#AskGaryVee 323 | Marie Forleo

#AskGaryVee 323 | Marie Forleo

(no audio) – Marie tells the people that are watching about herself that they’ll know her. I always think about what I do for a living which is I have this need for some reason to disproportionately overshare what’s working for me quickly at scale And I think through the karma points all this “money I leave on the table” plays out in perpetuity cause I think I’m talented
enough to grab it. And I also don’t really have a model that’s more on my audience. It’s more I have separate companies. And it’s funny. I didn’t even think this we were hanging out cause Dustin is 12 minutes late but if he didn’t have an exploding stomach. (book falls) I wasn’t thinking about this before, but literally as this has just started, the thing that came to mind is one of the things I’ve
always really respected about you, Marie, is that I really remember vividly that you were one of the
first people I remembered. I’m like, “Oh. “She’s actually executing “on what I’m saying “and every time I hang out with her “whether I come to some
weird apartment in New York “where her studio is “or I see her in LA at her house “or randomly, “she’s thoughtful.” – [Marie] Thank you.
– She’s thoughtfully… This was almost like a complement to myself slash to you. I’m being serious though. I remember. I feel it right now. I vividly remember thinking. I’m like, “Oh, she knows
that I’m up to something. – [ Marie] Yeah – “She’s listening. – [ Marie] Yeah – “But unlike 99.9%,
she’s then executing,” And in a lot of ways, you would have done… had I never existed you would be exactly where you are, but it has always been
a little bit of a nice feeling in my stomach because I think you really
listened and you executed. – Always, I mean that’s the thing. I have my head down
more than anything else. I love who you are. I love what you do. And somebody said this to me last night at my tour stop. They were like, “You’re really generous.” I’m like I just give a fuck. I give lots of fucks and I care when people
around me that I see are doing great work, I want to do everything I can to spread their message. So when your books came out or something new you we’re doing and I said, “Hey, I have a platform.” It might not be the same
size or scale as yours, but it’s different and I want to expose people to great ideas that they can actually use to improve their business in life and that’s my goal in life. And so, for three minutes of context, cause I want to do hardcore. I want to do two things. For you to now tell the
audience now about yourself cause some don’t know, I want you to tell
everybody about the book. Because one thing I’m proud of is unlike me, who doesn’t, who learns more in audio and visual, a lot of my audience learns from reading I think books are inexpensive for the ROI for people that learn that way. – [Marie] I understand. – I will never read a book on the record, but everyone learns different. And then number three, I
want to go into questions. Once you frame up those two thing I want people to call in. Put in your phone number. Go to LinkedIn, if you’re not on there, if you want to ask questions or keep watching on whatever
stream you’re watching right now, Put in your phone number and questions, Rogoff is going through those as we speak, but I want the questions
to be a little bit predicated on what
you’re about to frame up. So who are you? And then, what’s this book about? – Yeah. So for me, entrepreneur, author, and I like giving back. So I say philanthropists, not in the way that I’m Warren Buffett, but in a way that I like
to use my resources, my platform, my financial resources, to aim it towards things I feel that we should
improve in this world in some small way. So I started off my journey on the floor of the New
York stock exchange. I have a lot of energy. I knew I could never sit behind the desk, but about six months into that job. – [Gary] And what year was that? – That was like 1998. – And just knowing the culture of Wall Street to begin with And then, obviously America, thank God starting to progress a little bit in the boy-girl conversations That must have been a real baptist… I mean I can’t even imagine. Like the sheer amount of
politically incorrect things that must have happened
to you in the first week – Oh. I mean I was battling constantly. It was like, “Hey. “Do you want to hang out?”
(laughs) It was after work, strip clubs, coke. Do you know what I
mean? All of this stuff. – [ Gary] Yeah, no, no. I get it. – I have long hair. I actually cut off all my hair to be exactly like yours because I tried to get
taken more seriously. That’s how much I was battling. – [Gary] I totally… I
have empathy for that. – So I started hearing this voice inside that was like, “Marie, you
are not meant to do this.” Outside of all that bullshit. – Yeah cause you know what
you were getting yourself into and you could handle the boys’ club thing. – [Marie] Totally.
– You knew that. – [Marie] I knew that. – There was other things going on. – Completely.
– [Gary] Yeah – One of the things that was a clue was that a lot of– – Did you in some ways
see the advantage of that? Not meaning like the
cliche’ thing that somebody might have just thought of. Like you’re using your
girl power and that. More of because you could handle it. – [Marie] Yep. – And you understood it.
