GTA San Andreas - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Remix (Grand Theft Auto)

GTA San Andreas – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Remix (Grand Theft Auto)

[Applause] [Applause] did you know san andreas as three cities closely referenced three real-life cities in the western United States lo Santos meaning the Saints takes the place of Los Angeles san fierro replaces san francisco and las venturas replaces las vegas the state is named after the San Andreas Fault a crack in the Earth's crust were two tectonic plates meet appropriately the San Andreas Fault is located roughly in the middle of Los Angeles San Francisco and Las Vegas Rockstar also took inspiration from their home country of Scotland the garver and Kincaid bridges are based on the Forth Road Bridge and the fourth rail bridge respectively which link Edinburgh to Fife geography aside san andreas' also takes inspiration from media and world events for its setting and characters according to co-writer and rockstar games co-founder dan Houser the game's comedy came from a dry British sense of humor with the six riders constantly wanting to push boundaries its satire was levelled at the broader weirdness of American culture action movies and consumerism as dan Houser said they're all British and looking at America from the same perspective the game alludes to the film menace to society multiple times including a Grove street gang member who's modeled after the character Oh dog in the game second mission an employee at a pizza restaurant says I feel sorry for your dad this is a nod to a line in the movie actor clifton powell played both Big Smoke in San Andreas and chauncey in menace to society additionally the character Allen Crawford is fashioned after the character trait styles from boys in the hood both menace to society and boys in the hood were released in 1992 the year the game is set in keeping with its satirical tone part of the game's narrative alludes to real events the real-world LAPD rampart scandal saw many members of the crash anti-gang unit involved in misconduct this created false arrests excessive force perjury and planting false evidence it was one of the largest cases of police corruption in American history with numerous cases remaining unsolved in san andreas' officer Tenpenny blackmail CJ into working with crash and is shown to be corrupt throughout ten Penny's acquittal and the resulting riots in Los Santos parallel the 1992 LA riots in 1991 taxi driver Rodney King was beaten by four officers wielding night sticks despite video evidence the officers were acquitted of all charges in 1992 this led to riots across the city with more than 2,000 injured and over 50 killed rockstar didn't shy away from uncomfortable subject matter including open criticism of their competition during the mission Mad Dogs rhymes a guard remarks this is a dig at driver three a game by reflections interactive considered by many to be an inferior clone of GTA their billboards in the game that read get rid of old rubbish fast true grime street cleaners referencing the 2003 action game true crime streets of LA another parody can be seen with the bulletproof glass Max Payne a nod to Max Payne a hidden easter egg can be found in area 69 a thinly veiled parody of area 51 which is often the subject of alien conspiracy theories by using cheats the player can find a normally inaccessible part of the facility with a crowbar lying on a table this is a reference to the game half-life which also took place in a facility associated with extraterrestrial activity half life's protagonist Gordon Freeman wields a crowbar despite their seemingly disrespectful attitude towards other titles Rockstar were inspired by many games they adopted a magpie mentality taking what they liked from other games and putting them in San Andreas the team was impressed by the open space and smugglers run for example and incorporated similar technology into driving through the countryside when prompted about a morality system during an interview dan Houser replied that it's left up to player choice outside of some main story missions players can be moral or immoral by choice rather than having morality imposed on them by the game Rockstar references other games in the GTA series as well the Jack Queen and King cards and video poker featured characters from both GTA 3 and vice city Claude and Catalina also make a cameo in the mission farewell my love they moved to Liberty City after the mission leading to the events of GTA 3 the mission sink marks bistro sees CJ return to Liberty City though the only playable location is st. marks bistro despite this a large part of the city has been modelled but without collision programming using a cheat device and a jetpack to avoid falling through the floor the player can move outside the Bistro the mission body harvest takes its title from the Nintendo 64 game of the same name created by Rockstar North back when they were called DMA design the game paved the way for GTA success on the PlayStation 2 in a number of ways it was the company's first 3d outing and ended up driving them to develop for the ps2 Nintendo was slated to publish the game but was unhappy with its violent content supposedly Shigeru Miyamoto wanted less gore and more puzzles Nintendo eventually dropped the project splintering the two companies and leading DMA to seek a new publisher san andreas' has a handful of original Easter eggs climbing the South Tower of the Gantt bridge will reveal a sign that reads there are no Easter eggs up here go away the visitor center lists in-game facts about the bridge such as the fact that it has 11 textures and takes up 1.27 megabytes of disk space failing the mission running dog while CJ is overweight results in unique dialogue with Big Smoke he advises CJ to go to the gym and lose some weight the player also can't initiate missions involving the jetpack if CJ is too heavy collecting all 50 oysters grants many boons one of which allows the player