Advanced Facebook Graph Search

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27 Replies to “Advanced Facebook Graph Search”

  1. Hey Larry great to see you brother! You always do such an awesome job on your videos, totally professional👍👍 Facebook is the one platform I don't use, they claim my name is a hate term and they will not allow me to use it😲 apparently they don't know American history or baseball for that matter LOL but never the less a guy with a hateful name like mine is just too hardcore for Facebook🤣

  2. Thanks, Larry; AFS seems like a great tool for business. LOL, you're right, there is a trade-off, give up your info to a company that you have no idea how it plans to use your info for gaining access to others.

  3. This is a great tool; well worth trying out for business purposes. But like what WhatsThe411 said, the trade-off; that’s the part I don’t like. I guess it is what it is 😉

  4. This extension for Chrome does not appear to be available in 2018-right?

  5. Hey Larry, thanks for the video! Question: how do I grab this public and then apply to my campaign?

  6. Can this tool show who likes certain things? Then you would be able to connect with people that like the same things you do.

  7. Hi, Larry! I need tools that can show me some interests of people, who like my page. For example, i have 100 followers, and i want know about same groups or fan pages which they include. May be find that 25 of 100 likes one pages and 30 of 100 likes other… Could you help me and advise how can i received this information?

  8. Can We search for the people who checked in on a particular airport on a particular date through this extension please let me know if anyone knows about it how to do its very very important

  9. What is the proper syntax to search for education by year of graduation? I tried "<uni name> '<last two digits of year>' and got no results. I also tried the full year instead and still got no results. Also, any way to search on what their degree was in?

  10. Hellow Larry,AFS seems fail to search today ,do you know why?Is there any other way to search like graph search in facebook?thank you very much!loving you forever

  11. The tool isn't able to search for people anymore, what I do? I would like to find a person but I just have her name and city.

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