Block all Ads And PopUps on Google Chrome 2019

Block all Ads And PopUps on Google Chrome 2019

hello and and welcome to a tutorial on blocking adverts and pop ups on google chrome. Lets begin. on google, search for the chrome web store he chrome web store is where you can find thousands of extensions, or apps for your google chrome. The best extension for blocking ads is called ad-block plus. it is free to download. click Add To Chrome to install it. once it is installed it will start automatically blocking ads on webpages that you visit. if you click on the ad block button up here you can see more information. Now i will show you how you can block pop ups as well. go back to the chrome web store, and this time search for Popper Blocker now install it, the same as before. this extension is specifically for blocking pop ups, whereas adblock plus is for all other advertisements once you have both running you will encounter almost 100% less ads online. once popper blocker is installed you can see more information by clicking its button up here in the tool bar. if you ever want to remove your new extensions, here is how you do it: Go to your google chrome settings, and then click on Extensions here you can view and manage your extensions. there are buttons to deactivate or delete each one. and that draws and end to this tutorial. if you found it helpful please give the video a like.

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11 Replies to “Block all Ads And PopUps on Google Chrome 2019”

  1. thanks for this , for facebook its okay , for youtube and google site no :3dunno if this have settings..
    but yeah its ok for me.. it blocks ads on my facebook 🙂 still helps so like for this <3

  2. Tried it on a really bad site for new tab popups, video streaming and works great. Before need to close lots of new tab popups to get to actually watching the movie

  3. This is old Video not belive everything he says in 2018 ad block or ad block plus change their policy now they don't block every ads we need to pay them to block all of them

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