Color Scheme Branding using Marketing Precision

Color Scheme Branding using Marketing Precision

hi my name is Lisa Wozniak and I’m a
marketing strategist with woz marketing are you doing your best to guess at the
color scheme in your marketing watch this video to learn the color scheme
branding that you’ll need to have–you marketing with precision for the best
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you’ve been struggling to find the colors to use in your marketing that
match your brand by the end of this video you’ll have a tool you can use
that will ensure you are marketing with precision countless people are using
this tool and now it’s your turn so I’ve got a really great marketing
tool that I know that you’re going to love when you’re putting out your
marketing content and you’re doing the graphics the images for the marketing
that you’re doing whether that be a social media post or maybe it’s a
graphic for a blog that you’ve created or a thumbnail for a video that you’ve
done you really want to make sure that you are putting out a branded type of an
effort for your practice so whether that means that you’re utilizing the colors
from your logo or from your website you want to make sure that that color coding
system that you’re using is consistent in all of your marketing and what
sometimes I find people will do let’s say they’re using red and blue that’s
what’s in their logo so when they’re putting out the graphics that match
their social media or their blog posts or their videos or whatever they’re just
guessing at the red and the blue and trying to get as close as they can to
what’s in their logo so this great tool will help you be really specific and
make sure that you’re matching it exactly
so basically what I’ve done I’m gonna go ahead and share my screen so that you
can see this in action basically all you have to do is go to google and type in
HTML color codes and there’s a number of sites that will do this and I randomly
grabbed one this one is its HTML – color – codes dot info and this is what comes
up so what you can do is if you want to pull directly from your website you can
go here and type in your website and hit go I’m gonna pull up my logo exactly so
that you can see this in action so you click on upload file okay and I’m gonna go ahead and pull in
a copy of my logo okay you can see my logo come up and
let’s go ahead and pull the blue so if I click here on the blue and then look
down here where it says color code it’s giving me the exact color code that I
need and the same is true for the yellow if I go ahead here and I click on the
yellow it’s gonna give me the exact yellow that I need and of course the
same is going to be true if I click on come on now let’s move them a little bit
slow the same is is true if I click on the green it’s going to give me the
exact color for the green and then the same would be true of the red itself so
I want to show you what this looks like in action I’ve pulled up a couple of the
images that I’ve I’ve done fairly recently this one is for a free
masterclass that’s on my website I’ve pulled in the exact read from my logo
and I’ve pulled in the exact yellow from my logo and here’s another example of a
post that I did for a video that I created you can see the blue here is the
exact blue from my logo and so is the yellow as well what I did here is I made
the yellow a little bit more transparent so it faded it just a little bit but
it’s the exact yellow that’s in my logo um so that all of the the branding that
you have that’s going on for your marketing is consistent with the color
scheme that’s in your logo or in your website so that’s a great marketing tool
HTML color codes all you’ve got to do is plug that into your your search engine
and you’ll get a number of sites that will do that for you I will drop in the
comments below a
to the one that I just showed you so I hope that that’s a great marketing tip
that will help you brand all of your marketing efforts moving forward thanks
so much so speaking of this tool I’d love to
know in the comments below when you craft your marketing or your graphics do
you pull colors from your logo your website or do you have a specific brand
and color palette that you work from let me know in the comments below so now you
have a tool you can use to choose your colors with precision but what kind of
tools do you use to enroll more clients I have a free masterclass on just that
very subject and the link is in the description below also if you want to
join a community of practitioners just like you I have a free group for
like-minded professionals who are dedicated to enrolling more clients and
growing together the link is in the description below but before you go if
you like this video please let me know by liking commenting and sharing it with
your fellow practitioners and if you would comment below with the word
helpful this lets me know what content resonates the best with you and what
kind of content we should be focusing on for you in the future this is Lisa
Wozniak with Woz marketing helping you navigate your yellow brick road have a
great day everybody

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  1. Gotta be consistent on those colours! Hex codes saved me – I had to get conversions to RGB and my business cards man had to approximate for hardcopy printing though.

  2. This was very insightful, there are so many times were I've struggled with matching the right brand colors. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I am really trying to make an effort to be consistent in my colors. Thanks, sharing.

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