Ask Yoast: what’s a slug?

Ask Yoast: what’s a slug?

We had a question coming that probably
belongs in the YoastSEO basics category. “What’s a slug?
What’s the difference with a URL? And what is the SEO benefit of a slug? “Slug” is actually a word
that comes from the WordPress community. A “slug” is the piece of the URL
that distinguishes that post. So if you have,
the URL for our WordPress SEO article, then WordPress SEO is the bit
that identifies that page as being our WordPress SEO article. It’s what our system uses to recognize that has to serve you
that specific page. So it’s the defining part of the URL. The SEO benefit of a slug,
is that you can change the words in there and make sure that it has the words
that you really want to rank for, because it’s one of the indicators to Google
of what a page is about. It’s also one of the things
that people see in the search results. So, if you see in the search results
10 different URLs underneath each other, about a certain topic, like WordPress SEO,
and you see our, that’s very on point
and people might click on that a lot easier than if it’s, which is the old default of WordPress. So that’s what a “slug” is
and why it has on SEO benefit. Good luck.

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  1. I have no earphone or headphone in my PC. I look closely how you move your lips and hands also. I can't understand your language…

  2. I am trying to enter the slug in the "edit snippet". when I type in the slug I can see the green line write what I am typing after my domain name. How ever, after I enter and click wordpress update, it disappears and leaves the slug window empty again. What am I doing wrong,

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