Digital Marketing Solutions: Watch Your Website Traffic Take Flight

Digital Marketing Solutions: Watch Your Website Traffic Take Flight

so today's webinar it's going to be on digital marketing we'll be going over how you can reach new and existing account holders who are looking online or our searching locally for financial institutions and their services on places like Google and Facebook so those of you who are new or kind of new to ELQ ACS we are a one-stop shop for a variety of marketing and design solutions we have marketing and tracking tools to help segment your target audiences and then we have the solutions to help you reach them through automation logo products Web Design commercial printing and statements we've been around since 1961 and we work with the financial industry primarily but we also have many clients in other industries so all of our services are adaptable to your specific needs as our clients so again my name is Jessica guardiana and my role here is digital marketing specialist I have over 10 years of experience working in both website marketing and design so before we get too far ahead I did want to just take a second say even though I'll be talking about digital marketing strategies exclusively I think it's still really important to stay engaged in traditional advertising keep those efforts going on things like print ads Flyers statements billboards and even radio or TV ads you kind of need to be everywhere a customer's looking build up your brand and keep your messaging consistent across all of these marketing channels because you know they're all connected so your digital marketing it should be an extension of that and not a replacement and you might be surprised at how underutilized digital marketing is by local or small businesses only twenty-five percent of small businesses invest in online marketing and seventeen percent will invest in search engine optimization datian those numbers they're actually pretty terrible when you consider this 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine and 82 percent of smartphone users search online for a local business and 50 percent of local searchers will physically visit a business within one day so that sets the stage for how important it is to market your financial institution digitally to use these different marketing channels to get in front of your target audience so let's start by talking about search engine optimization or SEO the goal for this is to bring in traffic or visitors to your website by ranking highly for relevant keywords in the organic or natural search results for search engines like Google which are these listings under or sometimes above paid ads but they're under your local pack listings which are the ones that you see with maps of nearby businesses but you know don't let this screenshot make it seem like organic listings are shoved way out of the way people will scroll down to get there and so anytime someone clicks on these that's free traffic coming in to your site which is a huge benefit it can be difficult to get into these top positions for the keyword searches that are most important to your marketing goals for one you know there are thousands or even millions of other websites to consider ranking here along with yours and some keyword markets are much more competitive than others so my suggestion to you is to do some keyword research find out which keywords are the most relevant to work with and once you can realistically rank for so here's an example of what I mean if you're a credit union it would be a lot more feasible for you to rank for a keyword like custom debit cards rather than visa cards one is very specific to someone who is looking for a particular product whereas the other it's very broad more we tie to someone looking for just general information so from there you can take your phrases and frame your website around them while still meeting the needs of the people who are searching for them which should always be your top priority but search engines they will look at your website for specific signals to indicate how closely your website matches the keyword search and how reputable your site is so they're looking at things like original and quality content which has been at the cornerstone of good SEO since the beginning no fluff pieces no copying and pasting from other sites right original content for your target audience primarily answer their questions and make it easy to read and follow and don't be afraid to get in depth on a topic let your expertise and knowledge really shine through search engines they're also looking at all kinds of technical points too your website should be programmed efficiently and load quickly pay attention to your user experience we really believe that having a design that's really intuitive or easy to use whether you're on a computer or phone it's the first major step you can then adapt your site with coding and elements search engines are specifically looking for and there's a whole list of items to work on from meta tags to robots.txt files to schema structured data there are also signals from third-party websites that they will use to gauge how reputable you are so links and mentions from other websites you can view those as votes and the more you have the more important you see your activity on social media sites posts shares likes they're all tied together with your website and then your business listing citations making sure your information is listed correctly across the internet it's all tied into all of this especially if you're trying to build up your search engine listings for local traffic what I'd like you all to remember here though is that SEO is a long-term marketing strategy you should be working on it continuously it's not a one-and-done type of update you can make and then just walk away from that's why we always work with our clients on a monthly management plan to build out a custom strategy that we can adapt and fine-tune based on how well the initial updates did all of this it takes time from weeks to months and even if you do reach the top positions there's no guarantee you'll always be there search engines they make updates new websites or competitors they improve their own game there's always something to keep tabs on and that's part of having a dedicated SEO team monitoring and working on keeping your site in tip-top shape it's a slow game to play but in the end it's it's kind of worth the time and effort all right so let's switch gears now and talk about online advertising or pay-per-click advertising which is a much faster way of getting listed on search engines this is a method of advertising where you are buying visits to your website by placing ads on specific places or other websites you're probably most familiar with online advertising on search engines which as I said before are above or below your organic listings