Fat Joe Exposed R Kelly Story And With Crazy Reaction 2017 Promoting Im So Excited

Fat Joe Exposed R Kelly Story And With Crazy Reaction 2017 Promoting Im So Excited

so I don’t know if everybody knows I
started out a member of digging in the crate screw yeah real hip-hop crew on
the ground one guy les no finesse comedy showbiz 80
on see fuck Wow they go no recipes so what happens is with Fat Joe came out my
rip my my wrath league was fat child against them it was factor and my first
promo I mean it has nothing to do with the story but I was cutting the nigga in
half with the hottest toppings movie cuz he went to buy my album is real shit
googling right so this is all-star weekend in Washington DC I don’t know
what year was so I’m looking and I see y’all Kelly hello
saucy y’all Kelly I’m like oh shit that’s all Kelly so I seen him in this
man was like yo I’ll Kelly gonna beat you fair I was like meet me I didn’t
even do anything it know ah right so I walk over there shit I got my army
fatigue and all that I’m like yo what’s up all Kelly seems like yo man I’m a fan
of you I love what you do for hip-hop I love the Latino shit recipes Big Pun I
want to do a song with you I’m like fucking shit is impossible this was
happening to be right charter Knox like for really this idea I want to do a song
with you but I recorded in Orlando and I was like nah not a problem at the time
I’m always scared to fly we’ll come through this and this and that so I get
in this studio is maybe like 3:00 in the morning I’ll never forget the track
masters was in there and all Kelly was in there so I get up and then I play we
Duncan he dives off the couch he grabs like a recorder he goes
Oh somebody snake a ball down right jump shit now my colleague dollar sushi I
don’t see not like this right but you know he’s a genius
someone hi kuku so he’s like whoa he’s like I saw everybody Trackmasters like
y’all we proud of you this is a here this so boom so then when I’m like I the
joke 20 hours down there you know and this is still done doubt Fat Joe – yeah
you might get beat up or front no Fat Joe at this point in time I did one time
see somebody got slept with one of his chains so this is a slightly violence
and Joe was still right so so I’m up in there and I’m like y’all and they loving
it they said I’m just waiting you know for him to go in there signal hook
whatever the case may be he was like he said yo Joe it’s like doing the morning
see you’re Joey said I got a to fake what is like my bullshit no I keep it
political on my yard y’all down 20 hours to see this motherfucker he like this or
this nigga China like boom you said no my two pi can’t do what your name I too
heard right so I’m like so I go over here to the side I’m telling my niggas
like yo this nigga fronting right he had I mean come down for this
so the craziest shit is he walks into a room this in the studio he walks into
the room to a roommate he doesn’t come out for like 15 minutes
so I’m like desperate and shit I’m like the fuck I need all to be on this song
so I’m gonna changed my life so I keep looking at the door and somehow just
walk over there and I open the door and the craziest shit is when I walk in
there he really got a dentist with thank you for watching this video you
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39 Replies to “Fat Joe Exposed R Kelly Story And With Crazy Reaction 2017 Promoting Im So Excited”

  1. The ppl dont realize, Kelly know everybody & im sure he got stories or dirt on ppl. But after all this shit & ppl frontin on him, that brotha neva said anything about anybody. Im suprised alot of ppl dont speak to his real character. All this otha shit is one sided so of course its heavy. Cant deny destiny


  3. If rkelly guilty then so are many many people around him including yes those little under certain age whores!!!

  4. Funny story but isn’t he Puerto Rican…he’s saying nigga ALOT!!! When Jennifer Lopez said it in the song w/ Ja Rule….people were sooooo upset 😡 that she said it.

  5. 🤔 Why say EXPOSED! I thought FAT JOE was gonna say some foul shhh about R Kelly, the title should of just said, Fat Joe tells a funny story about R kelly.

  6. That was funny who would think that R.Kelly has his own dentist chair in his studio his own Personal Dentist.!
    That is just crazy l guess he didn't go into the office so they came to him..!.Lol.!

  7. Exposed…..? Wow click-baited again. Sooo….he is exposed as being wealthy enough at one time to have a dentist on call…?

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