Find Backlinks in the WordPress Dashboard and Webmaster Tools

Find Backlinks in the WordPress Dashboard and Webmaster Tools

Hey guys It’s Ileane from Basic Blog Tips dot com today were over at my WordPress blog and I want to go into the dashboard and show you a few things about incoming links and how to track and find out who’s linking back to you so the first thing we’re going to do go into our to our dashboard I’m going to scroll down here to
incoming links i don’t know how many of you guys ever
pay attention to these incoming links if you don’t see this available in your dashboard that means you need to go out to screen
options and make sure you have this checked off
here incoming links okay so what you can do especially if you have
to chrome browser you can just hover over these and get
an idea of what sites are linking to you you’ll see a pop-up over in the bottom
lefthand corner right here see when I hover that tells me that it’s
coming from Blog Engage this is coming from DiTescos iBlogZone so you can cover over each one of these and find out who’s linking to u this happens to be
from the small biz trends blog this one’s from Mitch Mitchell at i’m
just sharing Ok let’s look at something else now if you’ve never use the technorati
website before now is a good time to check it out make sure you get your blog all
registered for Technorati and this is the main reason why i like
technorati well as you can see here i’d have three blogs registered okay let’s go into Basic Blog Tips now when I click that on that that’s going to
bring up my profile for that blog it’ll tell me the recent blog posts and influential reactions which basically
just means people that have linked to you that you
may not other wise have discovered and once again you can hover and see
this one’s from gadgets maniac for you notice that didn’t show up on the
incoming links and the dashboard here’s i’m just sharing we saw that one
earlier here’s one from Grow Map here’s one from the Slappy bear blog and Just Ask Kim and actually you can search for more
reactions to Basic Blog Tips and now you see there’s a list of thirty and there’s three pages so i’m not going to go through each page
but i just want you to see that this is another great way to find out who’s linking to you – this is a
really important one here this list from biz chick blogs and i wasn’t nominated as one of the top
chick bloggers and top women’s blogs for twenty eleven i would not have known that if i was
just monitoring the incoming links and my dash board now the last site we’re going to take a
look at is Google Webmaster tools this is another one if you haven’t
signed up for Google webmaster tools get on it right now! okay so we can take a look at what’s going on
with basic blog tips here we go – links to your site not only does it tell you the blog but it also tells you how many links
there are now you can see there’s thousands of
links coming from certain sites and I’m not going to through pages and pages of them i’d just wanted you to know that there’s other ways that you can find
out who is linking back to you you may want to stop over to these
blogs make sure that you’re giving them links back as well if you’re not already connected with
those people reach out to them connect with them on social media you’ll see such social networking sites
like for instance we have Blog Engage here we also have BizSugar another one that’s a content curation
tool you definitely want to go and check out and see that has seven hundred eighty-five links
and thirty of my pages are linked to so Google webmaster tools it’s going to
give you the entire gamet of sites that are
linking to you but you don’t want to miss out on those other
ones because sometimes you just want to take a quick snapshot and i would start with that the dashboard and then i would go over to technorati we have a little bit more time to go through all of these I would come over to Google webmaster tools well that’s it for now thanks so much for joining me today do me a favor while you’re on YouTube if you subscribe to my channel or go down to the bottom of the video and give it a thumbs up or leave a comment let me know how you’ve been finding out who’s linking to your sites and to your blogs thanks so much for joining me today once
again it’s Ileane from basic blog tips dot com

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17 Replies to “Find Backlinks in the WordPress Dashboard and Webmaster Tools”

  1. Awesome Ileane… OMG, I completely forgot about Tecnorati 🙂 Looks like I have work to do.. Thanks for reminding

  2. Great video Ileane – did not know all that but i also like the calm way that you explain these tips – will take a look at my webmaster tools immediately

  3. @MsIleaneSpeaks If you read latest post on oddblogger by Holly, there I made two graphics myself in that post. This is my new year resolution. Better to make my own graphics rather than getting it from other free images websites. 🙂

  4. @MsIleaneSpeaks I am using Photoshop. Actually, I am learning it. I just implement what I learn/learnt, in the graphics for my site.

  5. @MsIleaneSpeaks Yeah. I feel the same, now.
    Don't mind I am asking for it here, but I was expecting your comments on my contest entry. And a BIG thanks for tweeting my posts. 🙂

  6. Thanks Ileane; just found you. You are on my level. And right about now, I could use somebody that's on my level 🙂

  7. Great job, Ileane… I just started a weblog…and I noticed I have suspicious incoming links… how do I get rid of them? It would be nice to share that…thanks!

  8. Ileane your videos are so useful. I love hearing your voice. I wish to actually listen to all of your blog videos. Thank you

  9. Wow that is so nice of you to say. Did you find my podcast yet? Click the first link in the description and you'll see some episodes from the podcast on that page. Thank you!

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