Advice For Marketing Students Looking For A Career In The Industry | How To Become A Marketer

Advice For Marketing Students Looking For A Career In The Industry | How To Become A Marketer

Hey guys this is Adrienne. I’m senior
marketing manager here at Hiilite and today I want to talk to students out
there actually I want to give some tips from my own experience. If you’re a
marketing student and you’re looking to break into the industry I have a few
things to share with you. The first thing that I find really important is
that it is super helpful to start learning real-world skills now. Your
education is fantastic it’s giving you a ton of information and a whole bunch of
theoretical knowledge and it’s the foundation that you’re going to need
going forward into your career. But there’s a whole bunch of tools that we
use in the industry that are constantly changing that you should become familiar
with because they’re things you will be using in your everyday career things
like Google Analytics and AdWords basically any Google platform in the
digital world Google is king so anything you can learn about those systems now
there’s tons of resources for you to dive into. For Google there’s
something called Google Academy if you literally google ‘Google Academy’ you’ll
find all the resources that you need to start learning: how to use analytics, how
to use Adwords, it’s how to use the business listing platform. There’s a ton
of tools just dive into it start figuring it out, start learning and
getting an understanding because it’s definitely something that you will use
in your career as a marketer that you’re not necessarily going to be taught about
or taught how to use when you’re in school. The other one is Facebook. So most
of us are familiar with Facebook. Facebook is not the only social platform
but for paid advertising Facebook’s ad platform is definitely one of the
monsters especially since they acquired Instagram and now people are advertising
through Instagram so these are the types of tools and platforms that you want to
familiarize yourself and learn how to use. Once again there’s a lot of
resources Facebook blueprint is a course that you can take online for free to
learn all about Facebook advertising and how to actually implement those types of
strategies I want to put links to these resources down below so that you guys
can check them out. Again it’s just really good to get the practical skills
under your belt and combine that with the theoretical knowledge
that you’re getting in school. So the second thing I found really useful and
it’s gonna sound cliche because you hear it all the time as a student but it’s:
networking and getting yourself out there and meeting people getting
involved. It’s not enough today to stand out in a competitive job market place to
just have finished your education so what are some of the things that you can
do for those extracurriculars that look really really good to potential
employers? For marketing students or for any business student one is: competitions. Chances are you have business case competitions or student groups that are
involved in competitions. I learned presentation skills, I learned how to
work under pressure, I learned how to be able to speak in front of an audience.
All of these things I found really really useful and helpful. Alright my
last tip is going to be when you’re going out and you’re talking to those
future employers and you’ve probably heard this before so it’s not new
information but as a person who’s now on the other side of the table looking
through resumes and looking at people to hire it’s really important that you not
only highlight your skillset and what you can do and what you can bring to the
table but position it as how that is going to help the company. If I am your
interviewer or I am your potential employer how are you going to help me?
What are my needs? What do we learn as marketing students? Who’s our audience?
How do we speak to our audience? What is the needs of the target audience? How
can we position our product or service to show that it’s going to fulfill those
needs. Do the same thing in a job interview what do I need from you? What
does the position require? How is the company going to benefit? How are you
going to fill those gaps instead of focusing on you know ‘I can do this’
ask questions, ask what the company needs, ask what they want from that position
and then tell them how you think you can fill that role. OK guys I hope you found
that helpful. If there’s anything else you’d like to know more about, if you
have any questions, if you want to reach out to me directly just comment down
below and let’s connect I’m totally stoked to be available in any way that
you find helpful. If you’ve got questions
let me know and thanks so much for watching. This series was filmed at
Hiilite Creative Group studio in Kelowna, British Columbia and is made
with the help of our creative team. If you like this video subscribe to the
channel and check us out at

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