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welcome to this new video in which one will speak simply of the dates
yes how to use dates for boost your libido to stimulate
your stamina before getting into the lively of the subject if ever you are new
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follow me on social networks in this new video I’m going to
show how to simply use dates to boost your libido yes my
loves know that the dates are of many virtues and well done for your
body this is a source of vitamins
carbohydrate fiber antioxidants for you the daily consumption of
2 to 3 data will just privénir several diseases several infections but most importantly will leave you at the top of your form
know that dates simply allow to improve digestion and of course
treat intestinal disorders because it contains a lot of
fibers, you who have high blood pressure who have heart problems
this will just be exceptional for you because it will fight against
high blood pressure help to dilate the blood vessels and of course
prevent the risk of stroke thanks to their magnesium content
know that it contains potassium that will help regulate the
blood pressure and slow down the accumulation of fat in the
walls that will allow you to fight against the enemy
because these rich in iron during the pregnancy the rules or even if you
have undergone surgical operations this will be just exceptional for you
of course it will improve the activity of your brain among the
multiple benefits of dates know that it is rich in phosphorus vitamin b6
which simply allows the brain to work better and of course it’s okay
stimulate your intellectual abilities and develop your memory
this too is not good for health eyes as I told you more
top what interests us is how can it help you for your
libido know that dates bring great
amount of energy that will increase simply desire to you gentlemen
it also has amino acids are known for their positive effect on
the libido of the shadows increase endurance, just take, I
will introduce you to three ways of prepare this here
first of all we will cut your onions as you see me doing
then you will take four dates check that they are mature at maturity remove the core, cut into small pieces and
you can simply macerate two in a little bit of hot water and
drink in the evening before going to sleep of course you can wet that
also for the second recipe in a liter of water pour 100 g of dates 50 g
of cardamom and 10 grams of nails cloves, you carry it all to
boiling have a drink just the night before
to go to sleep you can do this as long as you want me
assure you it’s a real miracle for your health and in third recipe
as you will be able to see it all from following goat’s milk I would just need to
preparation of one liter of goat’s milk and 500 grams of dates
you pass everything to the mixer you leave for about 24
the time that the elements mix of course, if you do not have
goat milk you can simply use plain yoghurt
as you could see here it’s exactly the same effect let ask cool
for about 24 hours consume a glass a big glass twice a
day my friends not only will it booster
your agency but especially it goes facilitate weight loss and that’s fine
relieve fatigue pains all of these things thank you
to have a case of this video until last I tell you very soon for a
new video of course if you are not entitled
you do not hesitate to subscribe likez and comment but also follow me
on social networks kisses kisses

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