– [Marie] Yep. – You could professionally navigate it. – Oh, completely – [Gary] Yeah
– Well I’m tough. Right?
– [Gary] Period. – I’m very sensitive,
but I’m also very tough – [Gary] Yes – And I want what I want. And whatever I need to do in order to achieve and grow and experience what I want to experience, I’m willing to put myself through it. So that was not a problem. But I also have a really
strong sense of intuition and when something’s not right my body revolts. – [Gary] Yeah – Literally on the floor of the exchange because I had been ignoring
the voice that was like “Marie, you are not supposed to be here. “This is not your life path.” One day, I walked into my job and I started having, only what I could only identify as like a little many panic attack. – [Gary] Yeah, anxiety. – Dizzy, feeling like shit. – I told my boss, “Hey, I
need to go get some coffee.” I made a beeline to the nearest church cause graduated from
Seton Hall University. So I was kind of trained in a crisis to look up and ask for help. – [Gary] Interesting. So I’m sitting on the church steps balling my eyes out feeling like the biggest loser because I’m the first in my family to go to college. My parents busted their
ass to get me an education. They’re high school educated and here I am waiting to quit a stable job with health benefits and all this stuff. – Can I ask you a very important question? – [Marie] Of course – I’m sorry to interrupt like I always do.
– [Marie] No – Were you a huge Terry Dehere fan? – [Marie] I don’t even know who that is. – I’m so pissed right now, Marie. – [Marie] Okay. (laughs) – I’m going very nerdy Seton Hall Basketball – [Marie] Oh! of your era
– [Marie] Yes. – You clearly did not go – [Marie] I didn’t. – Deep enough into the pirates – [Marie] I didn’t. – from ’94 to ’98. [Marie] Listen. – I’m very mad right now. – [Marie] So here’s what I was doing. – Give me your excuse. – I was bartending and waiting tables and fucking just being like. – [Gary] Hustling. – Yes. I was.
– [Gary] You were focused – [Gary] But you did know there was a good basketball program? – Of course I did. – So I’m crying on the church steps and I pull out my flip phone because that’s what we had back then. – [Gary] I remember.
– And I call my dad – [Gary] Good job.
– Because I felt so guilty I didn’t want to disrespect my parents and quit this job
– [Gary] Good for you. when I don’t have any other way – [Gary] Understood.
– to make a living. And I was certainly not
going to go back home. And my dad told me one of
the most important things I’ve ever heard. He said, “Look. “You’ve worked since
you were nine years old. “I am not worried about you “keeping a roof over your head “or putting food on the table. “but you are going to work for the next “40-50 years at least. “If you don’t find something “that you love so much, “you’re going to be miserable.” – [Gary] Good. – “So quit this job. “Take as long as you
need to find that thing “that you feel that you’re meant to do “and it’s all going to come together.” – [Gary] I love that. So that permission slip, for me, sent me on an odyssey to figure out who the hell I was and what I was meant to do. All I knew was that I was highly creative and I also love business. But those two things didn’t seem to mesh back then. Like I originally wanted to be an animator for Disney – [Gary] I understand.
– or a fashion designer. And I also loved, my dad was a small business owner, I loved the way he treated his customers. It was a printing business. I would go in weekends
and night to work with him and just loved his work ethic. That’s what inspired me. So I tried magazine publishing. I was in Cadenas Publications in the ad sales department. I was like, “Okay. This is new. “This is amazing.” Six months in, those voices came back like, “This is not what
you are meant to do.” And I started panicking cause felt like I was a loser. I was like I’m so ambitious. I want to make money. I want to make a difference, but I fucking hate what I’m doing. And I looked ahead. I said, “Do I want to
actually be the publisher? Like “Do I want to climb
this corporate ladder?” No. I said, “Well, what am I wasting “my time and their time for.” I said, “Maybe I’m still
to on the business side, “numbers heavy.” Let me try something more creative like the editorial side. I hustled my way into getting a job as a fashion editorial assistant at Mademoiselle Magazine. I’m like, “This has go to be it.” I’m going to fashion shows, highly creative working on photo shoots. This is gonna be amazing. Cut to
– [Gary] Too fluffy. Too fluff.
– Six months in. That’s exactly right.
