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88 Replies to “How to add or claim your business on Google”

  1. How about for countries (like Vanuatu) that only use Coordinates? How can businesses there list their business on Google maps?

  2. How to reclaim or Delete existing business List.

    Hello google,

    our company have listed on google my business / google map.
    but we don't have access (admin ) right of that. and images and few other information also not correct ( needs to update).

    my question is how to reclaim business list so we can update it.

    if you search "znet" in google you can find it.…….0…1c..64.serp..0.0.0.FLLPyO_SB7A

  3. Can a web designer or manager claim his client’s / employer’s Google+? Formally, it is not their business. Therefore, web designer must lie to Google. Web designer will end up with multiple businesses in his Google account. The other way is creating multiple Gmail accounts. That is what spammers normally do. Is such lying ok from Google point of view?

  4. I went to claim my listing and it doesn't show me any place to enter the code. It just keeps taking me back to the phone or postcard option. Can someone help?

  5. I would like to delete one business account. In order to verify, I need to change the address that post card will be mailed to since the business was closed a while ago and we do not do business at the address on the list . Our business is under a different name and went ahead and create another account already.
    Please let me know how to change the address for the post card.

  6. we put our business on the map; if we search our name, it comes on map…. but it does not show up in a "product + city" search map! two competitors do appear in such a search. any idea why?

  7. What if my official address doesn't match the real one? I would like to receive a verification code on my official address, but it's not the same I put on the map.

  8. Hello,

    My store location (address provided during verification) is not open yet, nor do we have a mail box.

    Can you please advise on how we can receive verification via another option (e.g. phone call, email, text, etc.)

    Thank you,

    Mango Mania

  9. Another "how easy it is" type intro that forgets to mention an elephant in the room. To start opening your GMB listing or claiming ownership to existing listing, first, MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN TO GOOGLE ON THIS COMPUTER WHERE YOU WILL DO SEARCH WITH GOOGLE ACCOUNT/EMAIL that you want to be considered the owner of the listing. Google NEVER asks "which Google email do you want to use for this listing". It assumes the one currently logged in is the owner, and silently records it. If it happened that you created GMB listing while logged in with wrong G account, you will need to  go through "transfer ownership" procedure. I wish one of these "easy" intros mentioned such important fact!

  10. Hi, I was trying to put our company business in Google Map. but in the country area, I can't find China. May I know the reason?
    All the countries could be chosen except China, what's the problem?

  11. Hi
    I requested postcard 2 times and have waited almost 1 month each time but haven't received the same for once. Please help.Each time google suspends my business for being non-verified but I have requested with proper and correct address.
    Please help by provide me call or mail verification please..Plz help…..

  12. I had followed the steps in the video and had requested for the verification post code trice in the last 45 days, but I haven't received a single post yet at my location, could you please help me.

  13. We do not receive mail at our physical address. Verification shows receipt only to the business address. How can we have the verification sent to our mailing address ?

  14. I requested my business verification code about 2 months ago, but still have not received it. How can I verify my business in Belarus any other way? Google offers only By mail. ((((

  15. i have been trying to claim my business for years now but the mail never arrive
    i checked the help page and it's says saudi arabia are supported but the mail never arrive !?

  16. Hi my business (Cafe Spice, Redruth, TR151JT), does shows up in Google Map, however only when someone searched for it.
    What it doesn't show is the "knife and fork" symbol (that pins/recommend restaurants/ eating places on the Map), on my business location. I have also noticed through Google My Business that the restaurant is published in Google Map.
    So I really don't know why the "knife and fork" symbol doesn't show up in my business location?
    Please help. Thanks

  17. I haven't received my verification code by mail, but the business number being viewed is not the one i listed for the business account. Will this change with verification or how can i fix it?

