About Advice Media – Leaders in Digital Marketing

About Advice Media – Leaders in Digital Marketing

Advice Media really has a long history providing
digital marketing services to healthcare practices. The company was founded in 1998, as a
very simple directory business essentially we’re
providing information to consumers on different plastic surgery procedures.
About 2010 we recognize the tremendous demand from
our customer base. To turn what we were doing for our own
websites, externally. And provide digital marketing
services for our then directory customers. We take a
very integrated approach to our marketing efforts. We don’t look at it as a
one-size-fits-all. We recognize that people have different needs. So, we
try to really customize the needs of the client with the
services that we can provide. My opportunity here at Advice Media
gives me the ability to bring world-class services and solutions to our customer
base. Help them resolve issues and really grow their practices an
exceptional manner. The number one thing that separates us
from the competition is our innovation, attention to detail, and the exemplary customer service that we
offer our clients. What we really like to focus on and what
is most important to us is the customer experience. So, we are always top 100 percent dedicated to
making sure that the customer experience is phenomenal. “The customer first and always”
that is our motto. That’s what we live by. I enjoy working with the Advice Media,
because it offers me a combination of several things under
one roof. For example they’ve been able to improve
my website. It came with this excellent website, modern, very informative, very educational. Two,
they’re helping me with my social media needs. Three, they are always available. By phone by email. And helping with some PR opportunities. We have to think
about the overall brand of our client. How were they viewed online,
what is their visibility like. And we really have to think about the
end game, which is to make them money. I would put the amount of time and
expertise, and experience that we have collectively
up against any organization. We have metrics documenting that more patiences are now coming to see us, because over new
website. Our blogs are now being followed more than
ever. Their social media component are documenting a patient that goes from
social media to the website and then coming to the office.
So, it’s been it’s been an incredible growth. I hope that in 10, 15, 20 years, when our customers are talking about
Advice Media, that they can confidently say, I am so glad that we were customer of
Advice Media. There’s nobody who could have done it
better for us.

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  1. Advice Media is an innovator in the digital marketing space and a great company to work for.  This is a great video of the Advice Media Executive Team and the many services that we perform. www.advicemedia.com #advicemedia   #customerfirstandalways  

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