if you miss them they are always marked as an ad or it might say sponsored next to it so to get listed here the advertiser which would be you you would choose which keyword searches you would like your ads to come up for so again that could be a search like credit unions near me or auto loans or certificate rates what's nice is that you can use this as an opportunity to fill in gaps on keywords you're not ranking for organically so each time someone clicks on your ad you are charged a fee which is your cost per click it can be something like 20 cents a click or on average somewhere between $1 and $2 per click or even more it it really depends on how competitive the market is for the keyword you are bidding on and how good your ads are even how well your account is setup and and your own website it also factors in what your competition is up to you and how much they're willing to pay so what's nice is that you decide how much you're willing to pay per click so you can set it to whatever amount is affordable to you but still keeps your ads visible and you can also set a daily budget which can help keep your accounts overall costs in control so this would stop your ads from getting something like 500 clicks a day when you could only afford paying for one hundred and your daily budget um it could be something like 10 or 20 bucks a day or even 200 or 500 dollars per day or more you set what fits your budget and goals and adjust as needed online ads they also include display ads which are the banner ads you see on other websites so let me ask you have you ever been on a website shopping for shoes and then gone on to another website about gardening and saw ads for the shoes you were looking at so those are display ads and they actually work really well for financial institutions advertisers can choose which type of website to display their ads on it can be all of the available sites in Google's network or you can get specific by choosing sites or groups of sites that match your goals and target audience and you can get really specific with this – if you wanted to target home loans to only people who visited your websites home loan page with ads on other websites about home improvement real estate and you know other closely related topics this can be done we manage display campaigns for many of our customers just like this and there are a ton of options and settings to work with so my favorite setting is available for both this play and search online ads and that's deciding which locations your ads display it which is ideal for a lot of you and your site visitors in fact 67% of smartphone users want ads customized via city in zip code which is good if I'm in Kansas City searching for local banks it's not going to be helpful for me or anyone to click on an ad from a local bank in Eureka California with the right location settings you can actually prevent this from happening you can pick the exact area as a person needs to be in in order to see your ad in the first place on the flip side you can also exclude specific locations too so if you know your ads are getting a lot of clicks in areas you don't see a lot of new account holders from you can cut them out so you're not wasting your budget so online advertising it can be done on Google and other search engines as well as social media sites like Facebook LinkedIn Twitter and even Pinterest and I'll get into all of that in a bit but you can use each to achieve certain goals that are important to you like building up brand awareness or targeting people who are in the market for a specific product or service and just like any marketing strategy there's always room for improvements or new opportunities so we're constantly fine-tuning the accountants we manage testing new variables adjusting bids and percentages and even writing new ad copy there's so much to do and to keep up with and Google even keeps tabs on how well we're doing on behalf of our clients so okay CS is a certified Google partner every year we go through extensive training and testing to maintain our certifications and Google reviews our account management every 90 days to make sure we're doing right by our clients so if you ever need some help with your accounts or interested in giving this a try we would be more than happy to start that conversation with you so moving along let's jump over to social media advertising um this is an important marketing strategy in three ways so first pure research says that 68% of US adults are Facebook users and three-quarters of them visit the site at least once per day 51% are you visiting it multiple times a day so that's an impressive amount of people you could reach even as you narrow it down to your local customer base other social media sites they're widely used as well but we'll stick to Facebook for now too you can use social media to stay connected with your customers you've done all of this work with getting traffic to your website through online ads and SEO so now you can use social media to build upon that initial connection and retain those visitors turn them into a group of loyal customers for your financial institution you know made up of people who want to hear what you're saying and share it with others and you can use it as a tool to promote your brand products or services but I wouldn't suggest that be the only type of posts you do you can use social media to educate people to be financially smart or savvy which again puts your knowledge and expertise on display it builds trust in your financial institution or you can keep your posts light with fun or motivational posts you're posting style whatever it is it should reflect your own voice as a brand is it casual and friendly or corporate and professional and then carry that into your imagery a lot of our clients ask us to create custom graphics to go along with their posts that matches their branding across their websites and marketing collateral so that that message is all tied together so you know even with all of this work that you're doing it can still be hard to get your post seen even by your own followers it's kind of turning into almost an SEO type of game where Facebook is deciding which of your so yeah they're turning it into game into kind of deciding which of your posts get seen and to who you can increase the likelihood of your posts getting more visibility by focusing on the quality of your posts versus the quantity the better your posts are the more engagement they'll receive that's things like clicks likes and shares as those increase Facebook will want to show your post to more and more of your followers and as more people engage with your posts the more likely they will see your next post and the next so to get around that you could ask your followers to adjust their settings for your page so that they can get notifications each time you make an update and some of them may do it but