– [Gary] Yeah. I get it. And I was like Now I really started to panic – [Gary] See how I did that, Rogoff? because every single one of my friends, they were getting raises, promotions, like starting an adult life and here I was, like feeling
like the biggest loser. I graduated valedictorian and yet I can’t seem to hold down a job cause I keep quitting. One day, I was on the internet when I probably shouldn’t have been and I stumbled upon this
new profession at the time. It was an article I read and it was about coaching which again I’m 23 in my mind, I’m saying
this is the cheesiest, dumbest thing you’ve ever came across. Who the hell is gonna hire
a 23 year old life coach? You’re a loser. You’ve got mountains of debt. What are you thinking? And yet in my heart – [Gary] You’re like, “This is it.” – something said, “This is who you are.” I signed up for a three-year coach training program at night. Did my studies at night. Worked at Mademoiselle during the day. I get a call from the HR Department, “We have a promotion for you. “Going to Vogue.” More money. More
prestige. More everything. That was my fork in the road to say, “Okay. “Are you going to stay on the safe path “with the health benefits, “people understand what
you do for a living. “It’s respectable. “All that good shit. “Or quit and start this
weird coaching business “at 23, which you have no idea how to do. “You’re mountains and mountains in debt. “And nobody even
understands what this is.” So I quit my steady job. I went back to bartending
and waiting tables. And I spent the next seven years figuring out how to
build a coaching business from the ground up. So that’s a very long story. – How much were you
worried about the stigma of the bad coaching environment? – Well, that didn’t exist yet because I was in early. The only people that existed in this space were basically Tony Robbins. That was the only known figure at that time. – But there was stigma
about even that model. – Oh, absolutely. I kind of overrode that. What my insecurity was– – [Gary] You were just like
this is what I gotta do. – Yeah, but I was also
insecure about my age, but I had hit so many walls, failing on Wall Street, failing in publishing, trying all these different things, that I was like, “Well, fuck it. “If none of those things
work, I have to try this. “Because A. It feels right and B.What are my other options? – Right. Just to jump way up to today. There’s something I’ve
been thinking about this because I put a lot of
pressure in my opinion of like my own concerns
of the deep coaching and mastermind of the ego system. – [Marie] I hate it. – How? Has there? I don’t know this. I feel like you’ll have an answer for me. Has there been conversations of the evolution of that where the most advance, and progressive, and kind strategist and
coaches and masterminds have talked about the
notion of giving people money back and not letting people in. The other way to offset this model is to actually… So many people bottom feed and know it. This is my problem. This is why I never wanted
to monetize my audience. This is why I could probably
build the biggest one and don’t have it is because I don’t want to put in the time to refund or vet. I don’t think I’m good at vetting. I’m good at firing, but
I’m not good at vetting. And I think the way the
coaching, mastermind industry needs to evolve is not bottom feed. And I think 80% of the
economics are built on that in the macro. Has there been any talk about that or just not yet? – I don’t know if it’s been yet. Here’s what I did for my own self and maybe this can be instructive. After I built skills as a coach, working with people one-on-one, which by the way, I did for free for so long – [Gary] That’s how you win. – That’s how you win. Listen. I bartended and waited tables
to put a roof over my head. So I could just deliver value to people and improve my ability to
help them create change without any expectation in return. – The value of practice was there for you. – [Marie] Correct. – I get it. – So here’s my model now. I don’t work with people one-on-one. I don’t do masterminds. I don’t do any of that shit. I love education though. Because like books are a form of education all that stuff. So the flagship program that we have, which is called B-School. Here’s how I operate it because I hate all that shit. We have a refund policy
that we’ve always had. If you actually go into the program and you show us that you’ve
done the course work. In two weeks, if you hate it, you think we fucking suck, we give you 100% of your money back. – [Gary] That’s the way you hedged it. – Absolutely. – [Gary] I get it. It makes sense to me. – I want to play with people who actually want to learn and want to apply. – Knowing that a lot of
people know you for that. Talk to me. Let’s just skip over that. Talk to me about what this book’s about. – So “Everything is Figureoutable” is a three word phrase that has been the single
most driving force in my life. Got me out of a toxic
relationship in high shool. Helped me get out of debt. Helped me get every job I’ve ever had. Helped me build the company I have today, which for me is my ideal company. I love what we do. It is a simple phrase that helps people ignite their innate wisdom and do anything they want
to fucking do in this world. – And what about from
a business standpoint? I don’t know this. Is this the first? Third? How many? – It’s the second book. I wrote a book over a decade ago, that was honestly– – [Gary] Self-published
or published by someone? – All three. I started off as an e-book
when nobody even knew what e-books were, like a PDF as a book was
like “poof”, mind-blowing. Then I self-published it and I went to like Ann Arbor, Michigan. I didn’t do Vanity shit. I actually saved up. – The first one, an e-book, Did you go the route that
everybody got caught in back then, that it was super expensive or? It wasn’t one of those $190–
– No. It was $19. – Understood. – That was my first
experience actually, Gary. Bartending. I went to a bartending shift. I worked my tail off downtown and I came home. And somebody bought my e-book from Spain. – [Gary] And you were pumped. – And I was like, I can
make a difference to someone on the other side of the world that I’ve never met. – And only for $19? – Yes. – [Gary] No really. That’s awesome. So this was your second book. The first one was what? – The first was called, “Make Every Man Want You (or
Make Yours Want You More) (laughs) “How to be so Irresistible,
You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself”. (laughs) – It was funny. It’s in 16 languages, but after I self-published it. – [Gary] So this was really
your coming out party in your way?
