College Kids React To Queer Eye

College Kids React To Queer Eye

feel really amazing you can see how much equal lows after this whole thing falling in love with yourself is such a great feeling so for today's episode we ask that you Fe superfan to choose what you would be reacting to oh gosh and they decided to cover the popular Netflix series queer I oh my gosh I love queer I I love the super fan so much I is like my jam I've never watched it but I've heard of it and I've heard great things we're gonna start off the episode by showing you some of the most emotional and talked-about parts of the most recent season yes I'm so excited no I'm gonna cry oh my god okay alright actually I'm ready I'm not very sociable I find it just kind of hard to go out and find it just kind of hard to go out okay hey me too buddy hey how's it going it's always really cool to just to see how they are in the beginning and then how much they change after queer I I'm throwing him the party and I'm really really hoping he gets the opportunity to just like open up and have a good time oh this episode also likes Japanese culture and I would die if that happened to me like they'd be fun to hang out with hi Thomas I want to teach you how to prepare a full-on meal from scratch Scott I need this to bringing up your little friend he's so nervous the Brussels sprout honey you can make me brussel sprouts Antonian Taylor Alison but a man other than tater tots and veggie patties Thomas's never really prepared a meal for himself yes some people just don't know like they don't know how to good here try one so you just go down with one perfect I just love these segments because I'm like I'm a chef at all but it's like I learned so much for watching these Hamas's at an age where I think he's open to these new experiences and part of that is tasting Brussels sprouts that don't taste like farts you're part of that is tasting Brussels sprouts that don't taste like farts your sister so funny we talked about how you've been building the wall up oh now we're gonna go we're gonna go deep now pieces of your life that have built up that wall I know girl I have a big ice wall too but that doesn't mean I can't see through it now what does this represent uh it's definitely kind of like filling empty um he always brings out the emotions and everybody which is really cool staying at home playing games I'm missing out a lot I'm just kind of wife ah are you ready to tear down this wall tear it up tear it down oh that's fancy fill really amazing out he looks so good I feel really amazing you can see how she glows I've had this experience with the Fab five it's definitely she's a great episode ten year old Thomas and man I've liked in bed by myself like I've sat through some of these episodes I'm like gosh damn like I didn't realize that that was something that other people go through I thought that was just like a me problem outside perspective would be like oh that's so cheesy but it's not it's these people need to hear that and that's just so nice to see these are all those t-shirts take Alison space is how I felt I and I know that was silly and I know if she was around she'd be like dumbass put your stuff in there on did his wife passed away over this house I can't imagine I want to get rid of my partner's space but it is something that he does need to do I'm gonna cry holy holy there we go yes oh my god and I want to show you if you wanted to come love the positivity of this from your closet and French Tucket you take a jacket from your closet at the front instead of a nice you look he's smiling another jacket it's all confidence now feel a stuffy like wow like happy he looks I'm excited about himself like that's how you should be every day like do stuff for yourself it's amazing are you ready I can't wait Wow oh my gosh they redid his house Wow this is one of my favorite parts when I get to see their new home holy schnikeys come do that to my room right now obviously when we were packing up I told you I wanted to make sure I made a very special place for you to keep your memories okay so what did you do surprise us come on and all the cards said you know be nice your brother so what I did I had it made in her handwriting I had it made in her hand right oh that's beautiful okay I'm not gonna cry I'm gonna cry that's so sweet thank you Bobby puts in the most work and doesn't get enough recognition I'd like to thank everybody for showing up here and I want you guys to know you're all so much a part of this room everything you guys did well through Alison's treatment and helping me out afterwards well I was kind of going through all these emotions so I want you guys to keep being around after really enjoy oh they take each person's like situation everything that they've gone through they're like what's the best you that she can be in not the best oh we can model you into this someone could just make somebody up but like you have to touch the inside yes touch the outside the surroundings of that person to kind of like be able to change change their life and they've do it every single episode this is my friend Jess what does it mean to be black to be unique some of yourself to love your natural black melanin yes yeah yeah seeing these really beautiful women dancing and like just being like themselves this is my favorite episode I feel bad for okay I loved this episode like not embracing that cuz that'd be cool it's just so nice any people who are like so down about themselves like Phillip lifted about who they are you think about it black people have been through slavery and constant oppression even today and they still find a way to survive and stand tall but you are those things he's so sweet but you are those things why don't you see that oh my god so beautiful anything you do is your identity I want a motivational talk from Khurram Oh a strong black lesbian woman yes can we take your hair down and look god I guess okay I love Damien you stop really thick makeover time I love these in the middle school my grandmother firmed it and then people stop bullying me for my hair and started bullying me for being gay so at least they were like laying off my course so find anything about you about let me see you oh my god there's no better confidence booster than looking at a new you in a mirror I can't even so cute imagine my hair doing anything like this falling in love with yourself is such a great feeling fuller friend I love the afterwards so they're just watching all these perfect attire it's just like look how much she like carries herself like the first scene you show me she's like just hunched over inside and now she's like standing tall and embracing yourself this week has been the best week of my life dude a lot of reality TV is like very very fake but you can see such a transformation just like in their eyes I feel like the strong beautiful why he's already looks more confident know that I'm confident in Who I am like I'm not afraid of tears or emotions good for you honey you look right I went from being like this lost teenager who lost her whole family and didn't know where to go to being like a fear squeeze go I think this episode touched me the most because there were bits and pieces of her that I saw in myself and there were a lot of parts of her story that I could relate to and that's one thing I love about this show is that I can relate to almost everybody they end up making over in some way shape or form I