Donald Trump Defends Promoting Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy About Clintons | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Thầy Park Hang Seo giận “tím người” trọng tài OMAN  khiến Việt Nam bị cầm hòa

Thầy Park Hang Seo giận “tím người” trọng tài OMAN khiến Việt Nam bị cầm hòa

The clip is for entertainment purposes only, mentioning funny moments on the pitch. It’s not our intent to offend any

100 Replies to “Donald Trump Defends Promoting Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy About Clintons | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. Are these people serious? The excuses are so bad they are hilarious. I like Marlon's comment 1950 Western? Looks like it. There is sooo much dirt on this "suicide' but I guess most of us have a good suspicion of what really happened.

  2. This ties into Pizzagate. People are waking up to the fact that a whole lot of the "ruling class" are zionist, talmudic reading satanic pedos protected by mossad.

  3. Trump blaming Clinton, ask yourself who had more to lose, Trump or Clinton? To me Trump had more to lose and let's not forget Trump and Epstein were "good friends" at one time too!!!

  4. MSNBC: As an American citizen first, Conservative second, PLEASE keep investigating this story! Do not let it slip away until we get to the bottom of this! I am outraged at the deception of the American people! Cameras had to be on so show us the truth! As for Trump, the deflection from implicating himself is apparent! I am disgusted! 🇺🇸

  5. Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress with red high heels in the front room of his New York penthouse

  6. And Trump was the only elite that has the balls to mention the conspiracy in the first place… but you people cant get past the hate you have for the man to see it

  7. Wow, I realized it’s also happening in US? Not only in Mexico, Russia and etc. He was obviously killed, who can really believe in those co-incidents ? 🙂

  8. OMG… listen to Trump babble about the island. He was much more relaxed when he was bragging about being on Epstein's yacht to the Boy Scouts of America.

  9. And now the guards will turn up dead…Soon as he was arrested i said he'll end up dead then the guards right after him.. I love my president and y'all are puppets.

  10. The conspiracy you're conspiring is that there is no connections. We already know that allegedly some of your executives are in Epsteins' blackbook; so, why are you leading your followers astray?
    Just because he's put of the way, doesn't mean the investigators have ended. Even since his alleged death the. Feds have already made it into the water surrounding the luciferian human and child sacrificial island. Not only the Clintons, but Alefantis' pizzagate is in that web, too. Your so-called news company is is barely breathing since we're getting our news directly and quicker from the authorities without your editorial room's manipulations.

  11. I'd check the bank accounts of those security guards for a very long time….the warden's especially. As for Trump and his arrogance, looks like he's trying to do a little deflection himself. Don't worry Doughboy, people have their eyes on you to. Your not the choir boy.

  12. MSNBC is probably the crappiest media outlet choice available today! So I suppose that might makes them #1at something.

  13. I'm sure it's just a coincidence every time someone is going to testify against the Clintons they don't make it to testify, permanently. Why no mention of the cameras that were "not working" at the time

  14. Actions of trump are typical to those diagnoses of schizophrenia
    Just 1 symptom is when at guilt or at expectations of blame then move blame subject matter to another subject as convincing one self of no longer at guilt

  15. It has been known since July (a month before this MSNBC propaganda piece) that Clinton made SIX multi-leg trips around the world with Epstein (not four), including two unaccompanied by secret service. Also, Epstein had a painting of BIll Clinton wearing a dress displayed prominently in his home. Oh … and Epstein visited Clinton in the white house multiple times – on record. Hmmm kinda seems like MAJOR Clinton/Epstein connections to me.

  16. Trumps old buddy Jeffery Epstein and their long dark history Clinton's Trump Hollywood billionaires wall st anyone involved in these horrendous crimes against children hangem all these satanic pedophilic child murders need to be eliminated because while their breathing more children will become victims.

  17. Trump didn't need to say anything for me to smell something fishy with the Epstein situation. Seriously guys, come on now xD stop suiciding people, you're not fooling anyone with half a brain.

  18. Donald Trump was always at the island I’d hate to admit it but I was there a couple of times and Donald Trump was naked with two high school cheerleaders. I couldn’t believe my eyes and this is before he became president, I believe it was 61 years old then, the guys a pervert.

  19. Didn't Barr go to the prison, twice before Epstein murdered himself? Barr doesn't work for Bill Clinton. Think about that.

  20. If MANBC had its way, They would give the Chiltons everything including the next election too. Still sore that Hillary Clinton did not win the election. Thank GOD for Karma is alive and well in the great USA.

  21. it wasn´t suicide .. and everyone knows it . . especially W Barr the crook . . pssy grabber in chief bad hombre

  22. If there is a "deep state", we should expect to see a massive distraction from this story in the next few days or weeks. Something catastrophic like a massive terror attack or nuke going off should be expected.

  23. Trump: Epstein was a conservative a huge trump supporter. so a known pedophile who trafficked children is a trump fan that's says alot about what he stands for.

  24. Is there any real evidence that Epstein died?
    I think he's on a tropical eiland by now. The Clintons are Flying in children from Haïti.

  25. Trump is one of Epstein's customer where do you thinks Melania comes from ! Trump didn't go to Eastern Europe to find the fourth Miss Trump he called Epstein for the hook up !

  26. Overwhelming circumstantial evidence against Bill Clinton here. 27 flights logged. Clinton caught in his lie of only 4 flights. Not to mention he has about 20 phone numbers in Epstein's black book. So why on earth are you covering for him? Clearly you are not being objective. Fake news. Also note that Trump had several phone numbers himself in the infamous black book.

