Block ALL online Ads with Pi-Hole and the Brave Browser (bonus Tor)

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57 Replies to “Block ALL online Ads with Pi-Hole and the Brave Browser (bonus Tor)”

  1. Menu:
    Overview: 0:01
    Brave Overview: 1:06
    Tor: 1:40
    Pi-hole Overview 3:00
    Demo of blocking: 3:48
    Network setup: 7:34
    Pi-hole installation: 8:50
    DHCP setup: 13:49
    Pi-hole operating systems: 15:25

    Software discussed:

    Free and trial Network Software:
    SolarWinds TFTP Server:
    WAN Killer:
    Engineers Toolset:
    IP Address Scanner:
    Network Device Scanner:
    Wifi Heat Map:
    Wifi Analyzer:
    SolarWinds NPM:

  2. Why does everyone talk about how great the Brave Browser is when Firefox has been using these features for years? Plus, Firefox has a lot more configuation options in settings and addons for additional functionality.

  3. Loved the video.Been using Pi hole for a time now but havn't found any video with this much of ease out there.

    I just have a request for you, Please please please bring out a course on CCNP R&S as well.

  4. i feel bad for those who advertised NordVPN and received backlash because it was hacked ….if you really want secure VPN then buy a cloud VM run an OpenVPN SSH server and tunnel your pc traffic trough logs stored after VM is terminated…in this way you will support smaller Cloud VPS providers as well as stay secure..tor is great but not everyone usies .onion sites but can browse simple web pages too

  5. David if you are talking about Pi-Hole can I give an honorable mention to and ? People really underestimate the level of security you can get with DNS filtering. I run Pi-Hole at home combined with Palo Alto DNS filtering on their router. If someone has the ability to run Pi-Hole at home they absolutely should!

  6. And there it is, another great and really useful topic. I will definitely have a look at the pi-hole. Brave seems interesting too. Thank you again David 👍

  7. im using the ad blockers for a long time and in some websites those using block ad blockers , they not allowing me to visit the website . can pi hole fix this? or it has the same issue

  8. David thank you for your dedication to teaching us what is in my opinion great ways to get stuff done Thanks again for everything that you do

  9. Nice web filter feature solutions for home users Mr. Bombal … The only inconvenience in my opinion is that you need to have a server for the Pi-Hole application installed and powered on all the time according to work for all the devices in your home for internet access … But the solution is really good …

    I hate ads on my browser also … It's so much unproductive and boring …

    I wanna wish you all the very best Mr. Bombal.

    Thanks you Sir!

  10. Mr. Bombal … If possible create more videos about Network Programmability and CCNP Enterprise labs with Cisco DCloud …

    Thank you again Sir!

  11. yet another great tutorial with clear explanations. Followed your instructions, revived my old Pi and then retired it as took your suggestion and moved Pi.hole to VM. As you pointed out, my home router (Virgin) won't let me change DNS so Pi on a fixed IP works wonders. 15-20% increase in bandwidth and hardly an ad in view. You might follow up with a brief explanation of configuring Android and iPhone to the home Wifi. User needs to modify the Wifi connection DNS settings to point to the Pi.hole. I thought you ran thru that on your phone quite quickly. A great productivity tool – every home should have one.

  12. An information for everybody who tried Pi-Hole and had some Ads left in their browser: Make sure, that your clients use the Pi-Hole as the DNS also for IPv6. Actual systems prefer to use IPv6 when ever it is possible.

  13. that is gonna be my first thing to install on my raspberry pi when i buy one
    i loved the products hate ads and like your videos
    i was hopping that you make videos with content for professionals and say what i need to know before watching this video as prerequisites and start series about something there is a lot to do with a gift like yours

  14. Hey David, thanks for the informative video. I actually have a co-worker who uses and recommended pi-hole as well. Sidebar. I'm not sure I'm going to meet my deadline before the CCNA changeover. Is that a bad thing and if your partially into second half of it, is there that much of a difference? Can't I just finish, brush up on the few additions and then test away? Any advice would be greatly appreciated 😊

  15. 14:12 sh run | b dhcp //show run pipe begin dhcp , this part is really inspired me 😇 and opened my eyes. I never known this before. I just memorized sh , b. Didn't know what really means 😶🤧. Can i request a series like explanation of commands ? ( how & when to use 🙂 ) That will be very helpfully and motivate foreign learners xD. 🇲🇳🇲🇳🇲🇳

  16. "This video is NOT sponsored by some VPN company…." Instant like and subscribe. I'm so sick of every video being sponsored by something.

  17. I spent DAYS setting up a pi-hole. I scoured the internet for lists of ad sites to block. My pi-hole was blocking over 2.5 MILLION domains. It blocked USEFUL domains like the Android Playstore. BUT IT DID NOT BLOCK ADS!!!!!! It was worthless as an adblocker. There were so many ads that the internet was unusable. The pi-hole is a TOTAL waste of time and a raspberry pi. I finally disconnected my pi-hole and just used adblocking plugins on my browser. Don't waste your time with pi-hole.

  18. If I want to use Pi-Hole for all of my network devices and install this on a dedicated ubuntu machine then this machine needs to be active/Powered on State at all times ???

  19. David I don’t mind , in fact I would have been happy you getting paid by sponsored videos as your valuable contribution to the community worth means heaps. People post cat videos and getting paid immensely . Good hearted people like yourself needs to be rewarded even in the smallest possible way . My 2cent anyway. Nice content by the way 👌

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