College Kids React To Tipping Starbucks Employees $1,000 If They Spell My Name Right

College Kids React To Tipping Starbucks Employees $1,000 If They Spell My Name Right

– Yo, what?!
– (Sean) I appreciate it. You actually asked, you know?
Sometimes people just… – 100 bucks just like that?
– You went out and you asked them to spell our names!
WOOO! – Elise? Elise is correct.
– Oh! Ayy! I got spelled right! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (Sean) Can I get
the mango dragonfruit? – Oh my gosh! Wait!
I know what this is! Sorry. (chuckles) Sorry.
I screamed really loud. – Oh, is this the [bleep]–
the try to spell my name right challenge
at Starbucks? – My name for the order is Kawhi.
– (chuckles) – (barista) …spell it?
– (Sean) Whatever you think. – Yeah. He's the guy
on the Raptors, right? – (barista) How do you
want me to spell it? – (Sean) Whatever you think.
You have to try. – Is this trying to see
how many Starbucks people spell your name wrong?
Because I can relate. – I wonder how
they're gonna spell it. (ding)
– (Sean) I wanna say thank you for spelling my name right.
Here's 100 bucks for you. – Yo, what?!
– (Sean) You actually asked, you know? Sometimes people just…
– 100 bucks just like that? – 100 bucks for that?
– (Sean) As you guys saw, today, we are gonna be donating
$100 to Starbucks employees every time…
– (man) What?! – (Sean) …they spell my name right.
– Wow! That's interesting. – I think it's cool
that they're tipping or they're giving money
to Starbucks workers, because I see workers in Starbucks
bust their ass! – (Sean) So, we have another name
for you guys. – (barista) Oh, god. Okay.
– (Sean) So, this is like a full unit one.
– Oh, he's telling everybody. Okay. Ehhh, I don't know.
I feel like it's better surprising-wise
if you just don't tell them. – (Sean) It's a full name.
This is my full name. – (barista) Okay.
– (Sean) Sean Callaghan. – Sean? There's so many–
there's two way you can spell Sean. – (barista) A lot of consideration
went into this. – (Sean) Okay. I'm excited.
I'm excited. Ohhhh!
– Did she spell it right? – If you work a 9-5 job,
100 bucks? A lot of money. – I wish I got a tip like that
at Starbucks. – (FBE) Did you work at Starbucks?
– I did. It was a transitioning job for me.
I worked
at Starbucks for six months. – (Sean) Ladies and gentlemen,
that is it for today's video. – Yo, I love this guy.
That's actually a great, great YouTube video idea.
– It was a really fun environment. Major good vibes from Starbucks.
– I love Starbucks. Starbucks does have
a really good vibe always. – (Sean) Employees are super nice.
– (man) Except one. – (Sean) I mean, we were
giving them $100, so I would be pretty nice too.
– I would be nice too if someone gave me $100. I would be confused,
but I wouldn't deny it. – It's good when they do videos
for giving money to homeless people or food to homeless people,
but people that are also working a day-to-day job are also struggling
and also have hard times. We all need help.
We're just in different levels of life.
– I think a week ago, FaZe Rug did it. And I thought it was
a really good idea. Starbucks employees deserve more money
for the work they do. And it's a fun little trend. – (FBE) So, that as a video
from YouTuber ItsYeBoi that seems to have started
this new trend on YouTube called Tipping Starbucks Employees
$1000 If They Spell My Name Right. – Wow! That's a lot! – (FBE) So, before we talk
about the trend, we're gonna show you another example
of this from YouTube FaZe Rug, who we actually recently featured
in another episode, Teens Reacting
to DMing 100 Celebrities. He's also on YouTubers React.
– Yeah, I watch some of his videos sometimes.
It's a very FaZe Rug thing to do, 'cause all of his videos
are helping people or giving people that do
the drive-thru money and stuff like that.
– (FaZe) So, any time a Starbucks employee
spells our name right on our drinks,
we give them 100 bucks. – It's exactly
the same challenge. – (FaZe) …different
Starbucks locations. – Oh, wow.
– (FaZe) …hopefully at least give $1000 worth of money
to Starbucks employees. – Now, I feel like I should
work at Starbucks again. – (FaZe) Okay, I'll just do
a medium Mango Dragonfruit, please? – Interesting drink choice,
Mango Dragonfruit. – (barista) What's your name?
– (FaZe) Brian. – That's easy.
– B-R… – Brian?
– (cameraman) Don't tell her. – (FaZe) I can't tell you.
You have to guess it. – (barista) Oh, I gotta guess it?
That's not how… – She looks so uncomfortable.
– I would just do B-R-I-A-N. That's fine. That's normal.
– (barista) We'll do B-R-Y-A-N. – Oh, nooo!
