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Just choose there. Get $2 when you share this site. This is the new site what I will be sharing, Ecoin. I will put the link in my description box. For you to sign up here and get their reward/giveaway. Ecoin is a cryptocurrency, just like
Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. This are Ecoin’s powerful features: Earn from Referral – If you refer a friend,
you can earn 900 Ecoins. Before it was 1000 Ecoins but they lowered it to 900 Ecoins to every referral. Then your referral will get 1000 Ecoins. Instant Transfer – users will be able to transfer
their coins for free after you sign up. For example, I can send Ecoins to anyone of you or to a friend. Interest on your earning – I will
explain that later. Additional Earnings – variable interest rate system. The more you save, the more you earn. You can withdraw coins to any EOS wallet
you want and operate independently. Second Level Referral – you will earn on your referrals’ referral. You will get another 225 coins. How to sign up here? Click the link on my description box then tap sign up. When you sign up, you will use your e-mail address, any email address. Enter your First name, Last name,
Email address then create a password. And, you have to agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of this site. After that, they will send a verification to the email address you used. Then, just verify your account. This is my dashboard. I already have available saving balance, 900 Ecoins. I also have 225 current balance. My total balance is 1125. This is its future value, $113. When 10 Ecoins reached $1. It will reach this amount when
there will be 1 Million users of Ecoin. The more users, the higher its value. And its current value is $2. What I did was, I just signed up under a referral link of my subscriber. Then, I received 900 Ecoins when I signed up, Then I received another 225
in the first hour of signing up. That’s how easy to receive (earn) Ecoins. What is the difference between saving balance and current balance: Saving balance is where you earn the interest from. So, I earn 10% interest here in my saving balance. So, the more balance you have here,
the higher the interest you can earn. Since I just have 900 here, so it will be 10% interest. Interest rate starts at 10% up to 15%. Then on this current balance, you can redeem it
when Ecoin releases in the market. So, as of now, Ecoin isn’t listed yet in the market.
Let’s just wait for that. Then we can withdraw our current balance. We can also transfer our saving balance to current balance. Just tap or click Unfreeze. Then enter the amount you’ll request. For example, you will request 200,
then you will tap this Request. You will wait a month for it
to reflect in your current balance. Then vice versa..
you may transfer current to saving balance. To earn interest. Just tap this Save and Earn to transfer it. Just put the amount here, I have 225, let’s enter it. Then, tap or click this Request. ‘Request added successfully’ Let’s check on our dashboard. As you can see, I now have 0 current balance. It’s now in my saving balance. I already transferred it. 1,125 Ecoins will now earn an interest in this website. How can we earn Ecoin here? Tap or click this Earn More to earn free Ecoins. First, you will earn 900 Ecoins once your email is verified. For example you signed up, (Link in my description box) When you signed up, and verified your email.. You will receive 900 Ecoins. Next, you’ll earn 225 more coins when you sign up
in the first hour of opening referral. For example, you clicked the referral link, you signed up immediately, you’ll get 225 coins more. Then, earn 900 coins more for every friend you refer. And you’ll also earn 225 Ecoins for every one you referred in the first 24hrs of your sign up. And you’ll earn 225 Ecoins extra for every one whom your friends sign up. You’ll earn staking rewards once you stake your Ecoin with a monthly freeze. This is what I explained earlier, the 10% interest. You will also earn extra Ecoins
for referring admin or webmaster emails of Top 1 domains ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 Ecoins. You will earn 100 more Ecoins for every one who views your referral link which will be credited to you once they sign up even if someone else refers them later.

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  1. Nakita ko lang to. I dont know if nakakatulong na talaga mga ganito, imposible namang makakuha ng ganyang amount, via referral siguro. For viewing purposes lang.

  2. Misleading. The title said, earn 113$ when you sign up. But you need to refer a lot and gain millions subs before you can actually earn 113$.

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