Google Tricks You Have To Try! (Works Instantly)

yo what's up guys welcome to reaction time and today we're gonna be trying some google tricks I mean we all know Google is the most used search engine of all time but did you also know that it has some hidden tricks and games you can actually try no you didn't watch it either and that's what we're gonna be trying this these are things you can actually do in Google right now and I'll just show you how I these are gonna be so cool you guys are gonna love this without further ado let's just get right into it alright so here we have a regular page Google I didn't do anything special to it it's on it's all normal basically I'm not even signed in you can do this you don't even have to be signed in so the first trick is actually the barrel roll so all you have to type is barrel roll check this out here we go right right I think I forgot something I was like why did it not work guys that was such a fail trust me these work these work you have to click on feeling lucky this right here I'm feeling lucky let's go that's so cool that's so cool really cool Google do a barrel roll I'm feeling lucky there you go so I'm talking about that's what I'm talking about but if I search it again did you guys see that knife you starts it twice at the same time it just goes backwards look it says Google find the next one is Google gravity oh my god I'm sure you guys are gonna love this one check this out here we go show me what you got Google nothing's happening what what that is so cool now what do I do can I mess with this oh I can't do this search bar wait hold up can I start something yo I swear the ister I can search up something do you guys see that look at that I typed it in now let's enter already feats you wanna throw it up and we're gonna enter light enter all right I guess does it work oh yeah press Google search Google searches right here let's click it all right it's not it's not working all right next this is a thing this is a game Zerg rush there it is you got to basically shoot him down with your mouse just aim and shoot oh my god no please people need to know these information okay now it's coming from the side let's get it let's get it let's get it oh my god this is kind of hard to be honest did I get it did I win is that it oh no there's more here what what's got it all gotta catch em all mom you got type in play break out on Google I'm feeling lucky click that lets go oh it turns the images into blocks and now I'm playing break out I love this game such as this is a classic yes that's the favorite part just does all the work for you look at that look at that I mean how can you possibly go wrong with that my next is Google sphere check this out feeling lucky I'm feeling lucky there it is Google sphere can I still search something ok search for something I don't know I'm just clicking something search the images isn't working it just has Google similar to searches does it follow my mouse this is so cool this is so cool look at this oh yeah I just follow my mouse kind of look at this spin spin now spin back uh-huh no spin up oh sure you can do that um next is the epic search I'm feeling lucky I'm really feeling lucky okay that's not it epic your goal is this it yeah I'm feeling lucky I'm feeling lucky Google is that big this is the epic search it just gets bigger look at that I'm feeling obsessive baby epic search amazing just absolutely amazing Google and it still searches look Google when you just want to be goth and share something on Google feeling lucky the search engine is currently under heavy maintenance look that's goog off it's pretty cool all right you guys are absolutely gonna enjoy this one Google pac-man let's go I'm feeling lucky insert coin okay okay all right yeah let's go come on you can do this I died I died Google guitar yes let's do this she be coming round the mountain when she comes I've been searching I mean hearted this is Google let's do Google in 1980 let's see this I'm feeling lucky I'm feeling lucky how do I search for something on I have no idea what that's so cool okay Google search Google search how do I do that or I'm feeling lucky choose srl s happiness what is your searching why is Google so amazing let's see Google search api has been shut down in May 2016 damn it alright guys and that's gonna be some of these amazing tricks so you can do on Google if you're feeling lucky if you guys want to see a part due to this let me know but this was so much fun I'm sure you have learned a lot because I mean this is these are like those things that just waste time but you still enjoy them let me know in the comments which one of these tricks was your favorite but with that being said guests thank you so much for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed it ya'll suggest more things down below or email me our reaction time videos at with that being said thank you and I'll see you guys next time of episode until then how it going and peace out

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  2. U r so funny bro… 04:05 ''This is the epic search it just gets bigger''???? 05:34

    Lots of Luv from Somalia my favourite u tuber??

  3. if you search google sphere and click and hold on google let go in a different spot and it's google color, nothing but the google logo

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