Cách Điều Trị Mụn Viêm, Mụn Bọc Hiệu Quả Nhất TPHCM Tại Hiền Vân Spa _ Minh Khôi I Bài 333

Cách Điều Trị Mụn Viêm, Mụn Bọc Hiệu Quả Nhất TPHCM Tại Hiền Vân Spa _ Minh Khôi I Bài 333

This cystic is so big pus and blood inside Hello everyone, welcome to my channel This acne is very inflamed I’ll leave it, the next treatment, I’ll keep taking it I will continue to get acne on his cheeks. After that, I will take a break for him to have lunch I will get acne on his forehead after resting He has too many acne Underneath the skin is very inflamed acne is very hard This is his 2nd treatment I had to change 3 needles This is a huge inflammatory acne I use cotton swabs continuously to limit the further damage I pledge not to leave any swelling, bruises, scars after taking acne This acne has become very bad Too big This pimple looks like a hook still a little bit inside With my skills, commitment to leaving no swelling, bruises, scars this acne is very hard There are many hidden acne here I will disinfect my skin and get a mask for him so he can go to lunch I will let him rest for a while, then will continue to take Currently, I have been taking acne for more than 2 hours This pimple is very big I’ll take a break and go check other customers’ skin so big still a little bit inside I have taken 2 times, it is still inside This cystic is very big it contains pus and blood inside I pledge not to leave any bruises or bruises When pus is removed, will reduce swelling and inflammation Having a lot of hidden acne still a little bit inside a lot of acne I will use cotton swabs to assist I removed all pimples 👍👍 His eyebrows have a very big acne so big too long Last time, I took this one a little. Now, I will continue to take his pimples are super big and huge 2 pimples super big 👍👍 Last time, this area had a lot of acne.Acne has been greatly reduced now Every time, I try a little more, it will help him a lot His economy is very difficult. Every time I treat him, I give him a 50% discount on the service and try to get acne longer I’m not sure if he can afford scarring. Anyway, I will still try to remove all acne for him I will try to remove this acne. If it is inflamed, will be very painful while taking acnes, I still had to encourage him If not removed early, there will be severe inflammation He is only 15 yearolds His skin was very hurt This area, it’s hard to get acne. I have to try to take it carefully It is still a bit He has a lot of hidden acnes It’s a weekend today, the guests are crowded, but I’ll try to take care of him a little bit I just got a little, a lot of acne I will continue to get this inflamed acne This is a very big cyst last time, I took it, but only 60%. Today, I have removed 100% with my skills and high-tech machinery. Although it is not possible to remove acne 100% in one go, there will be no inflammation Super big 1..2…3 I am getting acne on the forehead area I removed it 100% 👍👍 Still a little bit here I keep getting acne, which I just missed It is very hard, I will leave it I have never treated acne for any special customer like him pimple is very big It is still a little bit I continued to get acne on the forehead area

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100 Replies to “Cách Điều Trị Mụn Viêm, Mụn Bọc Hiệu Quả Nhất TPHCM Tại Hiền Vân Spa _ Minh Khôi I Bài 333”

  1. I understand your intent to figure out how to get rid of this person but you for his face up he looks terrible.
    I'm serious for his face up he's going to be Guard from you not from the Acme

  2. I so enjoy watching your videos. You take folks in bad shape and make them whole again… Thanks for sharing this with us 🤪🥴
    Thanks for showing us the clothes…🤯🌞🤓

  3. I love that she translates to English for American viewers. The subtitles are really helpful. Could you possibly leave them on the screen a little longer? You seem to leave the comments for such a brief time. Trying to watch the extractions are read. I would love to see you use tips once in a while. You mention it, but have not seen you try this method of extraction. Delighted I found this channel.

  4. How does she know that more is left inside? I think she is awesome. She is the best. All the others are so beneath her.

