Adblock Plus Chrome Extension

Adblock Plus Chrome Extension

I want to show you a fantastic new tool
that you probably want to use when you’re on your computer in the Google
Chrome browser I’ll show you the example let the Education Weekly here I like to
look at it but it does provide a lot of ads and there’s not much I can do to
block some of those so when I am logged into my Google Chrome browser and you’ll
notice up here in the upper right hand corner does say my name if you’re not
logged into the browser itself make sure you click up here and you get logged in
can’t just be logged in down here has to be up at the top once you have that done
then go to the customize and control Google Chrome which are the three little
dots on the right-hand side near the top of the browser and then scroll down to
more tools and then further down to extensions these are currently
extensions that I have installed and you’ll see a few of them up here and I’m
going to scroll to the bottom where it says get more extensions and this is the
Chrome Web Store and what I’m going to do is I’m going to look for adblock
plus and this is the one that was recommended me I’m sure there’s some
other possible tools but I’m going to click on add to Chrome and it’s going to show a
little disclaimer I need to add the extension it goes very quickly and then
it tells me I now have some choices I want to disable something I’m not
going to worry about that you’ll notice I have adblock plus right here I can see it
there on my top and I’m gonna go to this and let’s see I’m going to refresh
notice right here you’ll see that number ticking up it’s already starting to
block some things on here that may not be ads that I would want to expose
myself to so this is going to help you to start to
block some content if you wanted to look at some of your options right here there
are ways to change options what you want on here and make it even more to your
preferences and hopefully this has been helpful and take 2 4 tech have a great

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