How Much MONEY I Spend in a WEEK as a 29 Year Old in Austin, Texas πŸ’ΈπŸ’³πŸ€ 

Shout out to Squarespace for
sponsoring today’s video. I am a 29 year old girl, woman, lady living in Austin, Texas. Is this kombucha or is it
sweet tea? I’ll never tell. Hey YouTube world, it’s me, Evelyn. What I will share in this video is
how much money I spend in a week. It’s a pretty popular video topic here
on the YouTube internet lately because we’re all a little bit nosy. I know you, I know y’all nosy. First we have to do some quick maths. Some arithmetic because in this video I’m
not just showing what I spend day to day. I’m also going to include
my bills in this calculation. And that’s something not everyone
does in these types of videos. And I think that’s the nosiest part of
it. That’s what people want to know. You’re not gonna tell us how much your rent is? I will not be including my work expenses though. So if you
want to know what my work expenses are, tell me in the comments below and I
will try to make a video about it. But this is not that. I got
my computer right here. Okay, so let’s begin. Shall we? Rent So my share of the rent is $1,030 so
per week divided by four I’m paying $257 and 50 cents rent includes pest control, trash, and some other fees that I don’t know what they be doing, but it’s out the account. Utilities. So in addition to rent, I put in $356 per month
for utilities. Weekly, that’s about 89 bucks. That is actually way more than what my
bills really costs per month and per week. I overpay by about $200 a month, which means I’m overpaying
by about $50 a week. The budget I use for myself right now, how I got these numbers is based on
imaginary numbers shooting high before I ever moved in. Right? So now I’ve been living life
and I have the actual numbers, but I still pay that higher
amount because I can. Hallelujah. I didn’t want to redo
the math of my budget. And also it’s a cute little buffer for
things like buying lots of cleaning supplies or food and drank for
a party that I’ll never have. Um, it’s not my emergency funds.
It’s a little breath of something, a little extra something something. And now for my regularly
occurring expenses, health insurance, listen to this. Health insurance monthly Kill me now. Life insurance, I pay $152.75 That is $38 and about 18
cents. On to happier things. Um, Spotify, I pay $10.81 a month
for my Spotify account per week. That is $2.70 to
listen to all the music I want. And I do. Netflix, which I usually count
as a, a work expense, but I’m going to include it here. I
paid $14 and 6 cents a month for that, which divided by four means per week. I’m paying about $3 and
52 cents for Netflix. Audible, I do pay for audible. I listen, listen to my audio books and that
is $16 and 18 cents per month. It’s like four bucks a
week. After all of that, we still got to live life cut to Evelyn
from the past and roll that beautiful vlog footage. Happy Monday. I’m gonna
go ahead and open this window. even though there’s no sunshine. It’s about 10 o’clock in the AM I really want to go buy a juice or a smoothie, but I got the stuff
in the freezer, so… A nice beige smoothie. Cheers. Alright, so went to the grocery store. One of my goals this year
was to cook more for others. So having a little bit of a neighborly dinner, Creamy Cajun pasta. So I bought the ingredients for tonight’s
dinner along with some dessert along with a salad for lunch right now when I get home and
altogether that was $35 and 53 cents. Today we not drinkin no subpar smoothie. I need to go to the store
to grab a cleaning supply or two and I’m a give me a little
some delicious in the process. Cleaning supplies, almost $10. Gas, almost $23 still need to find some juice, some breakfast. So what had happened was it ain’t no juice places
by me now . So I got Shipley’s. Happy Wednesday, it’s
the middle of the day, it’s like almost 2:00 PM
and I was like, Oh yeah, I’m filming this video. Today, This package doesn’t count cause
I didn’t buy it this week. HEAUXS! Today I went to FedEx printing something
for this other video that I’m filming today that I’m working on today. And then
I was also going to buy a glue stick, um, for the video. And so, you know,
I go to the register and I’m like, Oh, they got glue sticks let me get
a glue stick. And she says, no need, goes in the back and get, gives me one of their
glue sticks for free 99. And I was looking at
her like, I can have? They gave me a glue stick for free. So I didn’t have to spend $2 on a glue stick. That’s humanity. Anyway, I’m really hungry. I’m going to eat some Hello
Fresh leftovers, free 99. That’s my Wednesday so far. And we’re back. Um, I
lost steam vlogging. I stopped altogether, it seems. Now
that I look at this footage. I’m gonna read my bank statements
and finish off the week. So on Friday went to the movies again
and I paid $10.50 to see 1917 the party continues. I spent $18.36 at….. Huh? Oh, I spent that at… CiCi’s Pizza. We all, you know, I was like,
Hey, we hood rich. Like let me, let me drop a 20 on this pizza buffet. I think that’s it. What did I do on Saturday? I spent $19.44
at the beauty supply store. I also spent $15.07 on a salad. I went to forever 21 and
spent $89.69 I spent a grand total of….. $659.16 spent in a week It is what it is. I actually have a meeting with Julia of
the PBS digital studios show 2 cents. Um, and she’s gonna help
me go over my finances, get my life together. So
we’ll see what she say. Obviously this is not a typical week
because I was getting ready to go on vacation. That’s why I bought the clothes, but I am grateful that I had a lot of
free meals because of Hello Fresh things like this helped me kind of slow
down and reevaluate what it is I’m doing and why. It is what it is. In the meantime and in
between time lets pay a bill, shout out to Squarespace for
sponsoring today’s video. I do pay for that service and I
have for quite some years now. It is a work expense and
it’s money well spent. I’ll let voiceover Evelyn tell you why.
Squarespace gives you a powerful and beautiful online platform
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domain. If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them. I am not a
real estate agent, I am not Google. And in the comments below, let me know if openly talking about
money is nerve racking or taboo in your culture or your family and I
will see you on the internet somewhere. Bye.

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