  5. My gosh…only 15 and his acne is so bad!! Bless you Hien. I know your fingers and back must be hurting, but you press on and give 150% of yourself to every client. I know he doesn't understand, but when you are thru I'm hoping he will.
    Again, Blessings to you and yours dear Lady.💜
    Thank you gor sharing your work with us all.👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 ❤ 💜 💙 💚 🌹 🌹

  6. I love your work! But I wish when you squeeze out the big acne, that you would not break it, just leave it then squeeze again to get the "Tail" or "Root"

  7. HIEN: PLEASE TAKE THE NEEDLE STRAIGHT OUT!!! Tilting the needle forward while removing it catches on the edge of the pore and is VERY PAINFUL. I had my acne extracted every six weeks for 12 years so I know how much that action adds to the pain! You shouldn't be able to hear a sound when the needle is removed!

  8. Hien and Neride both of you are spectacular in helping this poor boy. Minh please don’t give up and do everything Hien tells you. Thanks for sharing the videos Hien. I’m looking forward to see his progress 😘❤️😘❤️😘❤️

  9. If I had acne I would be taking a pain and anti anxiety 💊 before letting anyone touch me. Seems like it would be like dental work and I get so anxious during that too. I’ve had both knees replaced but I think acne removal would be more painful than that. Guess I’m a sissy!

  10. Poor boy. His skin looks as if it has been colonised by ugly, gnarled, wriggly and determined little beasts. One day he is going to be very grateful to you.

  11. If you would wash his skin with glycolic acid before you extract and while you continue during his session it would be much easier to release the acne. Plus he needs to wash with the glycolic acid at home. It takes 90 days for the acne to come to the surface. If you used the wash you wouldn’t need to damage his skin so badly like you do. That’s just horrible how much you use the needle and how you use it. You tear his skin instead of lightly poking his skin. It’s not necessary how much he bleeds.

  12. Pretty sure I’ve seen all three. I wish I could read your writing so I can tell which episode I’m watching and which number I’m on. Would you mind writing your video titles in English as well, If there’s an easy way to do it?


  13. Instead of him paying her, they need to pay him for enduring 2 hours at a time of poking and pinching. I feel so bad for him and will never complain again about a pimple…ever.

  14. God bless you. You are his hero. I think that charging less is just wonderful and generous. You are very patient. I just wonder if using cotton tipped wooden q-tips would be more beneficial in those hard to reach places?

  15. I have a question please. He is fifteen years old; he will have hormonal changes over the next 5 to 6 years. What type of regimen will he need to follow to avoid his skin getting acne like this again? Thank you.

  16. Bless you lovely lady giving him half price treatment. He really is in need of your skills. I feel for him bless him it must be so sore, but it has to come out. Thank you for being so kind 🙂🥰🌺💗🌸🥰💐

  17. I need to add some positivity to this comment section.

    I wish the young man all the luck in his journey and thank you Hien for caring for him.

  18. 🌟🌟🌟PSA 🌟🌟🌟

    Not trying to hog the comment section.
    For those of you who may be interested, and aren't already aware (I only found out yesterday), the first link in the description box (just under the video) is a great run down of the acne service Hien Van Spa offers. (Click translate to English). It includes pre extraction and post extraction steps and products used. (One of the steps is a head massage!💆💖)

  19. You are amazing! Every time you say, there is still more, I say no way and sure enough, there is. I hope you can continue to work on this brave young man. He deserves it. Sitting for such a long time is not easy. God bless you all.🙏🏼

  20. there's no way that treatment like this doesn't do more harm than good. she leaves half of the contents still visibly in his face which means the same areas will need to be jabbed and prodded again and again.. the whole process is unnecessarily brutal as well. i feel so bad for the people who go to her for help.

