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Hi I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate, tonight we’re in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we’ve come to
TTDI night market or pasar malam to explore there is a brilliant mix of
fresh produce and a lot of street food we’re starving, let’s eat! Thomas and I love visiting pasar malam or night markets and we’ve been to quite a few ones whilst we’ve been in Kuala Lumpur we’ll link them up in a playlist up there but this one looks really interesting
because there’s a range of different food that we haven’t seen at any
pasar malam before let’s go and explore we got a bag of hot curry puffs to start
us off we couldn’t resist we walked past and they were bubbling in the oil really
really fresh so we’ve got ten of them so we’re not going to go hungry let’s see
they’re quite a nice size quite little curry puffs look really crispy hmm
so filled with potato it’s like a mashed potato which is all filled with the
curry powder very simple I can see one little green leaf it’s a
dried leaf I’m not really sure what it is you can hardly see it but apart from
that it’s just potato and curry so a really simple way to start us off and
when we saw them bubbling away like that we could not go past this will set us up
for a night of eating at this market it’s boiling hot today so we’re going to
grab a drink to cool us down I got a big refreshing cup of air mata kucing which is made up of lo han guoh which is monkfruit, winter melon and longan and it is really good for cooling you down in the heat, so refreshing I’m
gonna go to a different drink stand because I love these stands that they have where all the
different drinks are lined up in these huge tubs and I’m gonna try something I’ve never had in Malaysia- hello satu ais milo, terima kasih it’s just started to rain so we’ve snuck
under the shelter for a bit but I’ve got my iced Milo to try now Milo if you’re
say from America or a country that doesn’t have Milo it’s a powdered,
sweetened chocolate drink you make hot drinks cold drinks out of it we’re from
New Zealand so Milo is a real thing of our childhood let’s try this one in
Malaysia it’s so good it’s like a sweet chocolate milk with much more of a sort
of a caramel-y, malt-y taste than normal chocolate milk that is not going
to be the most refreshing choice I could have made but it’s going to make me very
very happy the rain has stopped and we’ve got our
eyes on the next snack let’s go I’ve got my little parcel of pulut udang, so pulut is glutinous rice and udang means prawn we’ve never had this before but these are selling like
hotcakes so basically the little parcel is wrapped in banana leaf and then
they’re being heated up over charcoal they look really interesting so I’ve got
it open right here okay so it’s made up of pulut so that’s the white glutinous
rice there and then there’s what I think might be coconut and then the pawn must be mixed in with that and then it’s red possibly from sambal
let’s just give it a go, I’m just gonna pull a bit off and pop it in my gob mmmm it’s really tasty so the sticky rice
is quite salty and then the coconut mixture is actually very sweet and the
prawn flavour is not very strong but what it reminds me of it otak otak which is almost like a grilled fish paste or grilled fish curry it’s got those flavours so I can taste lemongrass
and there’s that hint of chilli it’s a really good snack there’s lots of stalls which offer more substantial meals at this pasar malam or night market so we have come for a bowl of chicken noodle soup and it looks pretty interesting so I can see rice noodles, the thin type which are called bihun, there’s fried shallots, bean
sprouts, I can see some spring onions there’s poached chicken, there’s some
chicken bones in here as well which will give the soup so much flavour and I think
there’s a little bit of chilli as well let’s just give this soup a go mmmm it’s really intense in chicken flavour, it has a little bit of spice but a really strong peppery taste as well I’m going to add a bit of this chilli which is just sitting in a huge goblet here I can see a lot of so chilli there’s green chillies I think and it’s quite
watery so I’m just going to dump a whole lot in there, both Thomas and I are real chilli
fiends so hopefully it’s not too crazy or pedas or spicy, let’s give that a go, that’s not crazy hot it just adds a really nice fiery kick I’m gonna give some of those noodles a go too so slippery I got a bit of chicken
in that mouthful as well and that’s really tender and honestly adding that spoonful of chilli has just really ramped up the soup a notch, it’s very tasty there’s something really fun about coming to night markets all over the world my most
memorable ones are from Taiwan when we were there the night markets were crazy and
interestingly we’ve seen a lot of Taiwanese street food at pasar malam
or night markets in KL not this one though really there’s only one little
Taiwanese thing here everything else is much more traditional at this one which
