to know who’s doing work
on your website. That about wraps it up. We hope that you were able to benefit from
us going through the [00:08:45] most important steps in hiring someone to do search engine
optimisation on your website. If you’d like to find out more about our simple,
efficient, but brutally effective search engine optimisation marketing formula to transform
businesses, [00:09:00] first you’ll need to fill out an application on our Discovery page. Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive. We just want to know what you’re selling and
get an idea of what you want to accomplish and so forth. [00:09:15] We’ll then painstakingly review
your goals, your office, and so forth and we’ll deliver a custom plan to grow your revenues
based on the exact same process that is generating millions for our clients right now. Your initial phone call [00:09:30] will be
between 25 and 30 minutes. And don’t worry. Our call is not going to be outsourced to
a sales force somewhere. There is only one person in my entire organisation
that is qualified to help you with this initial phone call [00:09:45] and that is myself. During this phone call, you won’t be pressured,
hassled, or asked for your first born. It’s not going to be any bait and switch where
you’re going to be stuck trying to ward off some aggressive salesperson who’ll never leave
you [00:10:00] alone. But we do need to know exactly where your
business is now and where you want to take it to in the future. Depending on the level of involvement you
wish to engage our services under, we may need to arrange another call with you [00:10:15]
to speak with our marketing manager. We are then going to map out taking your business
to page one of Google, where we are going to generate traffic and revenue for you. As you would have guessed, this opportunity
is extremely [00:10:30] limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed to provide
you with maximum results. Therefore it’s physically impossible for us
to work with more then a handful of people at any given time. You should also realise that [00:10:45] there
is a very large demand for personal, do-it-for-me help from our company and what we are offering
to you is unprecedented. With that said, the window of opportunity
won’t be open for very long. If you [00:11:00] feel like this is right
for you and you would like to see your business flourish online and have a dramatic change,
then click on the button below, leave your application on our Discovery page, and let’s
talk. I look forward to talking to you on the other
side. [00:11:15] This is Daniel Warren and I’ll
talk to you soon.

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