[CC/FULL] Good Things Get Better EP01 (1/3) | 낭만닥터김사부

[CC/FULL] Good Things Get Better EP01 (1/3) | 낭만닥터김사부

An age of injustice. Please, save my father! My father was here first! Honey… please someone helps. He came after my father! An age of inequality. An age full of dissatisfaction and doubt. 20 o’clock 23.
Kang Won-hyung has passed away. Father… Father! Honey! Thankfully, the surgery ended well.
The assemblyman is safe. Thank you, Doctor! My father got here first, though. My father…got here way before that
person did! Let go! Let go of me! My father got here before that person did! He should’ve been treated first! My father…
Let go of me! It became an age in which patients
were discriminated against based on who they were and how
much money they had. Why the heck did you play with
a person’s life, huh? Hospitals and doctors shouldn’t
be doing that! This is the police, right? This is the emergency room at
Geosan University Hospital. But at that moment, There was someone who came
out to us. My father! Let go of me! Let go. One. Two. Three. [Bu Yong-joo]
Are you awake now? Do you feel a bit better now that you
came and bashed a couple of things? It has nothing to do with you, Mister. Don’t get it wrong. Just because you vented your frustrations, it doesn’t mean
you’ve gotten revenge. Even if you go around swinging
a baseball bat for 100 days, those people probably won’t
even remember your face. If you really want to get revenge… Become a much better human
being than them. Don’t get revenge with anger,
but with skill. Understood? If you don’t change,
nothing else will, either. Doctor! Doctor. Don’t get revenge with anger,
but with skill. Understood? How is someone like me supposed
to do something like that? Especially someone like me? If you don’t change, nothing else will,
either. [Kang Dong-joo] Dr. Kang? [chapter 1: How to Put an Elephant
in a Refrigerator] [September, 2011] Hey, hey, hey. Have you heard that there’s a real
monster among the new medical interns? Monster? I heard he doesn’t care about seniority
and treats his seniors like garbage. He gets sassy with them, and even
gets in their faces sometimes! Dr. Lee said that his blood pressure
went up so much because of him that he almost had to declare
himself dead! Apparently, he’s also never missed
a first place in his life and apparently, he’s so great that
the chief surgeon wants him so much. In other words, he’s untouchable! But still, he’s only an intern. I don’t want to. What? Hey. Why is it that you never do any favors
for your senior and always give me sass? I didn’t become an intern to be your
coffee boy. Why did you become an intern, then? To fix people. Did you hear that? An intern said he’s going to fix people! Hey, how about you work on your
nasty personality first, Intern? You think that someone who doesn’t
even obey their seniors will be able to treat patients well? Don’t say that as if those two things
have anything to do with each other. Getting coffee and treating patients
are two completely different matters. What did he say? You know, it doesn’t take much to get
a gist of someone’s character! Then don’t send me to get your
coffee for you. I won’t run stupid errands for others
unless it’s related to hospital work. Stupid errands?
Hey, what did you say? Hey! Hey! Oh, come now. Just ignore him, Senior! He’s “untouchable,” isn’t he?
Just leave him alone. Untouchable, whatever… There was a huge accident at
a construction site! Four injured patients will be
here in two minutes. Make an emergency call to
Dr. Won first! Got it! Bring them in this way. His BP and heartbeat is regular. And there’s an injury on his right wrist. He said that the area near his thumb
is numb. Can you feel that? -No.
-Feels numb? Hey, Intern! Yes? He seems to have broken something. His circulation is okay, but I think his
median nerve has been damaged. so get him a hand splint and perform
a wrist series. Take the x-ray in as a forearm
anterior-posterior view lateral. And perform a reduction as soon
as possible. Yes, ma’am. Dr. Yoon! -Over here!
-Okay! He barely has a pulse. I think we’ll have to perform
a popliteal artery dissection. Perform a low extremity angiography
on him, please. Yes, sir. Hey, where the heck are all the interns? Get the heck in here, already! My mom got here first, though. Dr. Kang. They need you. My mom got here first. And she’s quite ill, too! Can you come by for a second? There’s a patient with a respiratory
problem. How much fluid did you give him so far? About two liters.
Preparing for emergency surgery. And the tests? Negative. And nothing else is definite yet. Doctor… How long was he kept waiting? The conditions at the scene were bad,
so it took over an hour to get to him. Hey, Intern.
Get him a Foley catheter. There’s a patient in critical condition
that came first. She has a history of COPD,
and she currently has SIRS. I’m afraid that she may have
