“Describe A Time When You Solved A Difficult Problem” INTERVIEW QUESTION

“Describe A Time When You Solved A Difficult Problem” INTERVIEW QUESTION

Hi there everybody, and welcome to this video
tutorial which is about the interview question: “Describe a time when you have solved a difficult
problem?” Now, this is a tough interview question to
answer. In this tutorial, I am going to give you some
fantastic tips and some sample answers you can use during your interview. So, a very quick welcome. Welcome to this tutorial. That’s me there on the right-hand side. My
name is Richard McMunn and I have been helping people like you for about 20 years now to
pass interviews. I have been very successful at it, so please
take the time to watch this video. I am also going to give you the slides to
this tutorial so you can download them for free and then you can use them during your
preparation for your interview. So, like I say, we are going to focus specifically
on the interview question:”Describe a time when you have solved a difficult problem or
a difficult sitution?” So, I am going to give you the slides to download
as I say. All you need to do… I would very much appreciate it if you SUBSCRIBE
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to do more. OK, let me give you a couple of tips before
we get into the sample responses. 4 really important tips for answering this
particular interview question, Describe a time when you solved a difficult problem? Number 1 – make sure you are specific in your
response! What I mean by that, is many people will tell
the interview panel what they would do if this situation occurred. But you have to tell the panel what you have
done. You have to give them an actual situation,
and I am going to give you two suggestions that you can use during your interview. Now, when responding use the STAR technique
– I am going to explain quickly what that is in a second. But this will make sure you’re specific in
your response and that you cover all of the angles required to get the TOP MARKS necessary. Make the situation pressurized. So, what I mean by that, when you are giving
them a specific response to this question, add some kind of pressure to it. Now it might be a time factor, it might be
an aggravating factor. I will give you a couple of examples in a
second of what Imean by this. But, that basically puts pressure on you,
and you manage to solve the problem. Also, demonstrate in your response and your
answer, that you are capable of working on your own. So, this question is designed to find people
who can solve problems themselves. That they don’t have to go and find their
boss or their manager to ask them what to do. OK, so the STAR technique that you’re going
to use when responding to this question – first of all, SITUATION. So, it’s SITUATION, TASK, ACTION, RESULT. What was the situation? Explain to the panel what the situation was,
then move on and tell the TASK. So, this means you need to explain what the
task was, actually what needed to be done. Then, explain what ACTION you took and then
tell the interview panel what the result was. So, you explain to them what the result was
following your action and here is a good tip: make sure the RESULT, the end result, is positive. So, always remember that when answering this
kind of interview question. It’s a situational or behavioural types interview
question. So, follow the situation, task action, result
and you won’t go far wrong. OK, sample answer number 1to the interview
question: Describe a time when you solved a difficult problem? This is the first one of two, and like Isay,
you are going to get these slides to download very soon. Here we go: “In my current job I work as a
customer service assistant in a builder’s merchants store and part of my role is to
take payments for customers using our online payment facility. One busy Friday afternoon, I was working in
the store alone as my manager had taken a late lunch break. All of a sudden, the in-store payment system
went down whilst I had a queue of five people waiting to pay for their goods. It was clear they all needed to pay for their
goods in order to get their jobs completed before the weekend. I decided to remain calm and use my initiative
to solve the problem. To begin with, I communicated with all of
the customers the issue I was experiencing, and I reassured them I would resolve the issue
as soon as possible. To begin with, I asked if anyone had cash
they could use to pay for their goods. Two people were willing to pay by cash, so
this then reduced the other three customers’ waiting time. I then decided to telephone the online payment
system provider to make sure they were actually aware of the issue. As it transpired, they had a serious problem
their end and they informed me it would be at least an hour before the system was back
up and running. I then relayed this information to the customers. In order to resolve the issue, I quickly set
up company credit accounts for the rest of the customers which would mean they would
get invoiced the following week. They could then either settle their bills
online or come into the store once the payment system was back up and running. By remaining calm and using my initiative,
I was able to solve the issue without calling my manager for assistance. I feel strongly that I can be relied upon
to resolve problems on my own whenever they arise.” So, that’s a detailed, in-depth response and
it follows Situation, Task, Action and Result. Now you can use that kind of situation; I’ve
mentioned Builder’s Merchants but you can apply that to kind of situation if you are
working for someone where you have to take payments either over the phone, or in-store. OK, sample answer number 2 to the interview
question: Describe a time when you solved a difficult problem? Here we go: “Whilst at work, it became apparent
that two work colleagues were not getting on. I could overhear them being disrespectful
towards each other and rumours in the office were rife of a brewing confrontation. I felt someone needed to work towards resolving
this issue, as the situation could have a negative impact on the team and the organisation
as a whole. I decided to speak to each person individually,
in private, to first of all express my concerns, but also secondly, to suggest a way forward
in order to resolve the situation amicably. I suggested that all three of us should meet
collectively in a calm manner to discuss the issues and resolve the situation – both
of them agreed to my suggested resolution. We met up on a Friday afternoon at 4pm in
a quiet office location at work. I started off by mediating the meeting and
asked each person to speak whilst the other one listened. Once each person had spoken, I made a number
of suggestions that were designed to resolve the situation. It soon became apparent that the whole situation
and animosity had resulted in a simple miscommunication. I suggested both of them get together outside
of work in a friendly, social setting with a view to building up a friendship that would,
in turn, help improve their working relationship whilst at work. They both agreed to try this, and I am happy
to say, some three months later they are now great work colleagues who have a positive
relationship.” So, you’ve got two really strong responses
there. You can choose each one – again, this second
one is applicable to virtually any kind of work situation. So, to get these slides, they are free of
charge, simply click the link below the video. You might have to click the SHOW MORE link,
erm, and then it will take you to SLIDESHARE which is owned by LinkedIn. You can even connect with me there on LinkedIn
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say hi, and also if you have an interview coming up and you’d like me to give you some
suggested questions to prepare for, please tell me what the interview is and I will come
on each day and answer them. Thank you for watching and GOOD LUCK in passing
your interview!

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  1. This was the answer Brother I was looking for. I'm working for Qatar Airways at Hamad International Airport. If you come here I will welcome you. I was not sure how to make situation because I faced this type of the same situation. Well, thank you, buddy…

  2. Nice video with example of difficult situation and solution. Can be framed in your own real situation. Thanks !

  3. I have an interview in 2 weeks. They are looking for someone with the following skills
    Team player

    Strong written, verbal, communication and IT numerical skills
    Attention to detail
    Experience using Microsoft office applications
    Positive and flexible attitude
    Ability to use own initiative and own judgement.
    What type of questions do you think the interviewer may ask?

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