Google Pixel 3a Review – 6 Months Later

Google Pixel 3a Review – 6 Months Later

Well it’s been six months since Google
sent us our Google Pixel 3a and in that time we’ve gotten to thoroughly test
this device so in this video we’re going to go over our favorite features of the
GooglePpixel 3a, some things we didn’t like, and our ultimate recommendation on
whether or not you should buy it. Let’s dive in. The Pixel 3a has a pretty good
and simple value proposition: a smartphone with an incredible camera and
software, at an affordable price. Overall I’d say the Pixel 3a delivers on that
promise, even for people coming from an iPhone like myself. The phone is very
easy to use and let’s first talk about that transfer process. While it can take
a long time to transfer all my data from an iPhone to my Pixel 3a, overall the
process was pretty seamless especially if you already have a Google account.
Pretty much all the apps I had on my iPhone were available on Android. I
could go through and decide which ones I wanted to pull over as well as what
personal data like photos and text messages I wanted to migrate over as
well. So what do I like about the phone? Well first let’s talk about the camera
since that’s one of the main selling points of this device. Google basically
took the camera that can be found in the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL and put it
inside the Google Pixel 3a which means this phone just takes really great
photos. I mean it takes some of the best photos of any phone and with the phone
at this price point, these photos are hard to beat, even when
you compare the photos to the Pixel 4XL that I have the difference between
them is noticeable though not as much as you may expect the pixel for excel will
often look better in auto mode because the Pixel 4 has a second optical lens an
auto white balancing feature and can follow fast-moving subjects way better
and it also has a tweaked processing core that will end up just making the
photos look better. The OLED screen on the 3a is also pretty good. It’s not
flagship quality, but it’s definitely something I could use every day. Sure I
wish it had a 90 Hertz refresh rate screen, but at this price point you’re
just not going to get it. Some other great things about the phone are at
surprising snappy performance, I mean even after six months going in between
apps and the animations on this phone still feel pretty fluid. Now I’ve often
heard from owners of other pixel phones over the years that their phones slow
down over time but so far I have not noticed that happening with my 3a.
The battery life on this phone is actually pretty great and has lasted me
well throughout the day and considering that this phone is not the XL version,
that’s pretty impressive. another great thing for a lot of people
out there who haven’t switched to wireless headphones or earbuds yet is
that the 3a comes with a headphone jack, a rarity nowadays for phones. Now let’s
talk software with the Pixel 3a. Android 10 on the 3a is great it feels snappy
and pretty fast for phone at this price point. It’s Android the way Google
intended it to be and with Pixel phones, you get updates from Google first just
like when you have an iPhone as soon as Apple releases a software update, you can
download it so with the Pixel there’s no more waiting for your phone manufacturer
or your carrier to push an update to your phone. Plus if you’re coming from an
iPhone, like I did, you’ll find Android’s gesture navigation to be very similar to
iOS. Also another great thing about the Pixel 3a is the integration with the
Google Assistant. If you love using your Google Home, Nest Hub, or Nest Minis or
any other Google Assistant enabled device you may have at your home, you’ll
be really happy with the Google Assistant integration on the Pixel 3a.
It’s not quite as good as the Pixel 4 XL because the Pixel 4 XL actually has the
assistant running locally on the device, but still with the 3a it’s pretty good.
Alright now on to some of the downsides of this phone and do keep in mind some
of these are downsides simply because of where the phone is in terms of price
point. First downside there’s no waterproofing with this phone so if you
drop it in the bathtub or in the shower or whatever, like yeah…you’re
putting in a bag of rice and keeping your fingers crossed. I feel like in 2019
you should have a phone that is waterproof or at least some sort of
water resistance to the phone and it’s forgivable at this price point, but I
still consider it a downside. Number two, no face unlock. Now of course we wouldn’t
expect the Pixel 3a to have face unlock because the Pixel 4 and 4 XL came out
after the 3a did, but after playing around with the Pixel 4 XL now for
almost a month and getting used to the face unlock system which is so good on
the Pixel 4, the pixel 3a’s method of authentication while good,
just seems very inferior compared to the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL. So I now
consider it to be somewhat of a downside but again forgivable at this price point.
Another downside is now that the Pixel 4 is out you can see all the cool camera
features with the pixel 4s camera like shadow and exposure controls within the
camera app and a live preview of HDR Plus, which is something you just will
not get with a 3a. Also when the 3a has hdr+ enabled it takes much longer than
the Pixel 4 to actually take and process the photos which could potentially cause
you to miss your shot. Alright, recommendation time. Do I recommend the
Pixel 3a? Yes, I think it’s a great choice for budget conscious consumers who don’t
need the latest and greatest tech or don’t want to spend flagship level
prices. It’s great for people who just want a phone to do the regular things
they’re used, to it to be good at phone calls, text messaging, reading the news,
social media, and of course, especially with the Pixel 3a, taking photos. I think
it’s a great choice for those consumers. For graphics intensive gaming, it’s
probably not going to be as good of a choice for those use cases. This would
also make a really great choice for a first phone for your son or daughter if
it’s finally that time that they need their own smartphone. So if one of those
use cases applies to you, I would seriously consider looking at a Google
Pixel 3a or 3aXL. Now there is a caviet there though and that is we’re
doing this video six months after this product’s launch and that means we’re
already halfway into the product life cycle until there is likely going to be
a new version. Just because that’s how phones work, they have a very short
lifespan in terms of a technology product, and technology products
typically have very short lifespans. So that means Google is likely to
announce a Google Pixel 4a and 4a XL this spring if they decide to keep to
the same calendar like they did for this year, so maybe worth it to you to not get
the 3a and 3a XL and take a wait-and-see approach if you don’t need
a new phone right away. On the flip side though, with the holidays coming up there
are likely going to be very good deals on the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL and
that may be worth it to you to go ahead and jump on one of those deals during
the holiday season. Whichever way you decide to go all I can say is I don’t
think you’ll regret going with the Pixel experience. So far I’ve been very happy
with the Google pixel 3a and for the Google Pixel 4 XL which is actually
the main phone I use right now as my daily driver. Well anyways that’s it for
our review of the Google Pixel 3a, thank you so much for watching, if you’d like
to stay up to date on everything Google Pixel and Google products, make sure
you’re subscribed to the channel and if you like this video, make sure to hit
that thumbs up button below. For 6 Months Later, I’m Josh Teder, thanks for

