“Google’s backyard birds”— a Photowalk

“Google’s backyard birds”— a Photowalk

(camera shutter) – Here we are at the Google
campus, not a problem. – Isn’t this beautiful?
– This is amazing. And the marsh land is right over there. Okay, the name of this is
the San Fransisco Bay Trail. And there’s parking and you just drive behind Google, in a nutshell, and it’s acres and acres
of marsh land and birds. – [Chris] Miles and miles
as far as you can see, marsh land and birds. – [Jefferson] Behind the biggest
tech campus in the world. (goose honking) – Oh, jeez, that’s nice. – There’s Jefferson taking a photo. – Yours is bigger than mine. – [Chris] Yeah, it makes it better right. – [Jefferson] But mine is 600
millimeter and so is yours. – Morning
– Morning – We’re here just after sunrise. – If you look back behind
us, huge Google development yet, here all this great
land has been untouched. – Isn’t that amazing. Yeah they preserved it
forever, hopefully forever. And it’s just a haven for all these birds. – [Jefferson] Tell
everybody what we’re going to see this morning. – Every kind of exotic
bird you can imagine. [Birds Honking] – Chris just told me that
I should walk the plank. Look at this. I think I am getting wet today. We made it! [Camera Shutter] – I’m always telling Chris they joy of getting up early for
photography, which he knows. Look at this bird. We’ve got a reflection and a shadow at the same time. Two things we just would
not get later in the day. [Camera Shutter] – God, it’s so amazing.
You need a pretty long lens but oh my gosh. What I
am seeing through here is just so spectacular. – [Jefferson] It’s just amazing there is this much open space in the Bay Area. – Yeah isn’t it something.
And nobody knows about it. – [Jefferson] Well they do now. – [Chris] They do now. – Oh Jefferson, look what we got there. – Oh my gosh. – Look how pretty. (Goose Honking) (Birds Honking) (Goose honking) (Goose honking) (Goose honking) (Bird honking) – Let’s walk over the bridge. This is kind of the end
of the trail, is it not? – Pretty much the end of the trail. The end or the beginning
depending on how you look at it. – Well thanks for bringing me here. You got Google right over there. This was pretty amazing to think
that all this land is here. – (Chris) Isn’t that amazing.
– (Jefferson) Wide open. – I know. – So I hope you enjoyed this photo-op with Chris, a.k.a. Baldie. Check
him out on Cake, Cake.co. – That’s right. – You’re @Chris on Cake? – Yup I am – I’m @jeffersongrahamphoto – Yeah. We saw some good stuff there. – Well thank you. If
you enjoyed this video please watch more. If
you have any questions hit me up in the comments
below. Look for me on Twitter or Instagram where I’m @Jeffersongraham. You actually want to hit up Chris on Cake, that’s where he wants to hear from you. – (Jefferson) Yeah definitely.
– (Chris) I do. – Tell them what Cake
is. I always describe it as an online forum for people
who are nice and supportive. [Chuckle] – That’s true, so far so good. It’s around your interests.
So you have interests that you can’t talk about
with your friends and family on Facebook because maybe it’s
you’re deep into photography, you got a big lens like that
and you want to talk that and it’s going to bore your
mother and everyone else. So you come to Cake and
you follow your interests, on Facebook you follow people.
Your uncle is there anyway and he’s publishing politics
you don’t want to hear, so come to Cake. – Alrighty. Do Chris a favor, check us out on Cake and I’ll catch you on the next phot walk. – And we’ll see you there. – It’s pretty cool what you
can find if you’re willing to get out of the car,
open up your camera eye and do a little exploring, right? Now the San Francisco
experience is a little unique with 500 miles of these trails.
But what’s in your backyard? I bet it’s pretty cool too. Meanwhile, I was blown
away by Chris’s photos. I’m sure you were as well
and you’re probably wondering “how did he do it?” Well there is that $12,000
lens and his talent. Beyond that he’s got some tips for people who don’t have the giant lens. He’s in Costa Rica right now.
Let’s just bounce to Chris. – But even with a smaller camera you can get some pretty great
shots. Even with an iPhone, if you just hold down the shutter button it’ll fire like a rapid machine gun. (imitates rapid shutter) You can get some pretty good birds. Especially if you get them
when they’re squawking or looking for food or taking flight. Something that generates
some kind of action. Anyway I loved going out
and shooting with you Jeff. Anybody can find me on Cake.co. I’m @Chris Thanks a lot. – Be sure to stay tuned
for more photo walk videos. We got them right here and right here. Thanks for watching, I’m Jefferson Grant.

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  1. Love it, Jefferson. 🦆 Great shooting with you. I’m impressed that you could keep the egrets and geese in frame with that long lens and not have it be insanely shaky.

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