DuckDuckGo – The Privacy Search Engine on the Rise – Secure Search – SEM & SEO

DuckDuckGo – The Privacy Search Engine on the Rise – Secure Search – SEM & SEO

Hey everyone I’m Tony and I’m Yad
and today we want to talk about DuckDuckGo The up and coming search engine which has
the potential to become a major player in the
Search market. Yad, want to tell us a bit about
DuckDuckGo? What it’s about.. Sure, so DuckDuckGo is a search engine just
like Google, Yahoo, Bing. But the thing that it
does really differently is that it won’t track
you. So Google, Yahoo, Bing you know obviously
they track you once you leave search with remarketing, with
display tactics etc. DuckDuckGo does not track you, it does not
save your search history and it doesn’t even cookie your browser.
Interesting, and I can see how that can be appealing to users who have
privacy concerns with all the recent hacking, NSA and things like that..
that’s happening right? Right, so several years ago Gabriel Weinberg
started the company without… NSA wasn’t even a concern on people’s minds.
But obviously in recent years Government spying, privacy concerns.. you
know people being marketed to.. it’s becoming a big problem and there is
a natural demand for people to go to DuckDuckGo instead of other
search engines. Very cool, what else makes DuckDuckGo unique?
So, DuckDuckGo is unique in that it relies on vertical search engines.
So it has APIs to a 100 plus vendors like Wolfram Alpha, like Yelp, Like
Wikipedia. And it tries to provide you with an instant result right on the page
instead of a link because Google you know obviously provide you with a link
based on 200 plus factors. You know based on content, backlinks on your website.
DuckDuckGo relies on these vendors so it can give you an instant answer immediately.
Interesting, so if you have a placement or a position in one of these large
trusted sites such as Yelp and Wikipedia it can help boost your.. almost your
organic or SEO rankings and your visibility. Right. Very interesting.
Now I’ve heard that Apple is looking to partner with DuckDuckGo. Right, so Apple
obviously a huge internet privacy advocate, competitor to Google of course as well,
is putting their weight behind DuckDuckGo. So obviously huge demand for the iPhone 6..
there is just a huge demand for Apple products in general. So now you can go on
your iPhone 6 and actually have DuckDuckGo as your default search engine. You know along
with Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. But also on the new Mac operating systems you will
be able to choose DuckDuckGo as your default search engine, so huge win for that..
you know getting Apple on their back. Oh yea definitely I can totally see how
that can put them on the map and just increase their visibility as a search engine.
Very interesting, now as a search engine marketer or website owner can I run paid Ads
on DuckDuckGo? Yea, no great question. So, with Google Adwords you can obviously
you know do advertising on Google Adwords if you’re an advertiser. But, how do you
get on DuckDuckGo? So DuckDuckGo is a search partner for the Yahoo Bing network.
So if you’re an advertiser and you’re opted into the search partner network your Ads
have the potential to show on DuckDuckGo’s search engine site.
Very interesting, and from the SEO perspective as we mentioned earlier if you have
citations or a position on large and trusted sites such as Wikipedia or Yelp
or other search engines that will feed DuckDuckGo’s results and you can show up
higher in the organic search results. Very cool. Yad you actually just did a blog post
about DuckDuckGo correct? Right so, I did a blog post so watch out for that on the Elite
SEM website. So, it’s everything that we just
discussed plus a lot more. Very cool and there will be
a link to Yad’s blog post in the description of the video. So you can click on that to
go read it. But, I think that wraps up everything,
yup thank you. Thanks everyone.

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