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100 Replies to “Google Pixel 3a Review – 6 Months Later”

  1. I got mine day one. It cannot handle opening apps anymore. Freezes constantly and I keep getting asked by friends if I received their text the other day and the answer is legitimately "no" because my phone is in the habit of just not delivering messages to me.
    Maybe I just have a dud, but this thing is terrible.

  2. Just picked one up from Best Buy two days ago and can't believe how much faster it is than my S7, even though the Antutu scores are so similar. No regrets buying at black friday price.

  3. I love my 3a. Had it since the beginning of June. But seriously, I don't understand why there is no trusted face feature. Every other Android phone has it. Does anyone know why that is?

  4. You know this phone kinda reminds me as iPhone SE it's have outdated chipset, camera and etc but it's pretty useable and there is updates, security patches etc. So really hoping this phone could last 4 years with security updates.

  5. One of the best reviews I've seen. Thanks for talking about the practical aspects from different points of view, rather than just repeating the specs like what most reviewers do. Thumbs up!

  6. I had mine for a while, it's just okay. Auto rotation doesn't work at times. Google voice sucks at times even with high-speed internet connection. I remember with my Samsung phone I could expand to see picture before I text them, not with the pixel. Personally I would buy a used Samsung 10e.

  7. Everything said in this review was said by everyone a week after the phone came out. Why say it again 6 months later?

  8. tfw living in third world shithole where google doesn't even bother exporting their phones so my only choice is something like xiaomi rn7 (gcam ofc included)

  9. Picked up pixel 3a XL for $329 coming from both Samsung and iPhone. Feels like I have some learning to do. So far smooth OS

  10. Just picked up a 3a for 299 Can't wait to put the camera up against the 7pro.. Looks like Google has a winner with this one! 👍 NEVER ORDER FROM BEST BUY ONLINE TOTAL SCAM!! Had to get them from AMAZON at full price but at least I'm getting them…No thanks to Best buy😜

  11. 🥺In India we get SD665 at 100$ brand New
    Just get the Gcam app by XDA and you have pixel!
    or better Root the phone 😎
    Nice Review though!
    I love the 6months after reviewing concept

  12. Just bought the 3a xl a month ago and if you like a bigger phone it's the way to go, super quick and easy to use and the battery life is great lasts me up to 48 hours sometimes with my normal usage.

  13. I just bought the 3a at 299 to replace my pixel 3 cause I was so tired of charging my pixel 3 twice a day .. I need good battery and good camera this phone delivers

  14. The trouble with most YouTuber reviews is that they do a "review" after using the device for 24-72 hours tops. That use is relegated to their studio alone, MAYBE the roof or the surrounding block and almost always seem to be done on wifi, without their SIM in. They are concerned with being first, not being accurate and helpful. It's a very rare YouTuber that uses the phone for a week, even fewer still for a month and almost none for any period longer than that. Most don't actually review the device, they review the specs after having used the device for one or two charge cycles and on top of it they more or less plagiarize word for word what other YouTubers say. I can think of only 4 channels that give proper reviews that actually are based on experience with the device in the real world.

  15. I don't get the tech geeks blabbing about face unlock, why is it that we are willing to give our fingerprints and face bio metrics to tech companies without questions, but if the government were to ask for it, everyone would be rioting?? Communist China is mandating their citizens to have face recognition in their phones, do we want to go there??? I don't get it, my fingerprints was bad enough 🙁

  16. "sure I wish it had a 90hz screen but at this price point you're just not going to get it"
    Pixel 3a and ROG phone 2 have the same price in India

  17. If I had a kid, he or she would be getting my old 2014 Moto X as their first phone. I'm not buying them a $400 phone. They'll get what they get, and they'll like it, or buy their own.

