5 Video Marketing Trends You NEED to Know in 2020 | #ThinkMarketing Podcast 007

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12 Replies to “5 Video Marketing Trends You NEED to Know in 2020 | #ThinkMarketing Podcast 007”

  1. QUESTION OF THE DAY ⚡ Which of these trends are you looking to jump on this year? Let me know!👇** GIVEAWAY 🎫 Enter to win two tickets to Grow With Video Live 2020 here 👉http://ThinkMarketingShow.com

  2. Would love to start doing TIK TOK and Instagram either one first but its so hard for people who want to do it so bad but doubt themselves and worry about what others think it’s a hard hole to get out of once you’ve gone down it

  3. Tip #1 is actually very important to understand: I think it's pretty clear by now that people in general don't mind waiting a full month for some channel's new video, as long as its content value is great. Even the day that new video comes out isn't that much of a problem, as long as it doesn't float to much off what is usual.

  4. The first time I tried to upload a video to IGTV from Instagram on desktop it kept failing. I had to post it from Facebook's Creator Studio for it to post.

  5. The struggle is putting sooo much into a video and then not having it get traction…it may be that those smaller videos (qty) get more quick attention so that the later videos with more quality get appreciated. Which you eluded to of course but there is another way that Tim Schmoyer put it – quantity to learn, quality to grow. So if you are a smaller channel just starting out you need that quantity to learn and get some traction while every once in awhile taking those skills for more quality pieces to help you grow. Also I think it's so funny how when you said it's not about the tech the video suggestion popped up about the best camera and tech for YouTube…many YT creators talk about the value of skills but then a lot of the content is about tech – because tech is one of the easiest to grab onto so people think if I buy this then everything will be awesome while skills take time and it seems like people don't watch those as much…in the end I think it's much easier as a larger channel to follow the advice of quality over quantity…unless of course you already have 5 Million followers on Twitter let's say and decide to start a YT channel…

  6. Thank you!! The LinkedIn thing has drove me nuts! I'm like why is everyone coming from LinkedIn? Made no sense to me.

  7. I spend more time on LinkedIn now than Facebook because it feels like there is a lower signal to noise ratio with the things I care about. Facebook is starting to feel like MySpace 1.0 for me, with me having to waste my time scrolling through junk to get to stuff I actually care about. I am able to reach out to people and deal more professionally, as well as other companies.

    I'm afraid that as people start to migrate over to LI, it will start to become spamville like FB. I'm not wanting to be exclusionary, the more the merrier, but there is a level of professionalism on there that you don't get elsewhere.

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