– This is. In a big way. So this baby– – [Gary] When did this come out? – This came out on Tuesday. – [Gary] Good for you. – We just got named Apple’s, one of their best books of September and their most recommended listen or download from the audio version. – [Gary] Did you read? – Yes. – [Gary] You did the reading.
– Of course I did. – [Gary] Did you go off script
of you kept it straight? – You know, there’s parts in there. I have a character named Jersey Marie because I’m from Jersey. And she gets real rough and it’s– – [Gary] So you turn into Jersey Marie? – [Marie] Oh. Of course
– I love that. – for the Jersey Marie parts, – Before we go into question, we’re about to, Two state of the union things that have your attention in culture. It could be– – [Marie] Yep. – Yep, Go, please. – I think people are starving for joy. Starving for joy. Like whenever I’ve done
anything on social lately, which by the way, I want to give a shout out to your team because I am working with your team who’s coming around with me on tour. We’re having so much goddamn fun and I’ve never been– – This is the document over create thing. with the (mumbles) people. – Yeah, but so I am
naturally goofy in life. So yesterday, I’m in Orlando. I’m dancing in the
bookstore in the airport because that’s how I really am. I am not performing. – [Gary] Because you’re
saw your book in there? – Yeah. (laughs)
And then I sold it to… A woman saw me and she was like, “What’s this book?” And I said, “It’s an amazing book. “You should get it.” And she’s like, “I will buy it right now.” I’m like hand-to-hand combat book sales. – Did you tell her that it was you? – [Marie] Yes. – Because I’ve sold my
book in Hudson News, acting as if it wasn’t me. – [Marie] I need to try
that on our next stop. – I feel like it’s… I love the merit of selling. If the person thinks
it’s me, they’re going to feel guilty to buy it. I have to see if I can
sell this as a customer, as just a human, pretty funny. – [Marie] I’m going to go incognito. – And the guys destroyed my name. He’s like, “What kind of
fucking name is that?” I’m like, “Oh, man.” (laughs) I’m like, “He’s super smart.” – [Marie] And you should get it. Did he get is? – Yeah. He did. Cause I can sell anything. That’s what I do well. – Well, I’ll tell you this. The first time I walked
into Barnes and Noble on Tuesday, when it came out. We did this amazing video, but this guy totally didn’t
know what to make of me. I’m like, “You should get this book.” He’s like, “No, no, no. “I don’t need anything in my life.” I was like fine. I’ll get the next one. Anyway, I think people
are starving for joy. – [Gary] Understood. Makes sense. – Like starving for some
example of exuberance. And I think the second thing. I think people have to still pay really close attention to how much they’re consuming versus creating. So, I give people a mantra. Create before you consume. Social’s amazing. All that stuff. There’s a lot of info coming at us. But if people don’t shift that ratio. – You know that so obviously something I’m passionate about which has what’s led me to deeply spending a lot of time on
parenting and insecurity. Because that’s why people aren’t creating. They’re worried about how they look. They’re worried about a comment. They’re worried about so much. – Which is bullshit. Here’s the thing I said
on tour the other night. We’re all gonna be dead
in 100 years of less. We’re gonna be powder. You have to stop giving a fuck what other people think. – I’m really, really focused on being 144. So I’m trying to. – [Marie] Do you think, serious? – I don’t think I can get there. – [Marie] I was gonna say.
