Billy Gene Is Marketing Review – My Honest Opinion

Billy Gene Is Marketing Review – My Honest Opinion

hey hey what’s up everybody my name is
Markus Naves welcome back to the channel I’m so excited that you guys are
here and in today’s episode I’m actually gonna be introducing you to another one
of my mentors from my mentordex he has helped me really with a lot of YouTube
he’s the master of YouTube helps turns clicks into customers so you can
actually find the dream customers for your particular business YouTube is one
of those platforms where people are actually searching for your content
instead of like Facebook being where you have to you know disrupt somebody from
viewing the content because there’s two different platforms and you know a lot
of people don’t understand those two things going into that how YouTube is
searched traffic and how Facebook is social traffic and you know with this
particular person I actually went down to event put on by Vince Reed I talked
about Ben’s read in a different video so if you haven’t seen the video about my
mentor Vince Reed that’s an absolutely must see as well so you can go check
tout out as well but Ben’s put on an event with some of the the top online
marketers in the game Kevin Stimpson, Keith Yackey, Caleb Maddox,
Jeff Moore, Allison Malzan, Keith Yackey Chris Record he had a lot of these guys
in the building he even had the billionaire Jay Abraham for an hour and
they’re dropping a lot of Nuggets for us and it was one of the greatest things
that I had ever been to especially on this new entrepreneurial journey I was
going on because I was brand new to it and I was trying to figure out how to
exactly make this work for me and you know one of the guys that stuck
out at that event his name was Billie Gene and he is the founder of Billie
Gene is marketing and Billie Gene he like I said earlier he is the master of
YouTube ads and how to basically entertain educate and execute we’re
getting clicks into customers and you know just learning from Billy being able
to to talk with Billy Gene and they hang out with Billy Gene it was an awesome
awesome experience to know exactly who he was he’s real down-to-earth real cool
dude who really really wants to see you win and succeed and you can see that
through his ads you can see that through his training courses you can see that
through the content he puts out but you can also see that in person when you
meet Billy Gene and you know for the last year and a half since I’ve been
I’ve been following Billy Gene and just seeing how his business has grown it
really really motivates me and it inspires me to help grow my business and
one of the craziest things was you know I had never really purchased any of
Billie Gene’s courses because you know I couldn’t afford it you know I had
already invested in other people’s courses so you know how you know you
don’t have any money to invest really in in people’s courses and one day Billy it
was Billie Gene birthday it was his 31st birthday and he did a giveaway
where he actually had his best courses all his top courses on sale for 31 bucks
cuz that’s how old he was turning and I remember having I just I just purchased
it that was my opportunity to learn from the great Billie Gene and I could do it
for $31 I was like man I’m all on it so that was the first time I actually dug
deep inside of his courses and it clicks to customers 2.0 is masterful it’s
awesome he’s in there teaching you exactly what he’s doing inside of his
business he’s teaching how to fix ads what’s wrong with the ads he’s on the
phone with people talking to them walking them through
step-by-step of what they needed to do what they needed to change
he has downloads he has worksheets on there that you all you have to do is
fill it out I mean this guy provides the top-notch education inside of his
courses and it has tremendously helped me you know be able to get more clicks
get more customers and generate more leads and money for my business and help
me actually be able to contribute to my family and be able to help put food on
my table because of the strategies and the techniques that Billy gene and his
staff are teaching so this is somebody I definitely want you guys to check out
and really learn from okay in the description I’m gonna leave a link to
one of Billy Gene web classes where you can learn exactly more about him exactly
what he’s doing and how he can help your business 100% of the way so check out
Billy gene he’s here to help you Billy thank you for everything you do keep
being you bro I’m really excited to be a part of your
organization part of your community and I really highly highly highly recommend
that you guys check out my man Billy gene is marketing because it’s the truth
okay click the link in the description if you have not yet go over to Billy
jeans YouTube page Billy gene is marketing subscribe to Billy’s channel
click the notification bells over there so you can get all the latest hottest
things coming from him and also before you go make sure you subscribe to my
channel we’re gonna give up the latest network marketing and affiliate
marketing strategies on this channel that I’m actually implementing in my
business that’s gonna help me grow my company as well so let me know in the
comments if these videos are actually helping you if you’re getting value from
these videos I would like to know whether you are or you
either one it doesn’t matter but I highly suggest you guys check out Billy
gene is marketing his whole staff they know exactly what they’re doing and that
they will help you turn your clicks into your dream customers ok click the link
in the description learn more about my boy Billy gene I hope you guys are doing
well it’s time to be the reason for your own success take care

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One Reply to “Billy Gene Is Marketing Review – My Honest Opinion”

  1. Understand not having that money I remember that week he let his courses go for 31.00 i was so upset because i didn't even have that money in my account to get it. I was driving for lyft renting a car from them for almost 300.00 a week and I didn't make a single dollar with them to cash out until they took their cut first for the rental. I was so mad I missed that special. I got it when it way 67.00 lol.

    Funny how I was worried about 31.00 at the time and now I'm enrolled in his Geneius Advantage for 150.00 a month for a year. But it one of the best things I got from him out of the last 2 years since i been following him. He one of my top favorite dudes i'm always telling folks about.

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