America's Next Top Psycho

America's Next Top Psycho

in the meanwhile there is scrambling by those on the right because as it becomes more real for people people start to realize how insane this vision of America is and I think you're gonna see the abortion numbers actually hardened for those people who want choice I think you're gonna see it harden and and get maybe a little bit larger in terms of supporting a woman's right to choose it may not make a difference at this point we may have gone past the point of no return because of what's happened with the Supreme Court but we shall see in the meantime here is a Matt Walsh he apparently has a show this is not the funny Matt Walsh this is the really unfunny Matt Walsh very very funny right there's a good there's a there's a funny Matt Walsh who was on Vice and I think he's on another show now a UCD guy beep beep not vice right beep and the unfunny Matt Walsh hosts the show on the the center of conservative intellectualism online that is the daily wire this is the brainchild of Ben Shapiro I believe and here is Matt Walsh who what's his official title over there like primetime host of religiosity or something what is it yeah it is something like that because I'm sound like a writer and host and stuff like that ok here he is one of the religious rights most influential young voices yes ok here it is here he is ok now trying to in some way I mean look I understand if he just comes out and says God's law says there are no abortions and that's why I want there to be no abortions because I believe God's law shall reign in this country i mean there are theocrats they exist I disagree with them I don't think it's I think it's mentally an American but at least they can come out with it but this is stunning his attempt to to to come up with a I guess another more practical argument about why there shouldn't be an exemption for rape now as for the cases of rape which are rare and in a very small minority but as for them there are two things to keep in mind posit number one what but the cases of rape are what is he saying the cases of rape that lead to pregnancy are rare is that what he's saying I don't mean I'm not sure I understand even like what that what the point is he just wants to minimize rape just generally all right continue now as for the cases of rape which are rare and in a very small minority but as for them there are two things to keep in mind number one abortion helps rapists cover up their crimes abortion rapists love abortion rapists Planned Parenthood is the is a rapist best friend because you if when a rapist rapes someone and creates a baby mostly one second that's positive one second do you he pauses there do you think that he just sort of stumbled on to that talking point and was like oh damn it I'm afraid that that came out of my mouth because it sounds like he hasn't I don't where to go no no I think that we still sometimes at least I do have the the we just gotta unlearn it of like wanting to give people like this even like 1% credit so there is like that he just realized that what he's saying is absolutely demented yeah I know he planned it this way yeah no I bet J I mean planned or not I'm sure he does not get that it was demented okay alright so you go back just a little bit good when a rapist raped someone and creates a baby most of the time they didn't that's not what they had in mind they they weren't trying to create a baby and if this is a you know what here the the people that are coming up with these you know hard case hypothetical say well what if a 13 year old girl is right now she's forced to carry her baby well if a 13 year old girl is pregnant that's a very good indication that probably a crime occurred and one day our baby probably you know you can do a DNA test and find out who the father is and if that father is an adult then that person is going to jail so now we can prove we can prove that a rape occurred that's why rapist would rather just send the victim off to Planned Parenthood have the pregnancy taken care of and the evidence thrown into a medical waste dumpster is this guy completely out of his mind is he not aware that the the an aborted fetus would have DNA as well I mean just assuming like his entire scenario in his mind would be like how are we gonna find out he also apparently doesn't you know I mean I guess the theoretically this rapist or this victim of the the victim of incest right they would take DNA from everyone around her is that what his plan is but if they were to do that he's not aware that the fetus has DNA that the reason why we would force in his words and his scenario a thirteen-year-old girl to carry a rapists baby to term is because there's no other way to prove that the that this uh thirteen world was raped that this thirteen year old would rather have this child so as to have ironclad proof which could be presented even by a fee I mean I don't understand like how did they does he have no editor do they not have like a you know sit around and talk to other people and say hey wait a second I have a crazy idea I want to bounce this off remember walks to the cool kids philosopher bench yeah I remember when the Daily wire did that Columbus Day animation that was really racist in tears like I was actually out of office that day I was on my fourth birthright trip he's not speaking to convince anyone he's speaking to whip is already quite frenzied bass right it's but I don't understand like don't they realize that other people are gonna see this do they think that all of the people that follow them are just complete morons I mean yeah they don't care they must I mean I I would like to we will have we'll be taking calls later in the program if you're someone who for a while thought like hey that is a good idea we should make rape victims carry a fetus to term and force their pregnancy force their birth so that we can have evidence to convict the rapist and that's the only way we'd be able to do that if you're one of those people who for a moment or even still believe it make sure you call in later in the program