– No way. No way. – [Marie] I’m aiming for 120 by the way. I do think kids that are under 15 have scary numbers in their future. – [Marie] In terms of longevity? – Yeah. I think I’m real pissed. If you’re 14 right now, I’m super envious cause I think a buck 50 is
not out of the question. – [Marie] I agree. I am shooting
– Which sucks. – for 120 personally. – What are you shooting for? For real. – 100 because I think we’re far. Like we don’t get the full benefits of the technology and science advancements We’re not 25, you and I. I think 120. I just don’t think there’s enough time. Take away all the other things. By the way, here’s the good news. I failed all my science classes. I speak with conviction
on a lot of other topics. I have no fucking idea what
we’re talking about right now. I’m going on pure intuition, random headlines, overhearing much smarter people about science talk than me. – Yeah. I’m looking at my genes too. And on my mom’s side, I was just with my grandmother. Man, she’s a fireball. She’s 92. – Yeah. I believe in genes. With my genes, I’m in trouble. Like my mom’s side of the family, not so great. And I’m that. I’m like fuck. But I’m hoping resources. I hope I can do something weird like Walt Disney shit and like freeze myself. And then come out in 3033 and be like, mutherfuckers, I told you. I knew I was right. It’s all empathy dick. – [Marie] We’re gonna come back. – Alright, let’s do calls. – [Marie] Let’s do ’em. – Let’s do calls. – What’s your favorite
social platform right now? – [Marie] Instagram. I’m having the fucking best time. – Anything emerging? – [Gary] Have you made
the plunge into TikTok? How do you think about LinkedIN? How do you think Twitter? – I was actually talking. Like TikTok and I are just going to get acquainted today. Tom and I. He was like, “I think there’s
so much on there for you.” – [Gary] I’m pushing
it so hard internally. So I want to make sure everyone’s– – How are you having fun with it? Are you just everything? Just on it? – [Gary] It’s the only
platform that has a chance to be the next Instagram. And so I take it seriously. It’s got Vine DNA.
– [Britney] Hello. This is Britney. – Britney, its Gary Vaynerchuk. How are you? You’re on with Marie. – [Britney] Oh my god. This is crazy. Holy shit. I’m amazing and this is.. I don’t even know where to start. So I’m really trying to get into universal conscientiousness and I am struggling because I truly believe I want
to make a difference. I’m trying to get into
emotional intelligence. And I’m at a point now where I’ve quit my full time job. I’m halfway through my savings. And I’m totally fine with waitressing or doing that side hustle. And I’m totally willing to humble myself. But I don’t know. I’m trying to assess value. But I have like I have value to bring. And I’m really reaching out to people. And I’m willing to learn. But I’m just struggling with what my value is. – You know what? My love, I’m gonna interrupt you. I’m so sorry for that. But I want to get to the answer cause I know this so well. I would encourage you absolutely to get that freaking job. Because when you’re busy and when you’re hustling and you have that money coming in, you build confidence. And when you have confidence, you build all kinds of momentum. So you already bring value to the world by the fact that you’re alive. Now you’re just gonna amplify that by doing your work and getting it out there in a bigger way. But I’ll tell you if you’re halfway through your savings, you don’t want to be dumb when it comes to your finances and when it comes to
building a whole new career or a whole new business. So that’s my own recommendation to you. I had side gigs for like seven years before I was emotional confident and I was financially confident to go all in on what I wanted to do. Plus it was awesome. I met so many people. So that’s my perspective on it. Gary, I don’t know what you want to say. – I’m a buyer of that. Brit, I think the thing
to really think about. And I completely agree with Marie. You see the practicality in that answer. I think the thing that
is also happening is, this is the thing I think
we’re both jumping on, the fact that you brought up, within the first ten words, I’m halfway through my savings, is already a tell for me. I’m a good poker player in real life, not in actual poker. I already now know that
that’s in your subconscious. So you’re not able to go all in because you’ve got this little
thing going on in the back, which I love about you because
you’re fully practical. You’re not on some. Some crystals gonna come out of a UFO and go in my eye and I’m gonna to solve the world. You’ve got a good framework. I agree with Marie. I’m gonna say something else. This is gonna collide some of my worlds. I love the idea, and this may not be in you, but if it is, one of my favorite
reasons of pushing people to flip sports cards, sneakers, thrift store, garage sale things, is the following. The reason I’d rather you make $15 an hour buying t-shirts at a thrift store or buying something at a dollar store and selling it for $11 buck is because your biggest issue right now, potentially, is figuring out how to create a container for your value then merchandise that
container to make dollars. Right? And what’s amazing about flipping, and eBay, all these secondary OfferUp,
Etsy, and Craigslist is that you’re required to figure out the audience. One of the things that
people don’t understand is how big of a difference in value. The reason you see auction
prices all over the place is not just because of
your rating on eBay, it’s because how you wrote the headline, how you took the picture, and the words you put in it. There’s a very specific
reason why I always sold things on eBay better than my friends and contemporaries is cause I’m good at positioning things. And I feel like you
practicing flipping stuff may actually help you figure out how to put yourself into a container and merchandise it. And that skill set that you pick up I think you double win. – [Marie] Sales and Marketing To get good at sales and
marketing in anything – You have to do it. – The only reason that I
am any good at what I do and I have any success is that I realize early on, Brit, that if I didn’t get just as good at sales and marketing as I am at the craft of what I do, which is helping people create change, I’m fucking dead in the water. – [Gary] 100%. Of you’re limiting your upside. – Completely. – Cause a great product will
find its way up some level. So Brit, I think also your going to a heady place. Right? It’s crippling to think like I have value for the world. Like what does that mean? So two things. I definitely think you need to be making money on the side cause it’s very clear to me that that’s an over lining issue. And number two. Anything that helps you buy and sell. It is the number one skill set that 99% of my audience needs because you’re always doing
it in one way or another. Does that make sense? – [Britney] Yes. – [Marie] Awesome. – [Britney] Thank you so much. You have no idea how
much this means to me. – Good luck.
