Dice Media | Home Sweet Office (HSO) | Web Series | S01E04 - Business Secrets

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38 Replies to “Dice Media | Home Sweet Office (HSO) | Web Series | S01E04 – Business Secrets”

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  2. Waste of time…. some places they show off so much as if they r so much modern… n sometimes they r so orthodox… bilkul hi imaginary webseries h bacho ki imaginations jaisi

  3. Very nice series yaawr really appreciated … Loved the jori of both czns n there struggle to hav some money of there own and so on things accorfing to thier buisness amazing

  4. To be honest, I don't think its boring. Infact, it is simple, non-dramatic. Moments that we usually go through.. NOT AT ALL BORING!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!! Their acting is so good too.. nothing too weird.. and hesitant

  5. Shi h Yarr… Aap Sab logo ka theme or acting b clap clap clap, means maza hi ajata h. Mood fresh ho jata h ek dum. All the best and thank you

  6. I lile the song…. The voice of the singer is so sweet and melodious…. And best wishes for this series….. Keep up the good job…. And dice media is my favourite channel on YouTube……Little things is my favorite…..

  7. Hey …want to ask something …is bugs sister of kartik aaryan??
    I mean her voice and face are somewhere like him.

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