BOL4 볼빨간사춘기 [LIVE ONE] Promotion [Eng Sub] FB live 190402

BOL4 볼빨간사춘기 [LIVE ONE] Promotion [Eng Sub] FB live 190402

How many people entered chat? No one.
2 person. 2 person entered! jiyun ( ???? ) okay Right now, 10.. suddenly 27 ppl jiyun (?????) 47 ppl wow. annyeonghaseyo how many people required so we can start? should we start with 80 ppl? 80 ppl didnt enter… 100 ppl, 100 ppl, 100ppl 120 jiyoon (????) Shall we greet? Hello we are BOL4 It’s been a long time
OSashiburi Nice to meet you Everyone, do you know at 6PM today earlier
we BOL4 had our comeback Did you listened to our album
“Puberty Book I : Flower Energy ✿”? yEAH Wah, many people listened to it~ yeah first, we prepared a lot to make comeback in one year actually we are also excited and nervous Since I think many people listen to our song so we felt great For the album this time, it is a spring album Starting tomorrow it will be warmer So, I hope this spring will be filled
with BOL4’s song wah, right now there are so many people almost 500 people came wahhh Shall we promote our song? Shall we do that?
yeaH We have 5 new songs, and 3 of them is title song. Among them, main title song is “Bom”, then “Stars Over Me” and “Mermaid” These are 3 title songs We want to introduce our main title song briefly The are two meaning for song title “Bom” 1st: I want my love to look only at me, “Only look at me” 2nd: Spring that I want to have it all, “Spring only for me” they (viewer) said they love it Do you like the song “Bom”? When you hear that song, you can feel it is
full of BOL4’s cute & lovely charm doing this live…. wah, already 800 ppl,
more than 800 ppl but 1 person left the room . That’s okay=( ah, don’t leave please Jiyoung ( ?????) I will sing song for you! We will sing our title song “Bom” briefly please play the guitar flowe…… what was it? ♫ flower sunshine on a perfect day♫ ♫ Actually if I can walk with you,
how great would it be ♫ ♫ To tell you that I like you ♫ ♫ I’m afraid so I’m hovering around you ♫ Only until here. How was it?
Jiyoung (????) Jiyun: If you want to listen more
Jiyeong: You want to listen live first right? In that case, Tonight at 10PM BOL4 [LIVE ONE]
will be live at melon & kakaoTV We not only singing “Bom”, we will also sing other songs We we also communicate and talk with you.
I think it will be fun I already feel excited Let’s see the comments Jiyoon (??????)
waHHh OMG Thank you so much Please sing~ “I really love it” (reading comment) “Jiyun eonni looks like cherry blossom” ( ??? )
It’s a sakura (cherry blossom) Our hairs also like a spring season “Jiyeong eonni looks like forsythia”
*note : it is a yellow type of flower Gaenari?
(*note : Gaenari is a bad word,
that’s why jiyeong “acting” angry) What’s with your pronunciation, it is kaenari (forsythia) You are having live broadcast with us,
cherry blossom & forsythia. How much time we have left? We need to end it already? okay, I understand Let’s advertise one more time One more time, everyone please listen
I will say it slowly Today 10PM.
Where? At Melon KakaoTV What’s there? BOL4’s [LIVE ONE] going to be live! Since it is live, we will communicate with
you in real time. See live, chatting You got it?
yeah What do you say? Promise!!! Then now, Goodbye Jiyeong: If you like BOL4,
please like & subscribe Jiyun : Like & Subscribe Like & Subscribe ->>>Jiyun: Keep pressing like
Jiyeong: Please quiet Please give a lot of love to our album
Puberty Book I : Bom ✿ Goodbye

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