Create 1000s of backlinks and rank your sites higher with the New WP Backlink Machine software

Create 1000s of backlinks and rank your sites higher with the New WP Backlink Machine software

did you know that you could build
hundreds and thousands of backlinks without doing any manual work yes it’s
true it’s now 100% possible thanks to a brand new software that makes it
one-click easy introducing backlink.. machine an amazing new plugin for
WordPress that can help you get more backlinks for your website on complete
auto-pilot when we use the software on a wordpress blog one of our sites jumped
from page 3 in Google to the first page in just two weeks and not just that
several customers of backlink machine have had the same kind of results
increase in rankings increase in traffic and of course increase in income from
their sites it’s a known fact that more backlinks help you rank higher in Google
now several top SEO authorities have said the same exact thing many studies
have proven that getting more backlinks to your site can help you increase your
rankings but the hardest part of SEO is building backlinks for your sites and
that’s exactly what backlink machine can help you with this software will get
backlinks for your keywords from a network of over 5,000 blogs that we
maintain and keep on growing and the best part is it’s completely on
autopilot want to see how it works okay let me show you
once you install backlink machine just like a normal plug-in you will see the
plug-in activated on the Left menu right here now just go into the posts section
and create a new post on your WordPress site of course add a title and content
and then scroll down to add some keywords now these are the keywords that
you want to use to get backlinks for your site now publish your post and
backlink machine will automatically use those keywords to build backlinks to
that blog post yes backlinks built automatically as soon as you publish
your new post isn’t that amazing you can also increase or decrease this setting
by going into the backlink machine settings and specify how many backlinks
should be built when you publish a post now if you have older posts on your blog
you could build backlinks for them to just go into the backlink machine plugin
in the left menu right over here and you will see a list of all your posts and
pages you could click on build backlinks and then in the pop-up define the
keywords and how many backlinks you want press one button and the software will
send off our minions to build backlinks for you so to speak it’s that simple if
you want to check on your backlinks and see a report you could go into the log
section here and see that report it could take anywhere between 48 to 72
hours for your report to show up because we automatically drip-feed all the links
so it appears more natural to Google have you ever seen anything that is this
easy to use and yet builds backlinks for your sites the software is simple it’s
fast and it’s push-button and also don’t forget it’s fully automated and built
backlinks as soon as you publish a new post
so no more hiring expensive SEO agencies to build backlinks for you now you could
get thousands of backlinks for your sites for the price of a pizza many of
our customers are extremely happy with their results and are enjoying the time
and money that they are saving using backlink machine their sites are jumping
up in rankings they’re making more money day in and day out so what are you
waiting for take action now and download your copy of backlink machine today
put your backlinks on autopilot for a small one-time price and take your
site’s higher up in the rankings starting today all you have to do is
click the button below and download backlink machine right now Hennis I’m
critical here and today I want to show you a quick demonstration of the new
backlink machine 2.0 software now battling machine 2.0 is something we
created because we want to actually help you get higher rankings on Google and
Yahoo and actually get more free traffic from these sites now backlinks play a
huge role in SEO because that is what actually helps you rank higher but
getting backlinks is the hardest part that’s why we made a network of over
10,000 sites from where we can actually give you those backlinks and that’s
exactly what the backlink machine software does for you so
once you install the back leg machine software on your site just like this you
will actually see a screen just like this so the back leg machine sorter will
appear in the left menu over here inside your wordpress site and when you click
on this you will see a list of all your wordpress posts on the site now on this
screen you can see the the odd page is your analysis of your post which is what
something the backing machine 2.0 also does and then you can enter your target
keyword over here let’s say SEO ranking and then save this keyword so now this
post basically targets the SEO ranking keyword and then it automatically
analyzes if all these factors match up because these are important for on-page
SEO so you should basically make sure that your content your title your h1 h2
tags are having these keywords also after that you can click on the get
backlinks button over here and then start your backlink campaign so here you
can actually enter your keywords let’s say SEO ranking SEO analysis SEO
marketing and you can basically enter any number of keywords you want you can
also get keyword ideas from here by clicking on this button and it will
actually give you some keyword ideas for your site and basically automatically
analyze the content of your site and give you those keywords alright so
basically all these keywords will pop in and then actually show you all these
things now some of them will be useful and some of them won’t be so you can
just remove the ones that you don’t like all right after that select the number
of backlinks you want also back languishing 2.0 shows you the kind of
sources you can actually use for backlinks so we have a mixed kind of
platforms we have social media profiles we have social networks forum profiles
URL shorteners Wikimedia sites the key articles do follow backlinks from
various blogs article directories and block comments as well so I would prefer
to use a mix of platforms and then you can also select the categories of your
site so we can actually get targeted links so let’s say my site is about
affiliate marketing I will select this so I can actually get targeted backlinks
from similar kind of sites after this all I have to do is click this button
called get backlinks and then it will start building my backlinks now building
your backlinks takes anywhere from 24 to 48 arts and then that’s where the
campaign processes and you can download your back like report we we drip-feed
these backlinks for the next four to ten days so that it appears
to Google because we don’t want to rush everything and we don’t want it to look
you know that it’s been done very quickly so basically we’d repeat these
links for your benefit also apart from this you can also have internal links
here so you can actually add more keywords and linked internally to your
site so all your posts can actually interlink automatically which is really
good for your SEO you can also check for rankings we can actually enter a keyword
here let’s say SEO ranking and then it will check for your top 50 results on
Google and see if your site is present in that top 50 or not now of course our
site is a new site and is not ranking here but if it does it will start
highlighting that section and show you your ranking also you can actually see
your logs here and then once the ranking is done so you can see our request here
is processing but once it is done you can actually download the backlink
report over here and then you can see your backlink report and that it has
been completed and you have article directories in this other example and
you can download the backlink report over here and you can see them and you
can see the exact URLs of your backlinks in this section so if you go here you
will see the exact URLs of your backlinks and you can actually see that
these are your backlinks where we have built the links for you so this is
exactly how the battling machine works and you can actually start building
links for your sites automatically using the software without any manual work and
start ranking higher in Google Yahoo and other search engines and start making
more money and sales thank you hi everybody dr. simu Joshi here I’m a
successful online and offline entrepreneur now if you own a website
you know the importance of high quality backlinks you need backlinks so that
your website ranks high in search engine rankings now the simplest and easiest
way you ever see to create these backlinks is something that I just got
done testing and that’s Uncle Sheila’s back link machine now this is an awesome
WordPress plugin that your site uses basically to create all the backlinks
that it needs and you can there’s a lot of control provided by this plugin
and you get high quality backlinks with a network of 5,000 blogs that I’m Korean
is team diligently managed so that your site can rank high in search engine
rankings as well with that said I highly recommend this tool to you to your
success dr. Samir Toshi signing off

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