to date any potential girlfriends regardless of sex appeal this is a reference to the supposed aphrodisiac effects of oysters rumors have persisted for years that Bigfoot can be found in the game numerous suppose its sightings exist the authenticity of which are often contested the release of the PC version made mods widely available complicating matters even further for their part Rockstar have been evasive about the subject sometimes outright denying Bigfoot's existence and sometimes being antagonistically coy the Japanese release of san andreas' was published by Capcom the game received a Z rating from Japan see ero video games rating board which means players had to be 18 or over to legally purchase the game even with this age gate the Japanese version was still censored in January 2007 Capcom announced several changes to the game this included pedestrians not dropping money when killed and players were now unable to hit a character if the character was already dead missions containing explicit sexual acts or murder were also censored or removed entirely as well as regional changes there are also several differences between the PC and console versions of the game when having prostitutes in a vehicle the console versions keep the noises made by CJ and the girl in the PC version you can only hear the vehicle bumping the PC version also has more shrubbery but only shows one phase of the Moon it's either full or not visible more vehicles spawn in the ps2 version however drivers get more aggressive after you run into them on the PC version skin options were reduced from the PC version because of the game's health mechanic where the character could be normal buff or fat depending on their choices Rhys skinning the character became more difficult due to the different body shapes cooperative play was removed for the PC version of the game but can be added back with the use of mods speaking of cut content san andreas had to leave certain things out of the final product there are three total gangs that go unused including an Italian mafia there are also multiple cut character models that seem intended to add distinction between the cities there are different taxi drivers police outfits and motorbike cops for each city the models also had unused voice and sound files some unused audio exists for a skateboarder character who is fully voice-acted and would even have ridden the skateboard there's also data and the game's code suggesting skateboards would have been used as both a weapon and a vehicle for CJ the model and texture still exists in the game but there's no way to fully reenable its weapon and vehicle capabilities this idea was revived by Rockstar and implemented in their next release bully though there's code present for it in the game a quadruple insane stunt can't be completed due to a coding error a similar error prevents the player from being rewarded for completing perfect insane stunts though these issues can be fixed by those willing to tweak the game's code there are also a number of deleted missions impounded as the title suggests sees the player retrieve a fancy our CJ and Cesar were working on after it gets impounded there would have been a sequel mission to that called holdup also featuring Caesar while there's a mission called Doberman in the final game a second Doberman mission exists in the code this unused mission is a drug bust that CJ has to complete for officer Tenpenny the mission named Doberman in the final game was originally called gang wars the tanked up mission would have had CJ controlling a miniature tank to destroy buggies Berkeley had set against zero the mission the truth is out there was supposedly meant to be given by the truth after he was held up in Bayside for entering area 69 the mission all-terrain takedown would have seen CJ entering big smokes palace although many missions were cut san andreas' had the capability to support mission packs which would add additional content interestingly this leftover functionality is now exploited by modders to add user created missions into the game there were rumors the rapper 50 cent was going to play CJ in the run-up to the game's release as CJ could be read as a contraction of Curtis Jackson 50 Cent's real name however Rockstar denied the claim telling electronic gaming monthly he had nothing to do with this sequel did you also know that many false rumors were spread about waluigi appearing in both super mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine check out the digital gaming video on mario rumors for more you

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  1. Can you mute your goddamn iPhone asshole? I don't want to keep hearing those stupid little bell chimes! DYKG can you fire this dickwad please? Thanks!

  2. Los Santos, meaning the Saints. Oh shit I know where Saint's Row got it's name from now.

    I hope for the day that GTA3 and Vice City will be playable on an Xbox One(or the next Xbox, whatever). I fairly recently got San Andreas installed, and while it was fun, it just made me wish I was playing 3 or VC instead. San Andreas was always my least favorite out of the original 3 3D games. SA is still a ton of fun, and good ol' classic GTA, but…it's never been quite as fun for me as the other two.

    Also, is there a DYKG for Saints Row 1 and 2? I'll have to check. If not, I'd like to see them.

  3. Me playing Bully: I'd be cool if you could use the skateboard as a weapon.

    Watches vid*
    I hope R* implements the skateboard as a weapon.

  4. You could have given a special shoutout to South America, where the game is not only modded on a regular basis but played regularly as well.

  5. I don't see how the Japanese can be so perverted and have such a murderous past but still act like a bunch of pussies in games. We can condone jerking off to women getting raped by tentacles but oh we better censor genitalia and blood. Don't want to corrupt the children or some bullshit

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