it's probably unlikely a better option would be to run ads or boosted posts which are kind of really effective and pretty inexpensive boosting your posts to your followers that makes sure they'll see it and engage with it which will help improve your organic reach so on the flip side of that you can also use ads and boosted posts to target and find new account holders so this is where we've had a lot of success with our clients we create designs for ad campaigns with a specific focus that can be building brand awareness or promoting a product whatever it is we take that message and design custom ads and then target them to new and existing account holders based on key demographics and because everyone shares their personal information with Facebook there's a ton of different options to work with for instance you can target newly engaged couples with first-time homebuyer ads or joint savings account messages and you can target them by certain locations or interests you tell us your goals and we can set up the right targeting metrics and has can run really cheap too you know we're talking for as little as five dollars a day and you can still reach a fairly large amount of people clicks and engagements are important in this but Facebook ads are excellent for brand awareness and you can reach hundreds or thousands of people for a small amount of money the same types of opportunities they exist on the other social media channels LinkedIn Twitter you can use those for drawing attention to posts that you're writing driving people to your website Pinterest it's great for building up brand awareness so it's just using all of these different channels to fit whatever goals you have so my last note on social media is to recommend creating an editorial calendar of posts and scheduling them ahead of time this will help you save time make sure your messaging is consistent and in line with your overall marketing strategy and it also ensures you stay committed to posting which can be hard we have a tool that makes this a lot easier to do it connects to all of your social media accounts and lets you post and schedule from one single account so it's really handy if you're working with a team who you don't want to share um your login and passwords for each of your social media accounts you can just direct all of them to this one single account and keep it all organized alright so the last strategy to go over is email marketing and it really does remain the most effective form of online advertising in fact there was a recent study that said for every dollar put into email marketing on average it generates a $38 return on investment which is really good and here's why so people in your email marketing list your subscribers they have specifically asked to get more information from you they've they've either already done business with you they trust you or they just want to get to know your brand see what you have to offer and say so they're going to be more likely to you know stop and read your emails and actually act on them with that said you should really use a strategy as effectively as possible don't just send out an email for email sake your message should be really engaging and have a clear purpose you want to drive people to whatever call-to-action you're looking to accomplish whether it's clicking through to your website calling their local branch or stocking it or stopping in to talk about an auto loan you can do this with newsletter style emails that go into detail about your promotions or giving general updates to your account holders or you can use promotional ad style emails these these can tie in with your websites banners or print material materials you're generating to really push out a specific marketing message across all of your channels in an email marketing message it should have compelling subject subject lines that make people want to click through and open your email have consistent branding so people know it's from a trusted source and then have a well-thought-out marketing message and design if you're churning out the same email design the same message and promotions over and over people will eventually just tune you out and you won't get those click throughs that you need so stay on top of this and get creative another important point to make is you need to make sure your email content loads correctly and looks good across all email clients and devices whether someone is looking at your email on gmail Outlook yahoo mail on their phone or computer your email it needs to go fast and line up evenly load the correct fonts and colors and deliver the same user experience across each device so for those of you who are considering email as a marketing strategy you should equip yourself with the proper tools that will do a lot of this dirty work for you and there are platforms you can use that have the proper coating already built in take hours for instance you'll have access to tools that allow you to drop your content directly into your email without any coding it it you know it removes the risks of having your email design break on different devices and you could also go to your own email template so if you needed something really highly customized you would have that ability and you can certainly set up and manage all of that on your own or we're on hand to kind of help take your marketing message from design and coding to delivery so you don't have to worry about all of that technical stuff okay so final short note before we finish up here with all of these digital marketing strategies in place make sure you're tracking how they're working for you if you haven't already install a tracking program like Google Analytics put that code right under your website and what it'll do is it will start tracking where your website visitors are coming from you know how long they're spending on your website what pages they're viewing and give you a ton of more details that can help you gauge how successful your marketing strategies are plus it's free so that's what I had for you all today everything I've discussed here these are actually marketing solutions l kcs can help you with we know you may not always have the time to learn and apply these strategies so that's why we do all of that we're always happy to help talk with you come up with custom marketing strategies um just all designed to help you reach your goals and we also have a ton of other marketing design and commercial print solutions including custom web design and programming website accessibility evaluations and services statement printings and marketing nail design printing and fulfillment and just a whole lot more check out our website at OKC Escom or contact your sales rep on these or any of the topics I cover today if anyone has questions please let us know so thanks everyone for joining in today

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