– (barista) Anything else for you? – (FaZe) Uh, no, that's it.
– (barista) All right. – (cameraman) Damn.
– (barista) What was your name? – Anthony.
– (barista) Anthony? Okay. – Well, yeah, how are you
gonna [bleep] up the name Anthony? – If she doesn't get Anthony right,
then she doesn't deserve the money. – (barista) All right, Anthony.
A-N-T-H-O-N-Y. – Oh, I can spell that one.
That's my boyfriend's name. (laughs) – (Arkan) Can I get a tall Very Berry?
– (barista) Tall Very Berry. What's your name?
– Arkan. – Well, that's a hard name.
– (barista) A-R-K-I-N. – Oh. He looks so defeated
when she spelled his name wrong! – (FaZe) Thank you so much.
– Aww! Poor Arkan. – (FaZe) All right, guys.
So, she spelled my name with a Y. (buzzer)
– Aw, she did it wrong. – (FaZe) She spelled Arkan's name–
– That's an interesting, unique name. – (FaZe) So, she got it off
by one letter. And then Anthony,
it's messed up, but… – I mean, you can't
spell Anthony wrong. – (FaZe) We should do the honors
by giving her 100 bucks. So, we're doing this thing
where we're gonna see if Starbucks employees
could spell our names right. – (barista) Okay.
– So, you got one out of three, but since I did spill this,
200 bucks for you. – (barista) Are you serious?
– Oh! – (FaZe) You got Anthony right.
– I'd be like, "What?!" – That's good they still
gave her the tip. – Just throwing
all that money away. Really, it should've been all
or nothing. I can't. – One-armed hug?!
Not even two-armed hug?! – (man) I wish we can go
to all Starbucks on… – Are those his parents?
That is so cute. – (FaZe) Should we do that next video?
Go to every Starbucks in the city
and just tip them? – (woman) Yeah.
– (man) I think we should. – "And just tip them." (chuckles)
Gosh, I'd love to have that type of money,
where I could just help everybody. – I think it's really positive,
and it helps bring more uplifting things to popular light.
– It's entertaining to watch, I guess. But I don't know if it's really
that worth it or not to be giving that much on–
I'd probably just give away maybe $10. – (FBE) Some of you guys
happen to have names that are somewhat difficult to spell.
– (laughs) Yeah. I kind of have to spell it
out for 'em. I just– My name, Yeshua, so I go,
"Oh, it's just like Joshua, but Y-E instead of J-O."
And they're like, "Okay." – People call me Genevieve
all the time. Like, if I have class,
they'll be like, "Genevieve." They don't even try to read it.
– My accent is already one thing. How you spell my name
is another thing. And how you pronounce my name
is another thing. So, there's three factors going on, so I kind of understand
if it's gonna be misspelled. – (FBE) Well, we really wanted
to give you guys a chance to experience this trend
for yourselves in a way. – Yeah, yeah.
– (FBE) So, we do have a little surprise for you.
– Ah, what?! Is there money involved? – You went out and you asked them
to spell our names! Wooo! – (Sierra) We're tipping
Starbucks employees $100… – Oh, that's you!
– (Sierra) …$100 for every name that they spell correctly on the cup.
– Wait, is this gonna be our names? Is this gonna be our names?
– (FBE) It sure is. – Oh my gosh! Stop!
– (Eric) …'cause we just wanna give people monies.
– Hi, Eric. – (Sierra) Please don't lose this.
– (laughs) – (Eric) Ah, crap.
Sierra… – (Sierra) Video's canceled.
– (chuckles) This is funny. – (barista) And separate,
so they're all paid separately? – (Eric) I can pay them with one card.
It's just 10 different drinks. – (barista) And then what's the name?
– There's Sheila. Elise. Jasser. – That's my name!
Oh my god! I wonder if they're gonna
spell it right. – (Eric) Jasser.
– (barista) J-A-S-S-I-R. – One letter off!
– (Eric) Uh, however you wanna spell it.
– (barista) Okay. Kostas. For Alberto?
– (Eric) For Carlos. – (barista) Geneva.
– (Eric) Yeah. – (chuckles)
– (barista) What was the name? – (Eric) Yeshua.
– (chuckles) Eric saying my name is great.
– (Eric) We're covering a trend that's been going around on YouTube
where we give $100 to baristas for each name they spell correctly
on a Starbucks cup. – (barista 2) Oh! Wow.
– Look at her face, bruh! Oh my god! I just felt
her heart drop in my chest. She's like, "Yo,
it's time to put the thinking cap on." – (Jack) How do you think you did?
– (barista) I think I did better than most.
– (Eric) Alberto. – (Jack) Alberto.
– YES! You did it! – (barista 2) What in the world?
– (man) Can I be a Starbucks employee? – (laughs) That's how
I'm feeling too, man. – This is amazing.