  21. i can understand what you are saying now i love it i put it on closed caption and i can see what you are saying took me long enough to figure it out beautiful work you are amazing and i love your videos

  22. Excellent work and excellent patient.
    These pimples are the equivalent of a 12 pound baby for these pores😥.
    She has to give the pores the "mommy cut"🥺🤔….#pimplebirth😅😂😂👍😎

  23. Why don’t you use an 11 blade for this type of acne? Reduces all that digging you do with a needle and less painful for the client

  24. you have a beautiful heart to help your clients when they dont have much you are amazing and now i can understand what you are saying i really love your channel please tell your client thank you for allowing us to watch and get educated

  25. Fabulous work!!! Your hands must be sore but he’s going to look fantastic in no time! Thank you and your client for sharing. He’s a real trooper, a lot of those looked very painful. 🌺🌸🤗😘

  26. Hiiiiiiiiii Ms Hien 🙋💜😘 my heart breaks for this boy. I would love to help with the cost of his treatment. Can you please send me info on how to help? Have a lovely Sunday honey 💜💋

  27. How can we help this young man? Hein would you be able to set up a fund raising page? It would make me feel better about enjoying his misfortune. Maybe a fund to help others too?

  28. I just love what you are doing for these young people! You are restoring the health of their skin and emotional confidence as well. It’s so heart warming to see how you care for them and I know they can feel it. I know it’s a painful process but you are making a huge difference in their lives. I hope to be in the medical field someday and help young people as you do…and not with strong medications that have harmful side effects. Greetings from the US (North Carolina)!

  29. Hien, you truly are a lovely woman, you are going to completely change his life. In a world where greed and profit are king you are an angel. I admire you immensely. X

  30. I wish I had known you in my 15s. I hade huge cystic acne all over my face, felt very ashamed of myself and tried everything on my face. Today it is better but I can still feel the side effects of the drugs, nowadays looking your videos I believe that dark period could have been less painful. You're great!

  31. Dearest Hien:
    As I watch your skilled fingertips bring gentleness & loving care to each painful spot on this needy young man's face, I am made joyful by businessnesswomen like you who bring gentleness & loving care to their customers. Not only are you caring for his horrible disease, you are also caring for the stresses that his spirit must be undergoing from how to pay for getting healed.

    I have often said you are amazing, awesome, magical, and the best. These are two reasons why, my friend. Good luck,haealth, and happiness follow you all your days!!🤗🙋😊💜

  32. I'm probably the only person who feels this way: please don't zoom that camera in quite so close. Just zoom out a little bit, not a whole lot. Tks.

  33. I am finding myself shouting at the screen when you leave the odd one with stuff in it. Or u stab it and then move on without squeezing it

  34. When I read he is only fifteen years old, I thought how cruel life can be. This poor guy, just starting out as a young teenager with such painful skin problems. Thanks for your help, Hien, he will be able to regain his self esteem and have a healthy complexion. It is very interesting to see the different sizes and forms of his acne coming from the same places. Please show his next session.

  35. Actually your not removing all pimples…
    Half of them you partially cover the opening you made when you try to extract. That just blocks the acne debris from being totally release. Your hacking this poor man's face….

  36. You truly are a saint. These poor people whole are probably chastised have hope to be somewhat normal after several treatments. You are so low key and non judgmental. I wish our world had more like you. Don’t mean to get all sentimental but it’s heart broken to see these poor people. And it’s heart raising to see those who help. God bless you

  37. Your skkill and kindness to this boy will bring you much luck and blessings. Your really care for him and whst you do now for him will improve his life. Thank you. You do WONDERFUL WORK.

  38. Its very nice of you to offef 50% off your usual price.That is a rare thing these days!!Thanks for being a kind person and for helping him☺💚💛💜

  39. Alguns pontos que não estão corretos: unhas grandes que machucam demais a pele do(a) paciente. Não há necessidade de perfurar sempre a pele com a agulha e ainda ficar girando a agulha dentro da pele, sendo que a maioria das pústulas e cravos saem naturalmente. Falta de assepsia correta durante o procedimento. Ou seja, pele sangrando algodão sujo, contaminado e sendo passado em outras áreas da face, contaminando ainda mais. Você torna extremamente dolorosa, desconfortável e traumatizante o processo

  40. She should pay him, I feel so bad for him all those holes and all that’s torture. antibiotics for acme would be better then this

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