pneumonia sepsis. How are that patient’s vitals now? She’s at 100/70 so she’s stable
for now, but… Then get a Foley catheter in
this man first! Please check her chest and
perform an ABGA. Don’t you see this patient’s blood
pressure dropping? Isn’t it clear who needs help right now? I told you, she might have
pneumonia sepsis! Hey, Intern! Yes? Get over here and replace this
annoying bastard! Get out of my way! Move, move! This patient is in a critical state! Doctor. It’s Dr. Yoon Seo-jung from the ER. They say there’s a patient from
the construction site with an abdomen penetrating injury. Sure.
Give me the phone. How’s the patient’s condition? He’s a 45-year-old man and has a one meter long metal rod
stuck inside his abdomen. On one side of the rod is a slab of
concrete that they couldn’t remove. Focus! Where is the rod, exactly? The rod is running through his lower back to his upper abdomen
and is angled upward. And his vitals? Thankfully, his blood pressure is at 119,
so it’s normal and his pulse rate is 130. No massive bleeding. He may have internal bleeding, so perform a FAST on him
and stabilize his vitals. I’ll take care of it. Yes, sir. Did you all hear that, right? We’re ending this in 30 minutes. Get your heads in the game. Get him hooked up. Yes, ma’am. Put the cline in like this and prepare
a Foley to put in him, too. Yes, ma’am. Move!
Please move! Here’s the monitor! No! Get Dr. Nam, quickly! Yes, sir! His BP is 90/60!
Levels are dropping quickly! Give him an emergency transfusion,
and pump 2 more RBC in him. And tell them to prepare 20 more! Yes, sir. Get him some oxygen! Yes! Sir, it’s the ER again.
I think there’s been an accident. Put them through. Doctor, the steel rod in the patient
has fallen out accidently. His BP is falling fast! Idiots. Where’s Yoon Seo-jung? Yoon Seo-jung! What are you doing, Yoon Seo-jung?
The doctor is on the line! Seo-jung! Yoon Seo-jung! Can you hear me? Answer me, you little brat! What are you doing? Yes, yes, yes, sir!
I’m here! Go ahead! 10 minutes. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. So just have him hang on for
10 minutes! You understood? Yes, yes.
Yes, I understand! His blood pressure is at 80/50,
and it’s still dropping! Hey, Intern!
Get more gauze! Yes, sir! I need a draper. Yes, ma’am. Hey, what are you planning to do? At this rate, he can injure his
thoracic aorta. We don’t have any time. So you’re going to open him up,
here and now? If we lose any more time, he’ll have
too much internal hemorrhaging. Then we won’t be able to see… I’ll do the best. Seo-jung… Scalpel. Hey, Seo-jung! Give me a lot of gauze. Hey, Dr. Yoon. Seo-jung! Stop! Shut your mouth for a bit. Wait, is she…looking for the artery? Here it is. You got it? Yes… I did. I don’t think it’s a main artery,
based on its location. I think it’s a splenic artery. The patient’s condition is stabilizing,
Doctor. Oh, it’s the doctor! Seo-jung!
Dr. Moon. What happened? Oh, his vitals are being stabilized
again, sir. What about the bleeding? There was some bleeding from his
splenic artery but I’m holding it down. What do you mean, you’re holding it? With what? My index finger. You crazy girl. Okay. Send him up to the operating room
right now. Yes, sir! We’re moving him to the operating
room now. Yes, ma’am. Doctor! Hey, move out of the way! Yes, sir! Excuse us!
Please move! Please move! Please move! I’ll leave the rest to you. Yes, sir. Thank you for your hard work, sir. Take it easy. I’m sorry that there was an accident,
Doctor. It’s fine. I’ll take care of things from here on out. Good job. Okay. Hey, Yoon Seo-jung.
You were so awesome today. Awesome! No, I was just lucky. Crazy Whale! I have a new nickname for you now. Queen of the Index Finger! How can you manage to eat in
this situation? What do you mean, sir? There was a patient with pneumonia
sepsis. Why didn’t you call me? Oh, I had to send that patient with
the steel rod in him to the OR. But that patient came in before the
construction workers did! Her vitals were fine and she only
had a slight fever, so… So a slight fever isn’t an emergency? Does someone have to be bleeding
out on the floor with their artery torn for them to be in critical condition
to you? No, that’s not what I meant. That patient had ARDS. She would’ve been dead if Kang Dong-joo had been even
five minutes late! I heard that he asked you to check
her chest and perform an ABGA! And twice, at that! Why did you ignore him? I didn’t ignore him… If you didn’t ignore him, were you not aware of her condition
even though a mere intern was? I’m sorry. Go and apologize 1,000 times to the
patient instead, you idiot! How dare you be stuffing your face
like this, as if you deserve to be? This is our first meal of the day,
though! Geez, he’s really too much! That darned Kang Dong-joo. Now he’s even telling on his seniors? What do we do about this?
What should we do, Seo-jung?

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