ACN’s Garish Kalia Promoted to Regional Vice President

ACN’s Garish Kalia Promoted to Regional Vice President

[intro music] [intro music] [intro music] this next gentlemen worked long hours as a programmer in the sheet
metal industries while balancing a second part time job
as a financial advisor yet even with fifteen years under his belt
in the industry he felt like there was no job stability
in even worse there was no time to enjoy his life so even though his schedule was full he took the time to learn about ACN and he got involved right away today he has the stability in the
freedom of time he has craved for so long and he also discovered as love for
speaking and showing others the ACN opportunity please help us promotes to the position of
regional vice president garish kalia [music] good evening ACN so my story came together in about
twenty years ago i think that was same year when ACN was founded i wish i was there on day one but never too late spent fifteen years in sheet wall industry and uh… had very bad experiences, good experiences you know my day used to start at five o clock in the morning and sometimes i worked till like eight or nine and my boss used to come at six o’ clock and say im going home here’s the key you can work as long as you want and you can stay here as long as you want i will pay you twenty
four hours but keep working that was good overtime is always good but the same boss after a few days he used to come to me in the morning nine o’clock while i was having my coffee break and he said what are you doing here go home we have no work for you that was painful so i spent fifteen years just with a dream that one day i’m going to have my own sheet metal shop that never happened things moved to other countries so one of my cousin the midshipmen
he invited me in nineteen ninety oh sorry two thousand nine he said come to my home and look at the opportunity i went to his home with an open mind and i saw the presenter it made total sense to me. i came home some how couldnt sleep all night long next morning my cousin called me again he said what about the opportunity i said what are you talking about so you have to follow up too that’s the lesson so i signed right away and i called a few of my relatives they were laughing at me they said what are you talking about we have
in canada for more tban twenty-five years we know all about this thing you just wasted your five hundred dollars i thought oh my goodness the negative response they gave me i took as a challenge i siad im here you here im not going back to india i’m going prove this things going to work so i start calling my friends first i called he said whatever you say im in my business partner of the shuttle
manuel dot sanchez was flattened he signed up one more guy he used to be at wal mart making good money he signed up same time i was
so excited to see people sign in like one week and i became et in a few days
etl in twenty nine days since then it was a non stop right for me we have to make money anyway no matter what what i learned at ACN is personal growth and attitude to help other people so my day now my day starts still at five o’clock but not am it starts at pm still i work five to nine but it’s five pm to nine pm i love the freedom now i can help anybody i want thats the
freedom you know you can work with the people you like to not the people you hate to in fact the fourth person i recruited was my wife she became team coordinator that’s why i’m here as regional vice president ACN thanks to you. thank you well i tell them always use the tools all the tools follow the system, ACN is one of the best companies and what i think uh… i can see myself a little bit different and some other people uh… com im a very helpful person i respect my upline at same time i give the same respect to my downline i tell people at ACN you’re not a boss there is no boss we are helping together and i tell them use the system it is proven you just have to follow the system and you get a life the life you deserve

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  1. So proud of you chacha ji (The Regional VP ) ….Thanks ACN too !
    Keep going/rising both…spreading happiness and content !

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