– (Eric) Sheila. Admirable effort.
– I knew it! I knew that they were– I knew it.
I knew that they were gonna… I knew it. I knew.
They always do "A-Y." – (Eric) Britney. Incorrect.
Not like the Spears. – No! You see?
B-R-I-T-N-E-Y. Everyone spells it like that!
– (Eric) Elise! Elise is correct.
(ding) – Oh! Ayyy!
I got spelled right! – Aw, they spelled it with an A?
(buzzer) Man, that hurts.
– (Eric) On the plus side… Janiva?
– (laughs) Oh my god! That is so– okay. (silence) I'm speechless.
That is the WORST. There's no Es in there!
– If you guys can spell Carlos correctly, $100.
– Come on. It's the easiest name ever, dude.
But come on. Let's do this, girl. – (barista) …A-R-L-O-S.
– Okay! – (Eric) Hm, let me think about it.
That is correct! $100! – Man. That's so funny. – (barista 2) Wow, thank you.
– (barista) Oh my god. – That's a good day
at work right there. – This is one of the best things,
video ideas that I've seen in a long time.
And I'm glad that my name somehow was part of it.
You don't have to have $100 to give. If you cannot give $100, you can't.
But you can give your attention. You can give your time.
You can give your love to people. – (FBE) So, even though you didn't
get to go to Starbucks today to participate in this trend,
what was it like to be involved in gifting
Starbucks employees hundreds of dollars?
– It's okay. I was with Eric and you guys in spirit.
When they found out that they spelled my name right
and Alberto's name right and Carlos's name right,
that was pretty priceless. – I'm a little sad
she didn't get Jasser right, but not because of my name,
but because I wanted her to get another $100.
– Amazing. We're a community. We're a family.
I feel like a proud child of FBE. I'm so, so happy
that you guys are exploring, that we are exploring
all of these new ways of connecting to people.
– It was really fun, I mean, to see the reaction
on people's faces, 'cause you hear "100 bucks,"
you're like… you start going through your inventory of things
that you wanna go buy in your head. You're like, "Hm, I'm gonna
get these jeans. I'm gonna get those shoes."
Somebody's challenge was spelling out my name for 100 bucks.
That's pretty easy. I would take that bet.
– It makes me happy to know that I helped benefit
the rest of that Starbucks. But it's kind of funny, though.
Little do most people know, the tips are split.
So, that employee alone won't get the $100.
But it's still nice to know that everyone there's
gonna get a little portion of it. – (FBE) There are all sorts
of trends like this on social media, and they often go pretty viral
even though they're not always easy to participate in.
– Yeah. Not everyone has $100. – (FBE) Some internet trends
can be dangerous, like the Tide Pods trend.
– Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Terrible. – (FBE) What do you think
about an internet trend like this that's really focused
on making other people happy? – I think we need more of these.
To be able to go on social media where most of the negativity is
and see videos like this that are very different
in topics and stuff like that, it's really uplifting.
– The internet should do more challenges like that
and trends where we're giving or making people happy
instead of stupid milk and banana, drink as much
as you can challenge. – It's really nice,
especially because you're used to seeing so many people being mean,
even doing mean trends. It gives me hope that there's still
a little bit of good in this world. – These have been around
for kind of a while, where it's like, randomly tipping
a waiter $1000 and stuff. I don't know. My mind always goes
to is this person doing it to just be nice or are they doing it
to try to get a lot of views on YouTube and using that
as an avenue to do that? – (FBE) All right, so finally,
if you had $1000 to give away in a YouTube video,
how would you do it? – Oh, man. That's a loaded question,
'cause there's a lot of great ideas and great answers to this.
But I would probably do if they can beat me
in tic-tac-toe, because I'm really good
at tic-tac-toe. – If they could guess my age right,
I would give them the money, because people, either
they guess I'm older or they guess I'm very young,
but they never guess my actual age. – You know that show Minute to Win It?
I would do something like that, like a seemingly easy challenge
that has a time limit on it or just a challenge.
And if they complete it in that amount of time,
they get the money. – You know how people are required
to get textbooks and stuff? Say they went to the library
and got a textbook, just put $1000 inside the book,
and then when they would open it, there'd be, like, $1000
as a scholarship. – I would probably just
make a YouTube video and then probably donate it
to a charity and then tell people
to donate to that charity. The gift-giving is awesome.
It's like, I think it's more impactful if you're giving to a charity. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. – If you want to do something
nice for someone, then subscribe and hit the bell.
– What other trends should we react to next?
Let us know in the comments. – Hey, it's Sierra,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. If you liked FaZe Rug
and ItsYeBoi's videos, then you should go subscribe
to their channels. All the links will be down
in the description below. Bye, guys!

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