DIY Affiliate Marketing Creating Brand Gmail Accounts

hello and welcome to 2024 this year if
you’re just tuning in to my channel for the very first time I am Rochelle my
brand is a DIY affiliate and I help new online entrepreneurs and business owners
grow an online business if you want to learn the new trending marketing
strategies to increase your network profile become an influencer create a
brand and make an impact with online video then you are in the right place I
will give you just the facts let’s get down to business first get on the right
frequency by attracting the positive energy surrounding you allowing you to
believe and manifest your goals write your goal down mine is be a successful
affiliate partnering with well-known and influential companies online repeat it
until you can manifest an image of your thoughts I use 432 Hertz it is the most
recognized and easy to listen to this is the universal frequency for manifesting
and creating there is a link in the description for
the video to listen to also if you want to have your own app which is called the
Ancients official frequencies and tones you can find that in the link in the
description now are you ready to think out of the box beyond the words to
images 432 Hertz powerful healing manifest
I am affirmations positive energy by the DIY affiliate listen to that and help
you to be able to open up your mind are you on the right frequency if you are
then you will be able to picture what the words are showing you think of a
brand as a uniform you wear for your work you must put on your uniform before
you go to work you must put on your brand before you represent yourself
unbind your brand is your representative online I have done the research and have
found this to be the easiest for new beginners Amazon Amazon is completely a
search engine in itself it is optimized you will find categories and keywords
similar to all of the search engines Amazon is my first choice I have
recently become an affiliate with Amazon to help me to create these tutorials
your success will be based on your knowledge and experience one of my
favorite sayings is you don’t know what you don’t know creating a brand for your Amazon account
will be based on the research that you’ve already done using the keyword
tools and using vid IQ along with Google Trends the first step creating a new
gmail based on the research that you have already done with the keyword tools
vid IQ and Google Trends type into the bar the search bar on top sign up and my username is going to be best survival foods and the reason is because
this is a domain name that I just registered and then next ok username is
taken let’s go 2020 it says you can use numbers and periods
but from my research it is better not to so 1049 and the google verification is
g17 9 8 7 9 g 1 7 9 8 7 9 okay and then verify date of birth gender okay so now I have
my new gmail created short recap I’m creating a gmail before I am creating my
Amazon registration my gmail Amazon Associates join for free create an Amazon account name email
which is now gonna be best survival foods 2020 at s word okay and
then create your Amazon account you okay and I’m going to save this Devere
we’ve sent a one-time password so we’re that’s why we need to go back
to our inbox and there is the Amazon verify your new Amazon account there is what I’m looking for it’s
called the OTP one-time password copy that 9 3 3 & 9 8 6 and then take it over
to my author create your Amazon account your name ok and next next ok so enter
list all top-level websites or mobile apps on which you plan to display
banners which widgets special links or other ads from Amazon Associates ok so
we’re gonna go with the Google Docs to your your document
called links I will leave the video link in the description if you haven’t made
one it’s just a very short video on creating your links decide which ones
you want to use and then just click into and copy
take it back over to your Amazon Associates and then type it or paste it
in the box and then click Add go back over to your links click right on the line and then copy into the box and then add I’m also going
to be adding the my main website and then once I finish
my website on the best survival foods 2020 I will be adding that one as well
I’m not adding it now because it’s not done so we don’t want Amazon going over
there to a place that doesn’t have anything so now this is where you choose
your ID and I believe it’s um whatever you choose so I’m just gonna put best
and then they will shorten it okay now you do have to say what is your
website about so this is just the tutorial on creating your Amazon account
if you haven’t created your website yet I will have a tutorial on creating your
website coming out traffic and monetization books elect primary topic the social networking site traffic and
monetization fur and electronics white web type of websites or mobile app nope how do you drive traffic to your
website so yes email display advertising social network forums SEO blogs lead
generation and other ok how do you utilize your websites and apps to
generate income I’m just gonna say other affiliate programs how do you usually
build links I’ll do HTML ok how many total unique visitors 500,000 what is
your primary reason for joining Amazon yes and how did you hear about us online
search okay so now you have to type in the CAPTCHA and then you must agree to the terms and
you can read them by clicking into here finish okay so this is my unique ID so
what I want to do is I want to make sure that I’m saving this and I can enter my
payment and tax information at another time in the meantime you have been
granted full access to associate central 24 hours a day if your affiliate links
have not referred qualified sales after one
under Tunisian access to associate central will be withdrawn so let’s click I just want to keep this information okay so basically what it’s saying is
that you’ve got 180 days to get qualified sales in order for you to
maintain your access to the associate central so hello and welcome to your new Amazon
Associates Santro get started traffic and monetize
I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope that it is something that you can put to
use for yourself if you have liked this video then please give it a thumbs up
and if you know somebody who needs to have this information then please share
it with them I answer all of my comments and if you
have any questions just leave the question and I will get the answer back
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you and have yourself a wonderful evening

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