Create JavaScript 3D World in 5 Minutes - Three.js Skybox Tutorial

Create JavaScript 3D World in 5 Minutes – Three.js Skybox Tutorial

hello and welcome to red stapler Channel
in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create an easy 3d world with
skybox technique and three.js in just a few minutes ready let's check it out the concept of skybox is really simple
create a cube to contain your 3d world and then assign the right texture to
each side of the cube there are lots of available skybox images online both
free and paid version for this tutorial I'm going to download one from and then move all images to the web directory next let's start with
the basic setup for three.js as usual first include the latest version of the
library then I'm going to create a scene set up a camera and renderer I will used current viewport as renderer size and added to the page as canvas element next I will set up an orbitControl.js to enable mouse control of the camera and here is the key part I'm going to
create an array to store materials for each side of the cube then use texture
loader to load the image and once loaded we'll push each material
to the array we'll use meshBasicMaterial for the skybox this material is
not affected by light so we don't have to set up any light and still be able to
see it then we will create a box geometry and put it together with the
material array to create a queue and added to the scene finally we will create a recursive
function loop to render a scene now if you check the result you won't be
able to see anything but if you zoom out you know why it because we assign the
texture to the outside of the cube we can fix this by setting the side property of
the material to three.backside looks good but there's still a problem
if we zoom out too much it will break the skybox so we will have to limit the
zoom distance like so and that's it hope you guys enjoyed this
short tutorial and if you love this video don't forget to like or subscribe
to stay with us for more thanks for watching and see you next time bye

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46 Replies to “Create JavaScript 3D World in 5 Minutes – Three.js Skybox Tutorial”

  1. A skybox is not a "3d world". However, Three.js will render a 3d world that looks similar to your skybox. Real-time shadow-mapping and everything. Example of a 3d scene and realtime shadows in your browser:

  2. Uncaught TypeError: THREE.OrbitControls is not a constructor

    I try lot of things to fix it, but i don't know why, orbitcontrols.js as bug line 1 ( i juste copy past their code github )

    i've installed npm, three, three-orbitcontrols …

    If someone can help me, cool… !

  3. You should include load times so Devs know the overhead, and can decide whether it's worth trying to include.

  4. You even don't need JavaScript since you can create entire 3D scenes using CSS styles only:

  5. Three.js have simple comand for skybox.
    scene.background=new THREE.CubeTextureLoader().setPath("images/sky/").load(["lf.jpg","rt.jpg","up.jpg","dn.jpg","ft.jpg","bk.jpg"]);

  6. Great work bro. Bro can you look into this site and tell me how they did do this and it also move according to phone tilt in mobile. Just take a look and pls reply

  7. great content as usual,would be really helpful if you guys post a long video about three.js,really excited about this!

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