– [Marie] Thanks, Brit. – Go do something with it. Thank you. You know what’s funny as Rogoff goes to the next one. That buying and selling thing really resonates to me because even if you are
resigned after seven years like, “Wait a minute. “I’m not an entrepreneur.” You’re going to have to sell
yourself to an employer. Everybody should practice that craft. Obviously, like singing
and basketball and dancing, some can naturally do it. But if you can get better at it, which you can get better at anything, it’s one of the best
things to get good at. – And I think also copyrighting. You mentioned writing headlines. Everything. – [Gary] Who’s this? – [Ragoff] Franklin. – Franklin. Got it. – [Franklin] Hello there. – Franklin. You’re on with Marie Forleo. How are you? – [Franklin] How’s it going man? – Really well. What can we help you with? – [Franklin] So basically,
you answered most of my question with that last call. But what I was gonna ask is basically, should I pay somebody $5 to $10 thousand to help me set up my business model or should I just keep pumping out content and pumping out content and trying to strategically
place it places for it to get me to
where I’m trying to go? – I think we should tell
you your business model here for free in the next three minutes. What are you selling? – [Franklin] Basically,
personal development. – Got it. Do you have… are you
personally developed? – [Franklin] I have been working on myself for that past ten years. And I still got a few things that– – Are you happy as fuck
and fulfilled to the oomph? – [Franklin] Let’s put it this way. I’ve made no more that $600 this year and this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. – I love you already for that. Why? – [Franklin] Basically,
what it really boils down to is that I’m actually living
a fulfilling, purposeful life and not feeling depressed in all the negative things. I’m actually on a mission now. That’s the difference. – What are the actions you’ve been doing that make you say that? What has been the actual tangible day-to-day life that makes you able to say that? – [Franklin] I’m gon say
to grind specifically. Cause everyday I wake up and I feel empowered to do something to get my message out there. And past I would have never. I would have woke up and been like another groggy day. But now a days, when I wake up, I’m “Alright, let’s get it. “Lets go.” I’ll stay up until two or
three o’clock in the morning get two or three hours of sleep and after that I’m ready to go again. – Okay, Franklin. I’m gonna dive in here. First of all, congratulations on being happier than you’ve
ever been in your life, but there’s a couple of thing I want to poke in and say. One, you are not paying anyone $10 or $12 or $15 thousand dollars to help figure out your business model. That is number one. You just got to think. What is the problem that
I am helping people solve and how am I doing it? So are you selling
one-on-one coaching services? Are you gonna sell a
particular weekend experience where you’re teaching people specific skills that will solve a specific problem? You don’t need to worry about any of this paying other people. – Hey. Let me jump in, Marie. – Yeah. – Or because a lot of people don’t, they like the idea of it, but
they are not good at selling to other people, or like me, don’t want to do that. Or are you going to start a brand like “Life is good.” Do you have a saying? And are you going to slap 50 t-shirts together with that saying, posted it on Instagram, and god forbid, for some weird reason it resonated, and everybody bought it, and you might build an apparel business. There’s a lot of ways to do this. You should do it Marie’s way or my way. You should do it your way. Keep going. – Yeah. Absolutely. But we’ve gotta figure out
what the business model is. You keep sharing your message. You keep doing that. But you gotta do the work on your own to figure out what is the business that you’re gonna have the best chance of being successful at? Something that you’re gonna want to work mornings, noons, and nights, and weekends to make successful. Like Gary said. It could be an apparel company. It could be completely different. You just gotta keep doing you. But business is separate, I think, than just sharing a message out there. A lot of people what to
“monetize a message”. I’m not into that shit. – [Gary] It doesn’t exist. – It does not exist. – And this is what I always ask people? My friend, Franklin. How do you want to make money? Tell me if I want a gene
