Car Engine Overheats While Sitting In Traffic, At Idle, or With A/C on

Car Engine Overheats While Sitting In Traffic, At Idle, or With A/C on

hey guys welcome back to another quick tip video in this video I'm going to show you what to do if you're in stop-and-go traffic or sitting in traffic and you see that engine temperature gauge beginning to rise doing as shown in this video will greatly increase your odds of getting to a service station or back to your home so you can carefully inspect the cooling system to determine the cause of the engine overheating when you're driving the vehicle at higher speeds you have the RAM air that hits the front of the vehicle which allows the radiator and condenser for the AC system to remove heat with very high efficiency even with the cooling fan not running most engine overheating problems occur usually in slow-moving traffic or while standing still the most common causes are low coolant a faulty coolant temperature sensor or engine cooling fan switch a faulty engine cooling fan relay as you can see right over here a faulty engine cooling fan a wiring problem a faulty thermostat one that stuck closed or only opens partially or even a problem with a cooling fan for the AC condenser if you find a fuse that was blown replacing that fuse will not correct the underlying problem so the first thing you want to do in the event that your engine is beginning to overheat is to make sure the AC system is turned off when the AC is turned on it places an additional load on your engine and the AC condenser which is located directly in front of the radiator and it's more heat in front of the radiator making it much harder to cool the engine down in the event that you're having a problem must turn off the AC system if you value your engine once you confirm that the AC is off the next thing you want to do is roll down all the windows in your vehicle the next thing you need to do is to make sure that it's set for fresh air entering the cabin do not leave it on recirculate and you want to make sure the vents where the air is going to be coming out is going to be the top level you do not want it on by level or the lower level now what you're going to do is you're going to take advantage of the vehicle's heater core the heater core as you can see in this image right here is just like a smaller version of your radiator it's used to heat the cabin but in this instance you're going to use it to cool down the engine are you going to angle the air vents towards the side windows then you're going to set the thermostat to the highest temperature setting then you're going to set the blower motor for the highest speed setting once it's operating you should notice that the temperature should no longer climb as long as there's enough coolant in the engine and the thermostat is not totally stuck or you may be able to see the temperature begin to drop remember when you're driving to the service station or to your house do not operate the engine at high rpms drive nice and slow get to where you have to go shut the engine off and allow it to cool this is something that I've done twice in the past when I've had an engine overheating issue and it worked perfectly to get me back to my house and hopefully in the future if you have a problem you'll remember this so you know exactly what to do I hope you enjoyed this video if you did be sure to rate thumbs up subscribe and post links to this video on other websites and blogs also be sure to check out my video playlists as well thank you very much for watching

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12 Replies to “Car Engine Overheats While Sitting In Traffic, At Idle, or With A/C on”

  1. Thanks for watching guys! For other highly informative/helpful videos, be sure to watch my "Automotive & Mechanical" video playlist below, and most importantly share my channel with others.

  2. Thank you for sharing Doug. Very useful information. One thing I ran across on a used car. was the water pump impeller had rusted to the point it was barely moving the water. People need to look for a rusty film inside the radiator and overflow tank,Etc.

    All my best.

  3. Check to see if the front of the radiator is plugged up with bugs. I hit a flock of butterflies before climbing the Grapevine on my way to Los Angeles. The car overheated but I was able to keep driving with the heater on. Upon reaching a car wash, I washed all the bugs off and it was fine afterward. The wings of the butterflies made a perfect blanket over my radiator.

  4. Always heard this and did it a few times in last 30 years, but thanks for confirming it. Is using the top vents just to reduce heat in the car or does it have anything to do with helping cool the engine?

  5. With hot weather on the way, what a perfect video! Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into these videos! Always a thumbs up and looking forward to your next video!

  6. This happened to me. I pulled over at first exit ramp. Had a tow truck take car to a shop. It started. Guy drive it on tow flat bed. At shop guy cranked car and drove off of flatbed. The mechanic said it will never start again and offered me $300.00 for the car. I could not believe it. The car was cranking and driving fine when we left it the night before. No smoke, no steam. I believe he was a crook. I had my car towed home, which is where it is now.

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