love that I didn't realize that it was like so much positive affirmation I thought it was more just like a makeover show like you know they're redoing the house and like adding new clothes it's not the superficial like oh we're just gonna like change your look so you can be pretty and stuff for like these people it's like no we want you to feel as great on the inside as you want to look on the outside I want to just shoot hard if we're just like I love it I love it I love it I love it so the queer team is made up of the fabulous five Jonathan Anthony tan Bobby and Karim oh and they all work on different areas with every person they make over and help them grow in the different areas of their life so here they are okay God I'm convinced that nobody dubbed them the Fab Five you just look at them and you're like yeah that's the Fab five like there's no other name I could possibly think of fashion grooming into design culture food that's awesome what a team I have like a crush on gbn and Antonia yeah they're so cute aunt Anne is so sweet I feel like I would love to be either the fashion or interior design because love going into a space and Mary popping that bitch Carano is amazing cuz he's so smart and she's so cute and adorable tan is so just like mature and fashionable and stylish jonathan is just this piece of sunshine we don't see Bobby as much because he's working so hard but he's doing so much and I really like Bobby in almost every episode at least one of them is able to relate to the person that they're helping out a lot of them end up having like similarities in you know things that they've been through represent different facets of the LGBTQ community and they show that like the being gay isn't a stereotype so queer I is one of the most popular shows right now with over a hundred percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes for their latest seasons oh good I'm like yay I love it everyone else loves it it's kind of one of those shows that everybody can get into so I'm not surprised by that's correct how can you not love it has something for everyone and it's so heartwarming and beautiful this is honestly just one of the best shows I've seen recently so from what you know in what you saw today why do you think that people like this show so much oh I mean not only does it cover like every single area of like interior design you're like food you're like fashion like it's got all of that but it's also just so heartwarming and so positive all around just super relatable and super inspirational and I think it's like a positive light in such a negative time every episode is so unique because it's not like you have the same case with anybody like everybody goes through different things which makes it super relatable there still is oppression towards black people gay people it doesn't really matter what you are everyone's going through something so show like this is great to turn on and either learn something from laugh at forget about all of those negative situations you're going through and be sort of entertained by a group of great people who want to see the world become a better place it's such a good feeling to just watch someone succeed and like flourish even though they've been through negative things or maybe they don't feel confident or whatever has stopped them from being happy in the past I just love that like they can go in and like push through all of that and help them like rediscover why life is worth living so the show actually originated in 2003 on Bravo what oh my gosh and it was titled Queer Eye for the straight guy and there the premise was for five gay men to make over the life of a straight man okay I didn't really like the original just because it was kind of like so after it aired it quickly became a hit creating spin-offs and international versions of the show and in the original faff I've only made overstreet men many of which lived in conservative areas some of which claim to have never met a gay man before yeah I think that was what the whole pull of the show is that a lot of times the Fab Five back then weren't like accepted in the beginning the show was like so much more about the fact that all five of them are gay and like as the seasons have gone through it's like so much less about that part of it and so much more about connecting with people the biggest way that change is going to be made is if people talk about their different views and you know people see why somebody feels this way about certain things just to be able to touch these other demographics that maybe I've never even seen gay people on TV or in person it gives them a face to sort of connect with and just taking away the homophobia and hopefully just pushing forward towards like a more positive view so something that's changed from the original show to the newer version is now they make over any person men women duo's people in transition and more so do you think that we've come a long way since the original query right where the show is now and how much further do you think we still have to go well I mean I think it's interesting how it kind of reflects the journey of like accepting homosexuality in America it's cool to kind of see that it's it's almost the new normal like it's not even a thing where we need to be like this is the message it's just like this is reality at that time it was a way of getting the show on air and sort of poking fun at the LGBT community because at that point in time it wasn't cool to be gay just wasn't so in order for us to have visibility we had to sort of make fun of ourselves and go into the categorize section of what is a gay man's purpose helping you know the straight man get get a woman as long as we're promoting the health and betterment of each individual type of person there is I feel like let's keep changing we've definitely reached like a peak I don't know if it's the peak they look at it in the sense of okay well it doesn't matter your gender your orientation any of those things it's just you're a person that wants to make a change and we can help you with that honestly there's always gonna be a lot more to conquer you're not gonna be able to win over everybody so I think there is always we can do more and show everyone like love and kindness and how far that goes just seeing how well received this new version of it is to me says a lot I mean of course there's a very long way to go in this country and worldwide but there definitely is progress being made and I have hope for the future thanks for watching this episode of college kids react and shout out to the flash subscribe to the Bell so you never miss an episode hi everyone longer to Sierra FBE a big thank you to the FBI superfan for helping us choose today's episode if you want to join make sure you go over to the react channel and click the join button to learn more info or click some of the links on their description bye everyone

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  2. I just can NOT right now I've seen all the episodes & I'm crying again …. these beautiful positive men ????????????

  3. teens react to IGOR by Tyler, The Creator!!

    and how have you still not had anyone react to Billie's album?

  4. Bobby deserves more appreciation. He is great and is always lost in the background… all of them are amazing but Antoni and Jonathan for example are always in the spotlight and being loved.

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