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How to Find Backlinks from Competitors site । SEO Backlinks checker tool । How to check Backlinks

How to Find Backlinks from Competitors site - SEO Backlinks checker tool - How to check Backlinks please subscribe my
Link Building Strategies on Steroids: How to Get Backlinks FAST!

Link Building Strategies on Steroids: How to Get Backlinks FAST!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to turn your backlink analysis into actionable link building strategies… fast.

100 Replies to “Amazon Affiliate Marketing Tutorial| A Beginners Step By Step Guide”

  1. This may be a crazy question. But, if the product comes in different flavors, colors, etc. Will one link work or would you have to create a link for each flavor, color, ets.

  2. When you put in your platforms on the amazon application, do you just write the platform or your address?

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  5. when I copy and link my link onto my YouTube account, how do you keep your info from showing up.

  6. Great video! I just set up my affiliate program, any idea how long it takes to get approved after your first sale?

  7. Thank you for this video – really professional and to point! Keep up your good work 😀 (Hope the tax documents are easy to fill in even if I'm not from US)

  8. make sure to follow the rules to not get kicked out of the program is always a good idea. It be a shame to lose that source of income. Extra training for you amazon affiliates. Hope this helps.

  9. How do you use the credit you get from affiliate links? Do you get amazon balance or something that you can use as a discount when you make a purchase yourself? Or do you get paid by cheque or something? Thanks for your video!

  10. Can I become an affiliate without a website? Can I just use my social media platforms to advertise?

  11. I wish you all the best on your channel. I am a you-tuber too, and I know all the effort you are putting into it. Thank you for the Info ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. Thanks for the great info this is actually the first video i watch about affiliate marketing without someone trying to sell me “The greatest course of all time” lol

  13. The value content I was looking for was about what is required to be accepted and it's in there. They seem to support those starting out pretty well. Now I know what I need to do and it doesn't seem all that bad. Really grateful for your help ?

  14. Thanks so much for this info, really, really do appreciate it, made everything clearer and helped out a ton!

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! Plus I'm thinking, if Hollywood ever films Sheri Tepper's book "The Fresco", you're going to have to star in it as Benita!

  16. Than you so much for this great Video. I'm a new DIY youtuber and learning it all as I go. And you just made this sort so much easier for me. ?

  17. Thnaks for the video i tried apply the affiliate but they declined me 2times already so Im curious is the number subscriber is going to affect with it ?Im just a beginner in vlog youtube

  18. Hey Sandra the Mom Boss! I am trying to post a link but I can’t quite figure out what they mean when they say “Copy the generated HTML and paste it into the code for your website.” I am not sure what “code” they are talking about. Can you or anyone tell me what this means and how to do it?

  19. Loved the informative video!!! I just had a question. If people don't meet that 10$ threshold then they don't get paid that month via direct deposit??

  20. Regarding the website that is needed to promote amazon products, can a Facebook fan page be used? Or does it have to be a proper website?

  21. Wonderful information,but if you're a beginner ,some of these things you likely won't have.I know for a fact that my blog get's no traffic right now because I just made it.

  22. Amazing stuff, peeps entering into the amazon affiliate program defo need to listen to this. The top tip I ever received for my Amazon affiliate websites was to just make sure my websites Amazon links always worked. They just tend to stop working over time, sellers stop selling stuff, things go out of stock and so on. Test something like the AMZ link checker trial (free btw). It detected 148 links to unavailable or no longer stocked items. I cry when I think what money that lost my business over the years 🙁

    My sites in the baby niche but most are the same so here are a few other good bits of advice, look on boosting SERP and amazon CTR, tweaking content SEO, gaining backlinks to your site, and create your email list from the start, its traffic on demand then.

    And try to build a brand, not just a low quality review website. If visitors come to your website directly because they trust you that's zero cost high converting traffic.

    And of course, taking notice of marketing experts like you as well 😉

    But the one tip that is always free… at any point…

    Keep going, don't give up. Making decent money with Amazon takes considerable time but you'll get there in the end if you put the hours in 🙂

    Anyhow top video, you have earned another sub here. Keep making these fantastic videos, I beg you hehe!

  23. This is glorious, I've been looking for "affiliate articles marketing" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Neyameron Xiydeline Method – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my buddy got amazing success with it.

  24. hi.. thank you sharing this important information..
    i want to know about, i already have website and fb pages. just your guidance how to use my website as a amazon associate.
    my email [email protected]

    ill really appreciate if you can help me this

  25. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog and affiliate marketing for ever a year! I finally bit the bullet and paid for a wordpress site on blue host. This video was so helpful! If I even make $100 extra a month it would be a big help
    For me and my kids! ❤️?

  26. Nice video post! Can you read and comment on my article on Affiliate linking. I would appreciate and feedback. thank you

  27. Hi thank you for the tutorial, Im already got approved from amazon as an affiliate associate but i want ask you more question on how to go to my website and post my chosen products. Pls reach me at 808-800-1474 and my name is Estrelle

  28. I was already accepted on the affiliate program but my account got deleted..they said i had violated the trademark guidelines so i am gonna rectify the issue and reapply..thanks for this video

  29. hi this might be a dumb question but can someone use my affiliate link if i text it to them? or does it have to be from my website or youtube channel?

  30. If we don’t achieve the requirements for Amazon to send us a 1099 how do we report our earnings for filing taxes to the IRS ?


  32. Does amazon do any tax withholding? Do they send a W2 at the end of year? Is all that taken care by you? Thanks!

  33. This was so helpful! I just used the default tracking ID with my username for all my youtube videos. Now that I know i can create more than one tracking ID I may go back and create different tracking ID for YouTube, IG, Website, etc. Thank you!

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  35. Sandra thank you so much! I am off and running! Do you think I can go add links to my old videos??? XO, Kelly

  36. For Other Countries its usually TIN number. in tax informations
    Payment : direct deposit (US ONLY), Cheque (Worldwide), Coupons and ….

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