  18. Hi, do you have any contact number or email add so we can contact you directly?we need assistance regarding this. Almost 3 months since we did this, But we haven't received any verification code.tnx


  20. The postcard did not arrived. I have tried on other businesses that I manage for our partners and it is the same, the postcard did not arrive. What can I do to verify the businesses, as I don't have the CALL ME feature?

  21. Your verification process is an absolute joke! your call centre us useless and none of your procedures make sense. why cant you verify all business's with a phone call or email only? post office never works and video call is not safe. if you're running a bed and breakfast….would you show people the inside of your house? hell no!

  22. Hi, can someone advise and assist me, i was trouble to verify my business,,,, i was claim, but until now never receive postcard. Please someone to help me.

  23. We are located in an extremely rural area where there is not direct door-to-door mail delivery, only to the post office (ie PO Boxes). I need an alternative method, and there does not appear to be one available.

  24. Hii, I have a verified Google business account. I need to add profiles icon to it, which are available in various company profile on Google business. Pls, do help as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  25. مشكورون على خدمة الصالح العام هنيءا لعملكم المشرف

  26. I searched for my business on google and google maps and nothing showed up. Do I have to create a google maps listing? If I do that will it make a google listing for my business as well?

  27. Army Google business advertise Kotecha Kintu parchina help kar dena is number mein8436668132

  28. how can someone else claim your business when they are not the rightful owner? to me that's not right. so if someone do that is it something a rightful owner can do legally?

  29. I've verified my business but it doesn't show up on search or maps. Should I delete the whole thing and redo the process?

  30. here in india one person came to my shop and asked me to pay 1000rs for listing my business on google. I dint give him a rupee. I asked him to go.

  31. So, how is it a actual locksmith with 20years experience can't get listed in my business, but 3 scammer, a tow truck guy, and a florist can be in that area listed as locksmiths? Meanwhile they conned me into giving them money for AdWords then suspended my account…

  32. Hi Guys,

    I live in Dubai – UAE. And I already have one Cafe up and running. However I am trying to Verify my second location but I keep getting e-mails from Google that they can not verify my affiliation to the business. I already sent my passport, trade license, my account link with Google AdWords. But it seems impossible and frustrating to verify my second location. Guys, please pay attention that Post Cards are hard to get in Dubai. And you should have an easier way to verify a second location, specially when you are verified in the first. I am very frustrated with this service.

  33. If you are looking to get found by your local customers on Google, Yelp, and on mobile; we can help with that. Learn more at

  34. I totally agree that your verification process is a most cumbersome and unreasonable procedure. There should be a simpler way to do it via phone or email. The post card does not make sense. It can get lost in the mail. But, why should I verify an account that I created. In my case, I found that the email for my account is not mine. Now I have to wait until a descifre your procedures before this can be corrected. I have already spent several hours trying to fix this problem… and I am not done yet. Unbelievable!

  35. nice Video,
    Are you having problem with Google my business account? Need customer service advice yes if you want to know about Google my business listing or any kind of services like how to verify or how to claim your business on google you can try this link for more knowledge and idea-

  36. What I need to type in contact name?(for verification) Isn't email?
    I typed my email address but it said that cannot accept numbers… But my email address got number then how?

  37. Hi Google, i can't verify my google business account even i able to log in. The google business ask me to verify again which is they will give me information 7 days ahead. Could you assist me to do faster than waiting for 7 days or official email from google can help me soon. Thanks

  38. I was the owner of business named as Master Molty Foam and manage it since 6months. I buy a new cell for this and during the transfer of data I mistakenly removed my business during removing of locations.. but still it is shown in google and I can't manage it..

  39. I don't use twitter – have not received my verification request and my account says pending verification – where can I contact outside of twitter? thanks

  40. How to report a business account under an old management?
    We bought a shop and I created a new account but only old account shows up on Google. How to report–to-remove?

  41. Someone else created an account for our business and verifed it but he is not working here anymore.We don't know which email he used so we can't edit it.

    We created a new one but the old one shows up when we search on google.

    What can i do in order to remove the old one or claim it ?

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