  27. Trump has nothing to do with this! I’m sure at some point we’ve all been in a situation where there was a person we didn’t hang out with that showed up at a party etc. This is a diversion from the truth! We should all have some respect for our commander in chief regardless of our opinions. This is why our world is the way it is that’s my opinion. No matter how or what Trump does or says some people will always turn it in a way that suites them.

  28. Why is he always shouting over a Jet engine in all his interviews? Is it some pathetic PR stunt to appear more authoritive? Very sad and very delibrate

  29. Clinton camp should sue for libel and defamation, play Trump at his own game. Who cares about a convicted pervert, unless your one yourself. Accountability needs to be made the new norm.

  30. Funny Trump thought the island would be good spot for Trump brand hotel. if you were never there, how would you know. Hawaii wasen't working. Humm

  31. Donald.. Always the first to point fingers.. Maybe he should be put under the microscope for his actual connection.

  32. msnbc lacks discipline in a host of deliberate ways and they remind more of the lieleak attempts to 'redefine' although not nearly as you know what, which does no favors for their 'service' and even less for courageously defending against consequences, constitutional and more. now when we contrast some specifics of msnbc failures to pressure persuade or award themselves political accuracy to their concerns, they seem to become confused if expected to align with americas interests questions freedoms or responsibilities. they could do some reporting on the epstein excuse as they know the public prioritized, but they instead will only issue their insecurities clinton scam disgrace or feeble ford flopped fumbles when trying to attach it as their resentment of the presidents refusal to tell them they have been right, and all along, too. like any valid matters great or small foreign or domestic hes exponentially more qualified educated interested and effective engaging than msnbcs collective violation to democracy, insult to journalism, or any scramble for danish queen defense dialogue. he parallels the publics perception speculation based on obvious conditions which is practically impossible to avoid with a dirty dishonest deplorable democrat charade of cheating lies schemes thefts cover ups and overall inabilities to rig power or authority or control in the ways that make them feel significant important and respected. sad, lol.

  33. It finally comes a time I don’t care if you are. Republican Or Democrat to realize that Donald trump is not fit for our office of president this man sits on national television and called Americans dumb we have never had a president to disrespect the office like that I hope and pray we do better as a nation in 2020 he is not fit

  34. We don't believe half of the stuff that really happened in that jail cell. He was probably forced into suicide to save testimony against trumps abuse on that 13 year old girl

  35. I am not saying this sarcastically.
    I mean it exactly as I say it;
    If you want the truth, listen closely to what Donald trump says and believe the opposite.
    Unfortunately for him, he is literally incapable of telling the truth. It's uncanny. But it's a sure tell.

  36. His not dead, his very much alive being hidden by co defenders. Body doubles are common use for the very rich and powerful. Take a look at the body of Epstein it's close but not Epstein.

  37. The only one known to have been mentioned going to see Epstein was William Barr, who was reported went to visit the day before.

  38. Trump, Weinstein among names in phone messages in police evidence from Epstein 2005 case

    The names “Donald Trump,” “George Mitchel,” and “Harvey Weinstein” appear on handwritten slips of paper, used by Epstein’s staff to keep track of who called the house and left a message.

    Police discovered a spiral-bound message book in the Kitchen when they searched the house. Scans of the messages that appear in prosecutorial evidence used against Epstein after his first arrest in 2006 appear to be from that book.
    There are two messages that read a “Donald Trump” called, followed by a phone number with a New York area code.

  39. Trumps such a stable genius. His favourite childlike strategy is to accuse the opposition of the very thing he is guilty of. He is so easy to read. Taking moron to a whole new level.

  40. Should def be watching a channel called amazing Polly and one called unknown observer if you want to see some real sh!t about Epstein cuz they actually show the court documents and his black book with all his code names and even footage from the fbi raid in his house. Creep had a full on dentist chair in his house I’m not even kidding it’s on the official police tapes from the 2005 raid

  41. Jeffrey Epstein's murder in jail is NO false claim. All the evidence points otherwise. The major news outlets were negligent in not reporting that Jeffrey Epstein was most probably murdered. This has been verified by the Doctor on the Autopsy.
    The latest information from the Doctor at the Autopsy made that clear in his recent comments. Jeffrey Epstein is a good candidate to be another person in the "Clinton Body Count" although it spreads to Prince Andrew and a huge number of the Hollywood elite. Donald Trump is correct in admitting this case was reported negligently and a full investigation needs to be done..

  42. Sounds like a big time coverup involving guards. Some elites must not want their names brought up for arrests. Take down the ring on full blast.

  43. Conspiracy from a conspiracy network is a double negative meaning it’s most likely true…the Clinton’s wanted to keep him quiet

  44. No one could pull that of in Manhattan with out Trump herring something it’s his old play ground. I don’t believe he new nothing of Jeffery Epstein’s I’ll-gotten gains & behaviour . You can’t convince me otherwise !!!

  45. If you think for one second that he was murdered youre a fool!!!!

    Im sorry but i dont wanna get suicided. By the Clinton Body Count company.

  46. Rick Tyler's commentary is terrible. Rick would interrupt Jesus and accuse him of whataboutism when Jesus explained that he without sin should throw the first stone.

  47. Putin, Epstine, the duke of york Bribery Russian girls, maxwell, Clinton's, pizza, comet ping-pong Jon Podesta Tony Podesta, James Alefantes, child Trafficking organ trafficking adrenochrome drinking demonic parties blood letting Hollywood, Winestine, isreal. All connected like a jigsaw 100% true

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