from the fucking future, how would you like to make money? – [Franklin] You know, I haven’t actually
thought of that question. I just more or less was looking at it from as long as I’m helping people, that’s more fulfilling. That’s the bigger payment. – Listen to me. That’s 100% true. And if you’re able, for whatever reason, to live on $600 a year, then fucking you won. I just want to make sure that’s the truth. Maybe you inherited money. Maybe you made $10 trillion
before you started this. Maybe you’re willing to couch surf for the rest of your life through people’s good will. I just need to know that it’s sustainable. – [Franklin] Well, I would definitely rather be making a lot more money than $600 a year. – Why are you able to
afford making $600 a year? Because I, as somebody who pushes, eat shit. You’re now challenging my shit Mendoza line (laughs) cause I don’t think was talking about $600 a year. That’s even shittier than shit. Did you save a lot of money? Are you a trust fund baby? Like help me here. – [Franklin] Basically,
what had happened was me and my wife got a
divorce last Thanksgiving and every since then, she took my– – No wonder you’re happy. Now I know why you’re so happy. (laughs) (claps) – I mean, honestly. Which is great. I’m not making fun of divorce. That’s not where I’m going. I’m just saying that might be why.
– [Marie] It’s hilarious. No. A huge factor. Why you’re waking up everyday. Pumped up.
– Keep going brother. I’m sorry to jump in. Go ahead. – [Franklin] No. You’re good. Basically, we switched roles. She took my traveling position. And I’m now the stay at
home parent all the time. So she pays the bills and give me like $100 a week to feed the kids. – Good for you. – [Franklin] So that’s
how I’ve been surviving. – And the parenting is
massively fulfilling to you. Huh? – [Franklin] Yes. – Good for you, brother. You fucking won.
– I feel like. I was about to say I’m with Gary. I think you win.
– Hey bro, honestly. I apologize, Marie. Bro. I think you should flip shit. – [Franklin] Alright. Have you seen any of this content? Do you know what I’m saying? Do you know that I think
I want you to go to a thrift store right now. Look up everything on Ebay. Buy something for $4 and sell it for $49. – [Franklin] Yes. – Have you every tried it? – [Franklin] I haven’t, but– – Are you willing to? – [Franklin] Yes. I was listening to you say something about it two or three days ago and I was talking to this girl that is helping me. I’m helping build her and she’s helping grow also. I was tell her this is probably one thing I’m gon’ start doing. Is starting to flip. – [Marie] Do it. – Listen to me. Listen to me. – Just make sure everything is practical. I think you’ll be okay. I think you’re in the starting phases of something good. Just make sure that ideology doesn’t take over for execution. You have to do less what you’re gonna do. Less strategies, more doing. Four days ago, you see flipping works. You needed to be in a thrift store or garage sale. You better garage sale Saturday. Franklin, you better fucking
garage sale tomorrow. (laughs) – [Franklin] Deal. – Deal.
(claps) [Franklin] I can manage that. – Sold. Bye. – I kinda wanna start a
reality show on Franklin. I feel like that’s how
he’ll actually make money. – [Marie] He was amazing. – Alright. Let’s do one more before
this is all wrapped up cause we are. I’m in shit because Dustin fucked up everything. – [Marie] Dustin. What the fuck Dustin? (laughs) Poor guy. He’s like, “I just had surgery, you guys.” – Dustin, you have to
buys like 4000 copies of Marie’s book because we lost that amount of time and so now you have to
personally buy those. – Dustin, you’re in for it. (phone rings) “Everything is Figureoutable”, brother. Figure it out. (laughs) – Who’s this? – [Rogoff] Amanda – [Amanda] Hello. – Amanda, how are you? – [Amanda] Oh my god. – Yes. You did it. (laughs) – [Amanda] Oh wow! Hey, Gary. – Please say hello to Marie. – [Amanda] I love Marie. I was a B-School grad two years ago and it changed my life. I made $50 grand in my
first year consulting. It was a side gig. – [Gary] Amazing. – [Amanda] And Gary, I
listen to you everyday. I can’t believe this. I’m so– – Who do you like better? – [Amanda] Oh, no. – Tell the truth. We’re unemotional. – [Marie] Honestly. I really have no way to win this shit. You’re in the GaryVee vote. – [Amanda] I gotta go with Marie. – Fuck! (laughs) – [Marie] I have to tell you. I did not expect that.