  18. I've had my pixel 3a since launch in the US and it hasn't slowed down or lagged . Best Android in this price range I have used since coming to Android 2-3 years ago.

  19. I watched a ton of videos and read a gudzillion reviews on the pixal4. I couldn't pull the trigger. So wanting the pixal experience I bought the 3a XL. Yep, 4oo.oo bucks tax included on cyber Monday. My daily is the s10+ and let me tell you portrait shots are better than my s10+ to be honest. Both 3a's are the true value pixal phone. Luv the polycarbonate build quality over the glass sandwiche. The camera, display & battery are very good. There are no downsides to either, very good review. You want to save some $$, these are the ticket!

  20. If I had a kid and they were ready for their first smartphone I wouldn't get them this phone. I'd get them something around the €200. They are most likely going to abuse the thing. If something happens it isn't the end of the world. And they also learn how it is for those who can't afford a phone like this.

  21. As someone who wears glasses having to rely on just face unlock is actually a negative point against the pixel 4 for me. The finger print scanner is fast and works every time without issue.

  22. What are the advantages of downloading everything new onto refurbished Pixel 3a (Android to Android).
    I've had pitiful experiences with every Galaxy I have owned, and I'm thinking that if I kinda "start over" then if something was inherently wrong with the way I set up all the previous Galaxies (thus the perpetually poor performance & terrible battery life on all of them), this will prevent me from transferring such malady to another phone.
    Does that make sense?

  23. The pixel 3a camera and overall performance is good till now. But got bored with the regular black version so applied an Ebony wood and bamboo wood skin from gadgetshieldz.

  24. The pixel 3a camera and overall performance is good till now. But got bored with the regular black version so applied an Ebony wood and bamboo wood skin from gadgetshieldz.

  25. It's a good phone, now being that it does everything I need it to do at $500 to $700 less than what I was used to buying, I have to say it's a GREAT PHONE!

  26. I haven't had to charge this phone overnight since I bought it. It's given me consistent 2-day battery and even 3-day battery every once in a while. It's just such a great bang for buck buy and something I could recommend to anyone.

    It dodged some annoying trends too – face unlock is a downgrade over fingerprint sensor imo and its headphone jack was a must for me. Shame it has rounded display corners, but what are you going to do.

    This phone proves to me that the vast majority of consumers should not be spending flagship money for a smartphone. It sacrifices almost nothing that average users cares about and delivers in areas they care about most (display, camera, software).

  27. Why are you comparing the 3a to a 4? That is like comparing an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 11. Not really honest. Compare it another $400 phone.

  28. I can't tell you how disappointed I am with this device. But first, the video is great. The app doesn't stop if you're delayed starting the shoot, the clips stay right there to replay. The screen is plenty bright. Now, the telephone sound is weak and fuzzy. The ring tone I use is plenty loud on my Moto Z, but is weak on the 3a, and the internal mic is too soft for decent video recording and is not adjustable. Now the BIG problem. No matter what I did I could not pair an external mic. I took every suggestion offered here on YouTube. I talked to Google support. All the people there were not techs and had such thick accents I had to have them repeat. 3 separate calls revealed each question I asked took me nowhere except "I need a dongle". Technicians do not handle customer support issues. Nobody at Best Buy Roseville knows a thing about YouTube video or connecting an outboard mic for better sound. I have returned the Google Pixel 3a and went back to my Moto Z. The 3a is not developed enough for public sale.

  29. It's not even at the price point u can get 1000 dollar smartphones that don't have 90 hertz like iPhone and Samsung and ur complaints about the phone are sorta nonsense cause u want face unlock on a now 300 dollar phone I prefer the fingerprint sensor like u need better arguments

  30. Why are you afraid to say if the Pixel 3a has optical image stabilization in the camera and the focal length and aperture of the lens? That is a very important thing to know especially when used in low light.


  32. What am I doing wrong? I "upgraded" from my 4 year old Samsung S5 to the 3A and the camera images on the S5 actually look better. Why do people consider this 3A camera to be so great?

  33. It doesn't matter if you're a professional, a kid, poor, middle class or rich, there is absolutely no point, no reason to buy a $1,000 smartphone when something like the Pixel 3a exist

  34. Would you recommend buying a pixel 4 for 475 €? Or can I buy pixel 3a xl for 350 €? Or can you recommend another phone as good on the camera side?

  35. i im going to get that google pixel 3a soon, because of how cheap it was, AND, it has a better camera! the phone cost 315 dollors, so i hope i will get the phone soon

  36. Old geezer here — I bought my current phone six years ago [HTC One M8]. It still does essentially anything I need, however I guess I'm getting itchy for something new. This 3A seems like it will do more than I'll need for the next six years and there's no way I'm paying ~ $1000 for a phone! And I do like Google's function over form aesthetic since getting into the Nest home products. One thing I've noticed in phone reviews is that no one ever mentions voice quality in phone calls. Does no one use these as actual phones anymore? I can't imagine phone call voice quality has diminished since I last bought a phone, but I'd like to know it's at least as good. How about telling me that when the 4A appears in a few months!

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