Hannover Messe Preview 2020: Promoting Partner Country to German and international media [SUB ENG]

*yawns I’m still sleepy… simple. diplomat. from. Indonesia Today, I have an assignment to go to Hannover I am now at the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and will hop on the train very soon *Frankfurt main train station – Hi everyone
– We are at the Messe Hannover – to attend the….whatzits called?
– Hannover Messe Preview I am now with Andit One of the important persons, no wait…key persons
(*sorry for the video quality) with regards to Indonesia’s participation in Hannover Messe 2020 Let’s have a little chat What is Hannover Messe Preview? Hannover Messe Preview is a means for the Partner Country to inform the media, there were 200 media journalists present today about what we will deliver in 2 months time, in April Our Ambassador conveyed a presentation about the objectives, purpose and what we aim to achieve in Hannover Messe 2020 this April So that was the Hannover Messe Preview today 200 journalists 150 from Germany and 50 from other countries Is it true that the President will attend? Yes, it’s true! Is it true that 170 Indonesian companies will be present? Yes, it’s true! Is it true that jengkol (stinky bean/archidendron pauciflorum) tastes better than petai (bitter bean/parkia speciosa)? Yes, it’s true! *you need to be really Indonesian to get this joke Coordination meeting with Indonesian Embassy, Consulate General in Hamburg, and Consulate General in Frankfurt Time to return to Frankfurt We are finally back in Frankfurt after taking the train for…how many hours was that? two and a half hours
*2,5 hours x 2=5 hours journey We had an all day assignment in Hannover So we started before the sun came up until the sun has set down again “pergi petang pulang petang” Let’s hope that Hannover Messe in April be a success Amin Bye everyone! Until next time!

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