How search works (The CRAZY truth about the way we search.)

How search works (The CRAZY truth about the way we search.)

(upbeat music) – Search is evolving,
and Google is evolving, but I like to say that
Google is the comfort food of search, it’s the meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas of search. We like the 10 blue links, they tell us where to go, you can ask it almost any question, it gives you the answer you want or need immediately most of the time. But search is changing. In fact, when I was putting
this presentation together I went looking for pictures of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas,
but I didn’t go to Google, I actually went to Flickr,
and there are 22,000 pictures of meatloaf, mashed potatoes
and peas by the way. It took me about 11 minutes
to find that one picture that I wanted to use, and
by the end of the search I was actually hungry for meatloaf. (audience laughing) So I was like, you know
what, I’m gonna make myself some meatloaf for dinner. But I didn’t go to Google,
I went to, and I looked at this
recipe from Janet Caldwell, it’s got 100, what is it, 22,000 people have rated this four and a half stars, this must be amazing meatloaf. I start reading the recipe, it
seems really too much for me. I’m like, you know what, this is, I’m not gonna make
meatloaf, let’s be real, I’ll go out for meatloaf. (audience laughing) But I don’t go to Google, I go to Yelp, and I say best meatloaf
in Boston, Massachusetts, which is where I live,
and I find two restaurants that I remember, this is my
initial consideration set, this is Pops Restaurant
which is awesome by the way, but the parking is terrible, and I’m like, I’m not dealing with that,
so I’m not going to Pops. And then there’s the All Star Sandwich Bar which is amazing, it’s
loud, they’ve got music, lots of beer, it’s a
very social environment, there are TVs so I can watch the game, and I remember that for
all the reasons I love All Star Sandwich Bar, my wife does not, (audience laughing)
so we’re not going. So I’m like, you know what,
maybe I should make meatloaf, but instead of reading a recipe,
why don’t I go to YouTube and watch a video on how to make meatloaf. But this video is 10
minutes and 12 seconds long, I have ADD people.
(audience laughing) I can’t watch ten minutes
of making meatloaf, I mean, are you kidding me? So I go to where you can learn how to do anything in
five minutes or less. (audience laughing) And I start watching this
video which is awesome, this is three minutes and 25 seconds long, I’m really into it, I’m
like, I can do this, I can do this, I’ve got that, and then she says, “you
need a meatloaf pan.” And I’m like, crap, I
don’t have a meatloaf pan. (audience laughing) So I go to Amazon, I order
myself a meatloaf pan, it should be here in 24 hours, I’ve got some time to kill,
you know I’m a history buff, and I’m like, wait a second,
who invented meatloaf? Well, it’s the German
Americans from Pennsylvania, thank you guys for inventing meatloaf, you’ve made my life
wonderful and comfortable. And then I look at this picture which doesn’t look that
appetizing, and I think, you know what, I’m really
trying to lose weight, I wonder how many calories
from fat are in meatloaf? So I go to Wolfram Alpha, I type in two pounds of ground beef, it tells me 1,138 calories from fat. That is digusting people. (audience laughing) I can’t believe I was
even considering this. (audience laughing) Who eats this? (audience laughing) So I go to Facebook and I
join the Meatloaf Sucks group. (audience laughing)
(audience clapping) It turns out there are 30 other people that hate meatloaf as much as me. (audience laughing) And one of these people
wrote an 1,100 word essay on how much he hates meatloaf. (audience mumbling) And he hates it so much
because he got E. coli when he made meatloaf at home once before. And I’m kind of a hypochondriac, and I’m like, what is E. Coli? (audience laughing) I have no idea. I’m reading this article,
I’m completely petrified, and then it says, “you
need to get your meatloaf to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.” I don’t have a meat thermometer,
what am I supposed to do? And then I think, you know
what, if you want to know the pulse of the nation at any one moment, all you do is go to Twitter
and type in a search. So I type in meatloaf
and there are two things that jump out at me, “hey,
I do, laughing out loud, my fiancée makes a banging meatloaf.” I’m pretty sure that a euphemism (audience laughing)
by the way. So I just ignore that. This one says, “finished my meatloaf, still not got a clue what
the hell I just ate.” I’m very confused, I’m
like, you know what, I don’t want meatloaf pan anymore. So I go to Amazon, I type in meatloaf so I can cancel my pan, and I get Meat Loaf, the artist. (audience laughing) Right? Meat Loaf, Bat Out of Hell
is a phenomenal album, right? I mean, that is good music, (audience applauding) (laughs) it’s a really good album. Does anyone here know
Meatloaf’s real name? I don’t either, but it’s Marvin Lee Aday. (audience mumbling) He’s from Dallas which I didn’t know. And then I remember something that I saw way back here on Twitter, “On the bill tomorrow night
The Bank of America Pavilion, VIP tent for Meat Loaf”. So I go to Ticketmaster, I order two tickets to
the Meat Loaf concert, my wife and I get some Meat Loaf tonight. We take a bunch of pictures
of Meat Loaf in the venue, in the morning I upload them to Flickr, and I’m like, wait a second, I was here 24 hours
ago looking at pictures of meatloaf on Flickr, yep, this is how the internet works, this is how people buy. We’ve all done it, right? I know you’ve gone online to check out the latest and greatest in mattresses, and two days later new
golf clubs arrive, right? (audience laughing) I know. (upbeat music) Just because there is
more information available does not mean one can consume more.

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