– I knew that was happening. No. I definitely did. – Did you? – Yeah. Here’s why?
– Why? – First of all, I hung up on her. Second of all, you had the tangible impact. Like sub-consciously,
I see it all the time. There’s people who’ve loved somebody for 27 years. They see one video of mine that makes them break up
with their toxic boyfriend and then that questions asked and their like Gary cause it’s the tangible. – [Marie] No. I know. And this goes to our whole theme. Execution, actual stuff, doing. – This is why I do what I do. Its actually for people like her. Like when people come through my program and that’s why I require
that they do their fucking homework because of this. Because when they actually
take those actions, they get the results. – Anybody who actually does
what I’m telling them to do wins every time – [Marie] Every time. – Everybody who uses it to make them feel like
their doing something – [Marie] Loses. – Loses. If they feel like they’re
consuming my content to make them feel like they’re doing cause I’m doing do much, they lose. Now I don’t mind. I’ll be willing to be patient. My big fear. My biggest concern right now in my world. Is they watch me I occasionally do the post where it says, “stop fucking watching me and go do”. Never listen to me again
cause I want them to go do cause I want them to win – [Marie] Absolutely. – They are not ready to do. So what they do is unfollow me. And what they do is. They go to a spam version
of me and consume that. So I’m trying to figure
out my cadence with this cause I’m trying to get them to do. – Yes, You know what? I have an idea for you. Stop listening to me right now. Go do this fucking step and then can you reward them somehow? Can there be a contest? – Honestly, I don’t necessarily need them to come back, because I’m not necessarily
worried about that. – [Marie] I know that. I’m just scared if they
go to the spam version. – But we need to say that. I think it’s fun. I think it’s super fun though. to have people go and do some shit and then come back a
fucking talk about it. Do you know why? So they can get addicted to the doing. – Do you know what I think is fun? – [Marie] What? What was her lovely name? Amanda?
– [Rogoff] Amanda. – Amanda. I think Amanda’s dinner
conversation in three weeks with her friend is going to be hilarious. She gonna be like, “Let me tell you what happened
to me a couple weeks ago.” I miraculously through the
hundreds, tens of thousands. Let’s not exaggerate. Thousands of phone numbers. Got through to Gary and Marie. I love them both so much. Gary asked me this random question. I thought, going with the truth
is always the right answer. Nope. Sometimes there’s
a different game in play. Gary hangs up with me. and never ever do I have that chance to
speak to both of them again. That’s life. You’re always learning kids. – [Marie] Holy shit, you guys. Bye everyone. – Everybody, please buy the book. – Amanda, I’m going to randomly call you in a couple of weeks to make up for hanging up on you because that doesn’t feel good with me but it’s a fun way to end the show. – Yes. Wait. Do you want to do, like I’ll giveaway for a fun fucking stickers like Jersey Marie no more excuses? – I love you doing your thing. What would you like? – So I want to giveaway at least one or two signed copies of “Everything is Figureoutable”. Here’s why. I believe that for anyone
watching or listening right now. If there is any piece of them that does believe they have what it takes to do the thing that they want to do. – How would you like them to do that? – Actually, I’m going to
leave this up to you guys because it’s your platform. – Okay. We will do a random. I have an idea. A lot of different ways. We’re definitely giving one to Amanda. That’s done. Can you personalize this one? – [Marie] Will, sure. And then we’ll figure out another one. – And you can get some stickers too. So “Everything is Figureoutable”, “Start Before You’re Ready”. Is it this camera or which one? – [Gary] I love it. I love it. “Start Before You’re Ready” There’s Jersey Marie “No
More Bullshit Excuses” that’s fun. And it’s a Tropicana orange because this is the thing that my mom is her most prize possession in Jersey. She got it for free. And it was the thing that she
fixed that got me this idea. It was awesome. – [Gary] I love it. Thanks for being on the show.
– Thank you for having me. – Thanks for everybody listening. Awesome. – [Marie] Thank you.
– You’re welcome

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  6. How do franchises produce daily content with the brand headquarters oppressing their posting ability? Canada ?? 780-380-3516

  7. How do franchises produce daily content with the brand headquarters oppressing their posting ability? Canada ?? 780-380-3516

  8. How do franchises produce daily content with the brand headquarters oppressing their posting ability? Canada ?? 780-380-3516

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