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27 Replies to “America's Next Top Psycho”

  1. FFS!!!! Okay, let's have a free exchange of ideas. Allow this guy to get violated, then ask him if he would want both physical and emotional reminders of the scars of that violent act. Also, how would he feel if he was the child of a rape/Incest? The lack of empathy by these phonies is mind boggling.

  2. I have rarely heard an argument that is more clearly a completely pile of bollocks that the one this wanker just proposed. Has he seriosuly never heard of a 'rape kit' for evidence gathering? Does he not realize that genetic material can be recovered whether or not a foetus is conceived and carried to term?

    In my opinion this is an even better example of the right-wing mindset towards violence against women than Tod Aiken's infamous 'legitimate rape' comments.

  3. Why does Matt think he has any right to discuss women's reproductive health???Or any Man?
    Women wake up ! These men think they can speak to our bodies, about parts, and determine OUR BEHAVIOR ?
    it's men who get us pregnant who infect us with STDs
    who beat and,rape
    drug and rape,
    pull the condom off ( stealthing)
    refuse to, whine about wearing a condom.
    As to rapists, trust me, they don't stick around to take you to Planned Parenthood asshole! And women know to go right to the ER. And get a rape kit done
    Hey Matt, when men talk about rape as if they know what happens before , during and after, HAVE FORCED THEMSELVES ON HOW,MANY WOMAN

  4. I just ran across this jerk. He doesn't care about the small percentage of women. Let them die. He goes by percentages? Believe me. I let him know exactly how I felt about his ignorant BS.

  5. Yessir, good idea. You want to prove that girl was forced to have sex. Because that's bad, forcing people. Best solution is to force them to carry a child to term. Force: The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.

  6. Wasn't Dave Rubin tweeting about this argument this week? I've seen it a couple of times this week

  7. Sam, love the show but I have to say that this set up with you right in front of the camera is just not flattering, I prefer seeing you at the desk If you're using a standing desk in attempts to improve your health I commend your personal effort.

  8. This is an argument for banning abortions for underage rape victims, not banning abortions for everyone.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a terrible argument, but let's be clear on what he's actually arguing for.

  9. Abortion clinics north n south of the border will start springing up to cater to an emerging market. Travel services will do a li'l better. Government will get larger as it seeks to curtail such activity.. n so on n so on..

  10. Matt Walsh is too evil and stupid to be funny. This is just really disheartening to know people like him actually exist.

  11. This might just be the dumbest, most demented thing I've heard in a long time. And what's scary is their are a lot of people who believe what this dumbass lunatic does.

  12. Guaranteed that bats**t crazy bastard would loooove it if theocrats took over the U.S. and turned it into a real life Gilead and Handmaids Tale.

  13. None of that makes sense. You can prove the 13-year-old is pregnant without having to carry the pregnancy to term. And as Sam said, the aborted fetus would also contain the genetic material in question. It's just an attempt to rationalize forcing a child to carry her rapist's baby to term (and leave her alone with it afterwards, of course, as conservatives are want to do).

  14. Rapists in a relationship with their victims like to wield control. Sure they are pretty happy if their victims get pregnant. Pretty sure that's what they want.

  15. It never occurs to Matt Walsh that the best way not to leave any evidence of a rape is by not raping anybody.

  16. Republicans aren’t pro life. They’re pro birth. Once you’re born, especially if you’re brown or black… you are fucked.

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