I quite like but where are your favourite night
markets we want to know because if you can tell us your incredible stories
we’ll put them on our list and we’ll make it to those countries to go eating
at night markets our favourite thing next up we’ve grabbed some apam balik
which is a dessert I love and this one feels really hefty, I’m just going to
rip open this big paper package now this is a bit of a special apam balik because it has banana and corn and it’s sort of green so I think it might
be a pandan flavoured batter but it’s a rice flour batter which is cooked in a
big almost skillet pan and they dump lots of sugar on it
traditionally it’s sort of just sugar and peanuts but this one obviously has
the banana and the corn and then it’s all just cooked in this big skillet folded
over cut into triangles so you can see there’s two pieces here but it’s all
been cut into shapes so let’s just grab one and give it a go you can see how
green it is, big bit of corn sticking out big bit of banana Wow, I got it on my nose wow the banana’s really creamy, wow the corner’s got a little bit of crunch I think it’s canned corn so it’s got whole kernels but then that sort of that almost sauciness that is with canned corn you get like a crunch where it’s been on the pan but then because the
other half is above that’s all aerated like a crumpet so the top side’s all
aerated the bottoms crunchy this is going to be super filling because of the
corn and the banana that’s really tasty I love this desert you’ll see these
at all the pasar malam and you have to try apam balik, it’s amazing that apam balik was really sweet we each had one piece and then we had to pop it away to
save for later I’m not sure if Thomas mentioned but it had like a green tinge
to it and a really strong pandan flavour it was very tasty there’s a one more
thing we have to try tonight and that’s one of my new favourite sweets or
desserts and it’s called putu piring let’s go and find it these are putu piring they’re
essentially a steamed rice flour cake but in the middle is a dollop of gula melaka which is a coconut palm sugar and it’s just so soft and so sweet we
made the mistake of trying putu piring the first time when it was cold and it
tasted like sawdust so make sure that you eat it fresh, when it’s piping hot so
I’ve got my little packet here and we’re gonna dig into this, let’s open this baby
up so it was a set of 5 for 3 ringgit, look at that they look so moist they’re sitting
on like a little bit of banana leaf I’m just gonna get right in, wooo they’re
pretty hot and grab one there’s a little bit of coconut on the bottom too which
is how they traditionally come that just melts in your mouth it’s quite a
a basic flavour so the rice flour’s really plain but what really stands out is that hit of coconut palm sugar it is to die for
we’ve got to get into these Thomas before they get dry and cold while we’re here in the market we’re
going to do some fruit shopping for home but there’s one fruit that lots of
subscribers have been telling us to try in a video which is jackfruit or nangka nangka in Malay and it’s actually a
fruit we eat all the time most days actually because I love it I can’t get
enough of it but we’ve never thought to put it in a video so let’s grab some and
I’ll eat it for you all right we’ve got the jackfruit I
can’t find any shops where the jackfruit is in its entirety so all we’ve got is
the the little lobes I think they’re called that are inside so these things
can be huge absolutely spectacular, they’re sort of
knobbly, giant fruits that hang off trees but this is the end result when you
break them open let’s give it a go oh as a flavour it’s quite hard to
describe I find because it’s not really comparative to anything but to me it
kind of tastes like a mango crossed with a really mild durian and then a really
sort of a nice like a Fuji apple like a more sweet, watery apple it’s crunchy, it’s got a little pip inside as well it’s crunchy but it’s not really really crunchy so
it’s got a bit of juice a little bit of crunch and bite to it but it’s it’s just
when you bite through it, it’s kind of like eating a really hard bit of cake,
jackfruit is the best, this is the best way to start the day I eat this every
morning tummies are completely jam packed but we’ve had a great time at this
market remember if you enjoyed it jump down below hit subscribe thumbs up
and we have plenty of other videos from markets in KL or pasar malam which are
quite different to this one like I said earlier this one seems to have much more
traditional local style foods no outside influence so this one is a really cool one
to visit so if you’re a local do you like this one have you been here if
you’re a tourist I reckon come along check this one out during your holiday
because it’s got a much more local feel to me I like it, so do I, we hope we inspired you to eat and explore like a traveler, not a tourist, thank you so much for watching we’ll see you next time, jumpa lagi!

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